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The Most Instagrammable Spots: Nolita/Soho New York Edition

french bulldog and girl

The Most Instagrammable Spots For Basic Bitches: Nolita/Soho New York Edition

Stateside for this edition of Instagram Tips in New York’s favorite area of the fashion set–calm down West Village, we love you too, but with over 13 million people in New York, covering the city in a short amount of time to maximize your feed, can take laser planning. It also helps you enjoy your time with your dog versus spending hours traveling between spots.


By now, you’ve been able to navigate color (London pink edition) and content (Edinburgh edition), as well as themes (dogs and flowers.) New York combines all, with the added bonus of now being a helluva lot more dog friendly than it was pre-Instagram.

“For the gram” hangs in the air as you see influencers lined down Crosby Street’s cobblestone near NOMO Hotel. All winter we witnessed humans during the Polar Vortex in atheleisure wear and sleeveless gowns, from Chicago in swimsuits to holding aloft a giant bottles of rose on Water Street in Brooklyn, after pushing a tourist “accidentally” to get their shots for the gram.


As always, what’s in style is your dog’s safety and your own.

Please don’t step onto active streets near Flat Iron to get a shot. New York traffic gives zero fluffs about your perfect city shot. Now our disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get into our tips…


For those of you who don’t know, Soho stands for South of Houston. Houston is pronounced HOUSE-ton. If you call is Houston, like the Texan city, you’ll be marked by a local with a “T” for tourist and you won’t get into any of those fashion shows you were able to blackmail an invitation to, no matter what your follower count. And you can forget about rubbing it off because a black light, standard at NY hot spots and fashion shows, will reveal it, as trained and approved by Fashion’s first son, Derek Blasberg.


Don’t be one of those people who has a yapping dog who bites, clutching a note that your pooch is an emotional service animal from a therapist who wrote it to get away from your whining. Service Animals are being cracked down for fraud in 19 states. Airlines including Delta, United and American Airlines are changing their rules to include more documentation. Does that stop the flight of the modern day furbabe? Hardly.

The flight we took from LAX to JFK had six dogs and one cat on it.

A crew member told me he was deathly afraid of the large mutt at the back in his own seat. He wasn’t aware of most dog policies but relieved to hear if an EMS dog is seen eating off the train table, the passenger will be fined and won’t be allowed to bring that dog again. Ask yourself, in any situation: although I can bring my dog, should I?

Alright, you didn’t come for a lecture, you came to get down with where to take photos. The rules are murky, and depend upon each venue. For instance at NY dog cafe, Boris & Horton, there is a doored hallway which separates the cafe where the human food is made, while other restaurants welcome dogs to sit inside.

Down a few blocks from there, the always dive bar dba, rejects participants from Santacon (aka Halloween Part Two; think Mean Girls’ Santa outfits), but welcomes dogs. You won’t get great photos here, not the kind we know you want to grow your IG following, yet your stories will become STORIES and laughter and good times roll out back a plenty. This is a place to celebrate with your friends and stop worrying about main feed perfection.


New York is a town you walk around,

So break out those sustainble VEJA’s you bought after seeing Meghan Markle in a pair in Australia and get comfortable. NY is also one dirty ass city so be prepared with a stain remover kit, knee pads (like The Dogist), wipes, water, a portable bowl and hand sanitizer.




But first, a coffee.
373 Broome Street (larger!) + 327 Lafayette Street


CHA CHA MATCHA. I love you so matcha. Our enduring favorites @honeyidressedthepug glammed up this fabulous pink vegan cafe. It’s dog-friendly and I’m obsessed. When I was working in Soho it gave me life in a dreary winter. The Matcha Latte is fabulous, and beware the queue for the loo—it means an influencer is getting changed inside. Made famous for their sold out collaboration with fashion darling, Virgil Abloh (Off-White’s founder and Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director for Mens Wear), this spot is for all of you who would #travelforpink. Plus mmm, matcha was the drink of choice for Japanese Empresses.




35 Spring St, New York, NY 10012

salmon toast

Blue Stone Lane serves up thick sourdough toast with toppings like salmon, poached eggs, avocado and bananas on thick sourdough bread that make you forsake the need to give up carbs forever. The coffee is damn good though and they have partnered with Bark to produce a very cute coffee cup toy. Pop in for a wam up as we transition to spring for that blue and white cup.




