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Do you know the world of Fine Frenchie?

This chic frenchie takes you away to all the glam must-see spots, dressed in the latest Dior fashion and Vogue cat-eyes. She is a total babe and inspiration, just like her creator Valeria!
When I started this idea of sharing interior tours, I knew I had to ask Valeria. Her home she shares with her husband and two french bulldogs is the perfect mix of art, color, both a waterside escape and metropolitan dwelling. Fine Frenchie would approve. 🙂

How has living in Miami influenced your design choices?

I moved to Miami 10 years ago from Moscow so it was an extreme change as you can imagine. Miami is very colorful, multicultural and international city. It has the most beautiful sunsets in the world with million shades of pink and it definitely influenced my love of this color. We moved to our current apartment about 6 months ago and still working on finishing the decoration. The area where we live MiMo (Miami Modern) was built in 1950s surrounded by charming Art Deco buildings, historic hotels and lush tropical greens. That’s why most of our furniture is from that era. 
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What is the “Miami look”?

When I think about Miami, it’s probably a different Miami than most people think of. It goes far beyond Miami Beach and Lincoln Road. 
It is mix of vivid sunshine, turquoise water, pastel colors, afternoon cafecito, latin music, Art Deco architecture, linen dresses and sandals all year long.
There is such a beautiful mix of urban modernism and tropical Caribbeans. Where else you can go for a paddle board ride with skyscrapers on the background and dolphins swimming next to you?!

How would you describe your interior style?

I love light colors, pastel tones, combination of pink and navy blue and I love plants. I love to mix styles and not follow trends or Pinterest boards. Since I come from art and fashion background my homes always had something drawn by me on the walls and I always felt fascinated by drawing on bigger scale but it has to look organic because home is your temple—your safe place so first of all, it has to be comfortable and feel like home.
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What’s your favorite room and why?

There is still so much work that has to be done. Our bedroom is not finished yet so as my studio room (my dream Fine Frenchie room :)).
For now I think it is the living room where I work and spend most of my time. I love how bright the room is and it almost feels like I’m on a cloud. This is where I create most of Fine Frenchie illustrations.

What’s the most personal piece of furniture or decor in your apartment?

There are a few pieces I really cherish and one of them are Erik Buch for Funder-Schmidt & Madsen dining chairs from 1960 which I fell in love with and bought in LA. Also a mural I painted on the wall of our bedroom. I wanted to bring some feminine touch and pink color without being too overpowering. It has beautiful powder pink tone which goes perfectly with navy blue elements and plants. 
My husband and I painted it together so it is a very personal and loving piece.
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What’s Rabby + Mona’s favorite room?

Balcony! They both love to sunbathe and enjoy the view. Mona loves to guard us and make sure not one pigeon would get close to us. Me and my husband also love to spend time there watching the sunset with a glass of wine. Miami has amazing nature and skylines.

Your husband is an art dealer + restauranteur; how has he influenced your interior style? How are your styles different?

 Art is a big part of our decor. The entrance is black and white photographs and 3D mural by one of the artist my husband represents. The living room is women abstract paintings. Our hallways with softer colors and the bedroom is geometric art.
Our styles are different but at the same time very similar. He is not opposed to my love for pink which balances well for his love of navy blue.
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What would you add/change to your apartment if price wasn’t an object?

There are so many things I’d love to add/change but first definitely would be adding wood floors. Also expand the closets and master bathroom. I’d love to remodel the kitchen as well since my husband is an excellent cook and we spend a lot of time around that area. I can go on and on since there is always something to improve!
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