Avalon Palm Springs

Oh, Palm Springs.

For Angelenos, Palm Springs is the place that immediately springs to mind when you’re looking for hot sun, sparkling pools and a fun (or relaxing) escape. Only 100 miles east (make sure to stop at the Desert Hills outlets on the way for Gucci, Balenciaga, Barneys, Alice & Olivia, Frette outlets + 145 more), arrive in this city filled with old cinema charm, mid-century architecture and picturesque desert land. Read our full Palm Springs Getaway Guide here

For our most recent stay, we chose the Avalon (also a location in Beverly Hills) and we loved it! This boutique hotel offers 67 suites and private bungalow villas but don’t be fooled by the word “boutique”, the Avalon has 3 outdoor pool areas and lush garden areas with a view of the nearby San Jacinto mountains—plenty of space for dogs to sniff around and explore! Dogs are even allowed with you at the pool (as long as they are on a leash). 

The contemporary rooms are all-white and so chic—accents of silvery chrome, mirror and black here and there. We were upgraded to a 2-bedroom Bungalow Villa and wow! We felt so peaceful the second we walked in with all the plush white, our very own fireplace and private patio. 

dog friendly vacation

Pet fee is $75 flat for your entire stay with a portion of the pet fee donated to Best Friends Animal Society. How lovely is that? Casper dog bed, food + water bowls and local treats provided in-room. 

We wished we could’ve stayed longer to use the full-service kitchen and gorgeous dining room! 




After we checked out, we headed to Chi Chi restaurant at the hotel for a nice outdoor brunch pool-side. The open space makes you feel like you’re at a really swank garden party. The menu offers a delicious selection of fresh Californian dishes, including healthy cold-pressed juices, colorful acai bowls and fresh coconuts (why not add rum?). Weston + Fira enjoyed a couple blueberries and we spent the rest of the day by the pool with a book in hand and a few rounds of ping-pong. Weston, of course, caught a couple foul balls—definitely the highlight of his day!


dog friendly hotel in london


Ahh, the Sanderson (must say in English accent: Sanduhson).

We come to London every year (anywhere from 1-3x/year) and the ONLY hotel I’ve ever stayed in is the Sanderson. The rooms are spacious and peaceful, the service impeccable and the location is super central—just off Oxford Street.

Another Ian Schrager/Philippe Starck combo—it’s since been sold—but it keeps its dreamy, eclectic aesthetic true to its former counterparts. 

wtfrenchie hotels

dog friendly hotels in london

Walk into the lobby…

And you’ll find yourself in a large airy chair museum. Chairs of all shapes, sizes + textures are scattered around including a bubble egg chair hanging from the ceiling, a pair of red lips you can sit on (don’t forget a selfie) and a luxurious powder-blue sofa that stretches all the way down the wall fit for a King/Queen.

The hotel is a bit like dropping into the world of Alice in Wonderland—you can’t forget to visit the Japanese-inspired Courtyard Garden for their famous Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea. You’ll get a tall platter of savory dishes (smoked salmon quails egg with caviar, bite-sized finger sandwiches + more) and desserts shaped like lady bugs, worms in cups, “Drink Me” potions and even little black paper crowns. So adorable.

sanderson lobby


The Penthouse…

The Penthouse at the Sanderson takes up the entire 7th/8th floor (with its own private elevator) and features two bedrooms, a kitchenette and a fabulous view of London. It’s a spacious 2400 square feet and it’s truly breathtaking when you walk in with its sensual and dramatic details—the handwoven rug for instance was inspired by a painting by 15th century painter Filippino Lippi. True to the Sanderson design, most of the walls are draped with sheer white silk drapes making it sooo dreamy.

The rest of the rooms in the hotel are just as striking—dove grey and lemon color palette with custom art and a large silver sleigh-bed situated in the room off-center. The bathroom is contained in a transculent glass box illuminated by a relaxing shade of aqua. Some rooms come with an outdoor terrace which is so nice if your pup (and you!) want to lie out for some sun.

[ Keep reading below to watch my video tour of the Penthouse

sanderson wtfrenchie

dog friendly hotel in london

dog friendly hotel londonMiaCara ‘Como’ soft suede collar

sanderson silver bathtub


sanderson penthouse

sanderson penthouse review

dog friendly hotel london


All photography by: Jasmina Haskovic

33 Main

dog friendly hotel in maine

Come visit the Berkshires…

We recently had a stay in Lenox, Massachusetts at the adorable 33 Main–a quaint but luxurious New England-style bed and breakfast where all the lovely interiors are shoppable!