3 Crosby Street

new york flowers dog

MAX BONE. A must for any dog, as if you needed an excuse to go in there. They do sell candles for the humans. Aside from the gorgeously designed poop bag holders (bring back the elephant, darlings), the Max Bone has a dog house they cover in flowers.




9 Crosby Street

NOMO HOTEL. Slide down a few steps from Max Bone for bonus shots at NOMO. This hotel has a cool wall with street art, a covered trellis to the entrance and outdoor seating with heat lamps. The influencer watching is amazing from high school students to women in gowns. Not. To. Be. Missed.




123 Lafayette St

glossier dog friendly

GLOSSIER. Yes, the pink palace of Millennial success. The staff love dogs; they even have their own instagram @dogsofglossier. Inside their HQ, while Byredo candles burn, wander to the back mirrored room. There are massive ‘boy brow’ props that filled me with delight. This is my favorite Glossier product until they gave me a sample of their face wash and I was blown away by how soft my skin felt. But not an ad; it’s fun, things are pink, you can buy make-up and dog-friendly.




42 Crosby St

GREATS. Not to make you do all your shopping but if you forgot those aforementioned VEJA’s, pop into my fave sneaker makers: GREATS. I met with the co-founder, Ryan Babazien, when they were a staff of four. He’s a disrupter, dog lover and got so much energy. I’m really inspired by him so again, not an ad. The store is great if you don’t have an IG perfect set-up at home.




106 Kenmare Street


THE CORNER/LA ESQUINA. The neon “CORNER” in bright pink is an institution of Soho. A doggy window if all the walking around is giving you some hanger. Pop to the shop, grab some food and then people watch while you refuel in the park across the street from it. This colorful food joint reminds me of old school New York. Pop-by and you won’t regret it. For a date night (minus your pup, La Esquina, the formal restaurant inside is a sexy night. MMM.)




174 Elizabeth St


PIETRO NOLITA. All pink everything. The owner, Pietro, is Italian and loves dogs. What he doesn’t love is people who are not self aware enough and take 10-15 minutes of photos without contributing to his charity fund for the Susan G. Komen foundation, thus the stickers that say “Pink As Fuck.” So please, go inside (yes, he will allow your furbaby) and give a contribution when taking photos here. It’s one of the most photographed spots, so you may have to wait but it’s worth it for the love.


Little Italy Bonus: head into Little Italy. The Audrey Hepburn street art is worthy of getting that perfect snap together. We know you dressed to twin and this is the perfect spot.

What are other spots in NYC are we missing?


Williamsburg Hotel NYC


I’m in NYC several times a year but have yet to stay in Brooklyn or even truly explore it. The only times I’ve hopped over to the other side is for pizza (Best Pizza) or when I decide to take the subway. 9 out of 10 times I take the subway I get lost or somehow END UP IN BROOKLYN. Don’t know how this happens but all of a sudden I’ll see water around me and I’m like, hmm.. this doesn’t feel right.


Williamsburg Hotel was just the spot to rest my bones after an 8.5 hour flight from Paris. Opened only earlier this year, it’s quite stunning when you walk in. On the ground floor, you see cascading stairs to the floor below which holds the restaurant, bar and lobby. With the high brick-walled ceilings, glass + steel and industrial aesthetic, you really feel the Brooklyn vibes.

The rooms…

(150 to be exact) all have high floor-to-ceiling windows so you get amazing views and tons of soft light pouring in the room. I really appreciated the way the rooms were designed (Michaelis Boyd Studio) with a steel space-saving table where you can swing the stool underneath and the industrial leather + brass. Definitely book a room with a terrace! Not only do you get a nice view, but they’re fitted with fake grass. Such a nice touch. Pets are $50/stay and are provided with a bowl, poo bags + gourmet treats. Rooms start at $250.



NYC Dog Friendly Getaway

girl with frenchie in city

Fira and I take the city!

For a city so big, packed and chaotic, you would think many people wouldn’t make the decision to have a dog but nope, you can even find furry huskies squeezed into tote bags with the rest of the New Yorkers on the subway (NY has a rule that dogs must be in a carrier to get on the subway–but they never specified what size).

I love this city and we keep coming back — in a couple months we’ll be here for 4 weeks, to be exact. So, I’m finally getting to know the neighborhoods and discovering my favorite spots!


french bulldog and girl

girl with frenchie nyc

Collar + Leash: Teddy Maximus

Washington Square Park and Madison Square Park both have separate small dog and large dog areas with water fountains and bowls. Don’t forget to grab a Shake Shack burger and fries at Madison Square Park and sit outside with the pup. Dogs can be off-leash at Central Park before 9AM and after 9PM. Over the weekends, the mornings are packed with dogs! Thanks for the tip, Margaret (by the way, she’s the photographer of these photos!).

Having a stroll down Fifth Avenue is always beautiful and full of design and inspiration. Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s,  Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys are all in the same area and allow dogs inside.

Top + jeans + shoes: ZARA. Glasses: Mykita.
girl with frenchie
girl with frenchie

frenchie and shoes


nyc brooklyn bridge girl and dog


How cool is it that you can just walk the bridge over the water and get to Brooklyn? The bridge is a gorgeous 30-45 minute walk (1.1 miles) and when you get on the other side, make sure to stop at the Pier 6 Dog Run!


girl at empire diner nyc

girl cafe frenchie


Overthinking everything and wondering where I’m going to eat next (while I’m already eating)–what I grapple with on the daily. Well, if you’re looking for gorgeous NYC restaurants with outdoor seating, here’s my list of over 15 favorites in the city.

nyc blogger


girl with frenchie nyc

Romper: ZARA. Beaded belt: Anthropologie.

Where to stay?

Hotel on Rivington, located in LES, is super modern, sleek and walking distance to numerous restaurants and nightlife. I love NoMad Hotel‘s dark, mysterious design and its uber chic vibes. Soho Grand Hotel charges no pet fees and has its very own private dog park. Click the photos below for my detailed reviews and photos!

dog in travel bag

Bus and Subway Rules

  • MTA: Small dogs in bags or carriers are allowed on the Long Island Railroad, Long Island Bus and New York City Transit buses and subways. Small dogs in bags or carriers or on a secure leash are allowed on the Metro-North Railroad.
  • PATH: Small dogs in secure carrying cases are allowed on the trains.
  • Seastreak Ferry:  All dogs regardless of your size can go on the ferry. However you need to be on a short leash, and regardless of the whether you have to stay outside. Only exception is if you’re a tiny dog and have a carrier, then you will be able to go inside.
  • Fire Island Ferry: All dogs shapes and sizes are welcome. You must buy a ticket, but you can sit anywhere you like.
  • Staten Island Ferry: You have to be either caged and or muzzled.


Hotel on Rivington NYC

One of our favorite hotels in LES (Lower East Side) is Hotel on Rivington. The minimalist rooms in this sleek, glass hotel are actually spacious and have amazing views of the city with its floor-to-ceiling windows. Random observation: the furniture is actually lower to the ground than most so it makes the rooms feel really large and zen-like. Ohmmm… 

The bathrooms feature deep tubs, glass showers (with a view!) and Davine products. The best part of this hotel, I think, is its location. One block from the subway and walking distance to so many restaurants and bars. If you don’t want to leave the hotel, the restaurant downstairs Cafe Medi serves fresh mediterranean fare (delicious) and has a dog-friendly covered patio.

We will be back here soon!

Rooms start at $176. $65 pet fee per stay. 107 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002.


Soho Grand NYC

Soho Grand is located on Broadway in NYC and is probably one of the most dog-friendly hotels we’ve ever been to! This boutique hotel charges ZERO for pets and even offers its own dog park next door for guests. It’s an adorable gated doggie park with benches, a dog bar and is cleaned everyday.

The lobby, restaurant and bar are gorgeous but the rooms are very New York aka small. But it was super cozy and the bed was comfy. It’s in a great location–walking distance to a lot of places and you can even rent a bike for free. Only a 14 minute walk to Washington Square Park. Rooms start at $240.

Carrier from Vanderpump Pets.

Where To Eat in NYC With Your Dog

Okay guys, if there’s one thing I love as much as frenchies and travel, it’s FOOD. Live. For. Food (hand claps between each word). I just came back from a week in NYC and I don’t remember what I did besides eating (and petting frenchies). This city has an endless number of restaurants and cafes, so sometimes just strolling around a hip neighborhood and spotting a place with outdoor seating does the trick–and sometimes you just want to skip the “is it good tho/quickly check yelp/reviews are never accurate/hangry” and know exactly where the good ones are. Every one on my list has outdoor seating! Here’s my little, curated food diary of dog-friendly spots and my faves:

Rosie’s. Mexican cuisine with a large outdoor patio in the East Village. It was crowded and festive when we went (and it was just a Tuesday!). Do get the watermelon margaritas. 29 E 2nd St.