Where is Lenox, Massachusetts? It’s a small, picturesque town in the Berkshires—a rural region with villages and towns in the mountains of Western Massachusetts, just 2 1/2 hours from Boston + New York City. It’s a perfect escape for the city dweller! We found many New Yorkers visiting when we were there.

Lenox is filled with farm-to-table restaurants and artists, history + culture and the Berkshires are home to a thriving cultural scene too, including Tanglewood (summer home of the Boston Symphony), their very own film festival and even a contemporary art museum (we didn’t get a chance to visit but would love to next time).

About the Inn…

Annie Selke, literally an interior design mogul, is the owner/designer of 33 Main, as well as being a Lenox resident. The Inn is fitted with her own line of Pine Cone Hill bedding and Dash & Albert rugs (named after her former two pups). Along with her pretty, colonial-style decor, other designers include mattresses from Hastens (which start at $4300 + up to $150,000!) and Ralph Lauren wallpaper. 

Annie says of the Inn: “I strive to make every day (and hotel night) as uplifting as possible and that means being inspired by what surrounds you. An exquisitely made bed, a lovely bathroom with plush towels and a comfy robe and a yummy breakfast in a beautiful place go a long way toward having an uplifting day!”

The second you set foot inside the Inn, it feels charming and just like a storybook with its pastel interior, fresh pink tulips and the inn keeper Becca welcoming you whilst baking sweet cookies in the kitchen. 

[ keep reading… ]


Weston + Fira loved running around (plenty of yard space and there’s a large grassy block across the street) and chilling out on the cozy doggie beds. We were snuggled up in our robes in the Aster room, which is one of two dog-friendly rooms at the Inn (the other one is Hollingsworth).

Pet fee is $50 per pet/per night, all sizes + well-behaved pets welcomed with doggie cookies.

The sheets, pillows, dog beds, robes, shampoos + lotions are all shoppable at the Annie Selke pop-up across the street. I definitely recommend taking a peek! I ended up with the coolest Moroccan-inspired rug with fringe, a fluffy stuffed Sloth toy (it was too cute to pass up) and those soft fleece robes.

Three-course breakfast?

One of the highlights of our stay was having a homemade three-course breakfast every morning in the beautiful dining room. Breakfast changes everyday; during our stay, it consisted of fresh seasonal fruit, homemade breads, baked eggs wrapped in prosciutto + asparagus, egg + cheese puff pastry + bacon.

See you soon, Berkshires…

We’re already planning a visit back to Lenox as the travel wasn’t bad at all! Only a 2.5 hour drive from NYC. The air was crisp and it was just the right spot to take in some natural beauty, American culture and soak away all the daily stress.


Ultimate Guide To Travel Hacks + Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

dog friendly travel tips


Traveling can be overwhelming, let alone traveling with your dog. From the booking + costs, to having all the right paperwork and knowing where dogs are welcome, it can seem like an endless amount of red tape and information. I love reading other travel + fashion bloggers’  (bloggers without dogs!) diaries to get tips and ideas on where to go. 1) that’s actually how I get inspiration and ideas on where to go/stay and then I just look up separately if it’s dog friendly. 2) and why I started writing this blog. To share chic destinations, boutique hotels and fun city guides for dog moms (dog mom life). So, I put together this list of handy travel hacks and insider tips from other bloggers + myself that could potentially save you money, time and lessen anxiety.

travel blog for dog momsSearch for flights “incognito.”

Have you ever used incognito window? In your Chrome browser, under “File” there is an option for “New Incognito Window.” In Safari, it’s under “File” then “New Private Window.” This allows browsing with no cookies, so no history. 

From Through Julia’s Lens: “This is my number one tip to save money on flights because it’s so easy! If you’ve bought a flight recently, websites will remember that and will bump up prices, even after you’ve cleared your cache and history. This may not work if you only buy plane tickets once a year, but if you’re buying tickets every few months, it can make a big difference.”