Bar Pitti. Authentic italian spot with homemade pastas and the most delicious eggplant parmigiana. One of those “see-and-be-seen” spots and a celeb-favorite. 268 6th Ave.

Jack’s Wife Freda. So, I read that this was a favorite brunch spot of @weworewhat (she has a frenchie too named Bleeker!) so I wanted to check it out. To be honest, it’s not the most dog-friendly because they only had 3 little tables outside.. and the food was just OK. But the menu has the cutest art and is totally instagram-worthy. 224 Lafayette St.

The Butcher’s Daughter. Adorable vegetarian restaurant with delicious juices and great brunch (they do eggs!). We were a little hungover from the night before so this totally hit the spot while feeling healthy AF. 19 Kenmare St.

Cookshop. American restaurant in Chelsea is decent, farm-to-table-ish and has an outdoor covered patio. 156 10th Ave.

Ilili. Lebanese/mediterranean cuisine. I reallyyy liked this one. Btw, my fave mediterranean spot is Mezetto in LES (but no outdoor seating). They had a really good brunch prix fixe menu: a choice of juice, mimosa, an entree and a side for only $28. Those cubed potatoes were perfectly cooked and they even serve falafel cubes–what?! 236 5th Ave.

Pavilion. (Open seasonally; Apr 15-Oct 15) OK, this is the perfect spot for a beautiful outdoor patio and sightseeing afterwards. But, food just eh. I ordered avocado toast and it was just…awkward. Runny guacamole (avo toast should NEVER be guacamole! #firstworldproblems) on top of a slice of bread with a sliced hardboiled egg on top (the egg isn’t even mentioned on the menu, btw). I’m spoiled by amazing avo toasts in LA but this was just bad. The other dishes we ordered were barely passable. My advice: just order a drink and enjoy the view. 20 Union Square W.

Luckydog. Yesss, this is totally a bar for dog lovers. You find yourself in a hole-in-the-wall bar in Brooklyn but then the backyard opens up to this adorable outdoor area with dogs jumping around happily and humans drinking beer. 303 Bedford Ave.

Seamore’s. We actually didn’t get a chance to eat here but it’s on my list for next time! A fashionable seafood shack with local, sustainable seafood and a rum bar. YUM. 390 Broome St.

Cafe Medi. Fresh mediterranean cuisine located in an airy, skylit space in the Hotel on Rivington (which is also dog-friendly). Loved this spot and the food was so fresh! 107 Rivington St.

Gilligan’s. Located at the Soho Grand Hotel, I wasn’t able to get the best photo but this place is gooorgeous. Walk into this green oasis filled with palms and beachy plants and soak in the nautical vibes. 310 W Broadway.

More spots:

Tacombi on Bleeker is a cute Baja Mexican taco spot. Il Buco, a charming italian small-plate restaurant (formerly an antique store). Dos Caminos on Broadway, another Mexican restaurant (I adore tacos), but what I loved most was the atmosphere. If you’re in a party mood, they had a DJ and the place was overflowing. Music, guac and dogs–perfect. If you’re in the mood for a burger, JG Melon. Gigi Hadid said it’s the best burger in NY but I disagree. It’s pretty good but B&B has the best (sadly, no outdoor seating at B&B)!

And lastly, Bar Primi for the frozen rosés (their food was delicious too).

The Nomad Hotel NYC

Ok, the NoMad Hotel has quickly become one of my favorite hotels in NYC. Most hotels in NYC have that modern, slick vibe but when you walk into this dark, moody lobby it feels like you’ve walked into an antique, Parisian mansion. Very Nouveau.

The room was soo cozy and reminded me of New Orleans.. the dark leather, cherry wood, rich luscious colors and the electic art–love! We were welcomed with a cute little dog bed and two bowls. Did I mention there is no charge for pets (up to 60 lbs)? Rooms start at $300.

Make sure to check out their restaurant, the library, rooftop and their Magic Show (during the summer). We tried to get tickets but found out about it so late, they were already sold out for weeks! The location is great too–down the street from two subways and tons of restaurants and shops walking distance.

nomad hotel dog friendly

nomad hotel dog nyc

nomad hotel dog nyc

nomad hotel nyc

nomad hotel dog nyc

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