I’ve also been a little paranoid about airline sites tracking my searches and increasing prices but doing it incognito ensures that at least you know you’re getting the best, true price.


travel blog for dog momsSearch by month instead of days.

how to travel cheap with dog

(Another tip from Through Julia’s Lens) 

On Skyscanner, if you have a month in mind that you’d like to travel + flexible on dates, you can search for the whole month and find the cheapest days to travel!

If you want destination ideas and open to pretty much anywhere, you can also search by cheapest destinations and find places to go sometimes as low as $100 for international.


travel blog for dog momsBook ASAP.

Most airlines fill the available in-cabin pet spots on a first-come, first-served basis and most only allow a certain number of pets on board (sometimes as little as 2-4). So, it’s always best to call ahead and reserve a spot for your furry one.

travel blog for dog momsSeating Hack: how to get extra room on your flight.

From Olivia Christine: “I often score extra room on my flights by pre-selecting a seat in a row that has only two spots open (including the middle seat). When I choose either the aisle or window, it leaves a middle seat available — which is a last resort for any passenger — increasing my chances of having no one sit next to me. Using this trick, I’ve been able to fly with the middle seat empty, leaving extra room for myself and my row companion!”

I’ve actually used this tip twice and it WORKED both times!


travel blog for dog momsUse the pockets on the outside of your pet carrier.

dog carrier

Flying with your pet in carrier means they become your carry-on item. Once you get on board, the carrier goes under the seat and your personal item (bag) has to go up in the overhead bin. Take advantage of those extra pockets in the pet carrier!

From Jessica at You Did What With Your Weiner: “While you CAN get up mid flight and get one or two things out of your bag, it’s a hassle if not impossible. You probably want your Kindle, noise-cancelling headphones, a magazine, or something with you during takeoff, landing and during the flight.”


travel blog for dog momsSkip the security line.

This is the besssst thing I ever did. CLEAR, which is offered at most major airports, is a program that allows you to skip the lines at security and get taken right to the front. It honestly saves SO MUCH TIME. + so worth it if you fly a lot. It’s about $15/month and with just a finger print and/or eye recognition on their easy-to-use kiosks, you’re whisked away by a CLEAR associate straight to the front (you don’t even need to show your ID + ticket to the TSA agent again).


travel blog for dog moms5 Pet Friendly Hotel Chains Where Pets Stay Free.

  • Aloft
  • Kimpton
  • La Quinta
  • Motel 6
  • Red Roof Inn

Make sure to check with the hotel or the post at GoPetFriendly to find out if there are any weight limits etc.


travel blog for dog momsTravel by RV.

Traveling by RV with your dog could be your next big adventure! A few of these RV companies don’t even charge for pets (Cruise America, El Monte RV). You can browse RVs on Outdoorsy with the pet-friendly filter.


travel blog for dog momsTime to potty.

From Stephanie at Pupventure Pack: “Lots of rest stops do not want you bringing dogs into the restroom and it’s way too hot to leave them in the car. So if I can, I try to plan my bathroom breaks to coincide with pet store locations. I have used Petco and PetSmart so many times for that reason. Plus it allows the dogs an easy little outing to stretch their legs.” And to get them a new toy!

If you’re at the airport and don’t see a pet relief area in sight, Jenna from Articles de Voyage relies on pee pads. “I find a handicapped or family restroom—they are much larger than regular stalls, so you can put down a few pee pads. My dogs are trained to use pee pads but they also make special drops you can put on the pad to encourage them. It’s helped put my mind at ease more than a few times when traveling with a dog.”


travel blog for dog momsUBER & LYFT.

Both Uber and Lyft’s policy is that it is up to the discretion of the driver to allow your dog to ride. When you get matched with a driver, just send a quick message to ask if it is ok to bring your dog. They do have the right to say no, so be prepared for possible cancellations and wait times.

Be a kind rider by bringing a bag or blanket for your pup. 


travel blog for dog momsSmell like a daisy.

Stuff a dryer sheet in your luggage, especially where your pet’s items + food are being stored (even use a floral tea bag in a pinch) and you can even run it over your pet’s fur to remove static buildup and calm your pup. 


travel blog for dog momsPack your common sense.

Brynn from A Dog Walks Into A Bar shares this tip: “Don’t keep your valuables all together. Bags get lost, things get stolen + if all of your credit cards and cash are in the same space, you’ll be really struggling if they get lost or misplaced.”


Palihouse Santa Monica

1920s Colonial Revival…

We recently had a little staycation at the Palihouse in Santa Monica (opened in 2013). With 38 rooms and tucked away in a residential area, it’s almost hidden and completely peaceful. When you pull up, a three-story, 1920s Revival building greets you with an enchanting garden with tall greenery, a fountain and even a bocce ball court.

It’s adorable and feels like you’re worlds away.

Check into a high-ceiling lobby filled with antiques, dark leather, woodburning fireplace and a vintage elevator.

The room…

Many of the rooms here are meant for longer stays, so most are fitted with full kitchens, a vanity area and large, airy living rooms. We stayed in the one-bedroom apartment and it was so spacious and comfortable! We opened all the windows and let that beachy breeze in (BTW, the beach is only a five minute walk away).

Things to know…

Because of its residential location, this property is alcohol-free. BUT there are plenty of restaurants + bars within walking distance (we walked to FIG for dinner and Bungalow is also only a 7 minute walk) or you can even bring your own bottle(s) to your room.

There is no fitness center or pool here but the beach is very close. All this adds to the charm of this boutique hotel, making you feel very “at home” and relaxed.

On the weekends, there is a free breakfast spread for guests including coffees, teas, hardboiled eggs, toast + pastries.

Pets stay for $125/stay and the hotel provides comfy dog beds, bowls + homemade treats.


Pacific Edge Hotel

dog friendly hotel laguna beach


Boutique hotel right on the beach…

I haven’t been to Laguna Beach, or Orange County for that matter, in yearsss so when I found the chance to have a nice little beach weekend I was all for it. Honestly, I forget about good ole Orange County sometimes. But hello, palm trees + clean blue oceans and South Coast Plaza mall (one of the best malls in the country!). I even spotted a Pizzeria Mozza. Impressed.

If you’re looking for a spot on the beach that’s affordable and dog-friendly, Pacific Edge Hotel fits the bill. It’s very boutique-y and although they have 120+ rooms, they are separated by individually named buildings (we were in the Reef building). The rooms have a very distinct, mellow, beach vibe with many containing full kitchens. I loved my balcony and waking up to the ocean.

The highlight of this hotel is the location. We never had to take the car once. We walked to some local clothing shops, a nail salon, good restaurants and there was even a dog grooming/store across the street. There’s alsoooo a Taco Bell less than 10 feet away that’s open til MIDNIGHT. You’re welcome. The Cliff (Californian cuisine) is in the same block + they allow dogs on their outdoor oceanfront patio.

And of course, the beach…

Head down the outdoor stairs, and you’ll find yourself on the shore. Pups are welcome on the beach and in the hotel, of course. The hotel welcomes two pets per room; $50 per stay.

Jeremy Hotel

The Newest Hotel on Sunset…

Jeremy Hotel just opened late last year, which makes it one of the newest, hottest spots on Sunset Strip—and it doesn’t disappoint. The location is great (La Cienega + Sunset), the views are massive (panoramic views of Los Angeles) and the building itself is architecturally a thing of beauty.

It’s so big that when I walked in I thought I had walked into the wrong building and was in a museum/art gallery of some sort. It is sleek and clean with neutral tones of white oak, light woods and cement. Installations here and there dot the entrance and as you walk down the stairs, you think you’ve walked into HD Buttercup’s sister store (HD Buttercup is the mecca of interior/furniture stores—the best of LA).

dog friendly hotels in hollywood

Supposedly, Jeremy Hotel is just a temporary placeholder until renovations can begin again and it’ll join the family of 1 Hotels (modern, high-end hotels/residences located in NYC, Brooklyn, Miami, etc).

I cannot wait for this! 1 Hotels are just dreamy along with eco-friendly living and architecture inspired by nature. Think creamy linens, natural woods, exposed cement and moss-covered walls.

The Skyline 1 Bedroom Suite…

We got upgraded to this 1 bdr suite (almost 1000 sq ft) on the top floor overlooking the city and omg—I wanted to move in. We instantly felt relaxed the moment we walked in and made ourselves home. Because the building sits atop Hollywood, the sun shines wonderfully airy light.

Dogs are welcome (up to two) for $100/stay. They are treated with pet beds from Shinola, homemade snacks (like bacon + treats!) and bowls.

dog friendly hotels on sunset

dog friendly hotels in hollywood

dog friendly hotels in hollywood

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