How I Deal With My Anxiety

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(No, I do nottt look like this when I’m at home.)


Okkk, so let’s talk about anxiety…

Mine comes in the form of depression, PSTD and mostly social anxiety. Depression is something I’ve had since I was a child and growing up, I tried a LOT of practices to try to remedy it: the short list includes cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy, yoga/meditation, books + more books, inner child healers, ayahuasca and even crystals. 

The thing with depression is that these things may help alleviate day to day, possibly even for years, but I realized for me (almost too late), my brain needed some help chemically. Thank god for medicine! I just started an antidepressant Celexa nine weeks ago and it’s been amazing. It has totally helped lift the edge and the bottom doesn’t feel so “bottom” anymore. It’s even helped with anxiety.

So, now I feel like with the meds, the other forms (like yoga, working out, therapy) really sink in. It was like before, they skimmed the top but I was barely crawling out of the dark. 

Side note: I resisted meds for my entire life and was adamant to do the “natural” way. Nope… nothing has worked as much as antidepressants. It’s like my whole world has opened up!

With depression, you “know” all the things you’re supposed to do: eat healthy, exercise, self care (oh, I was and am a pro at self care–massages, staying home with a book + hibernating in bed? Yes pls! #introvertlife) but depression s-u-c-k-s. I always explained it like an elephant was sitting on top of me and no matter what I did, I could barely get out of bed or “do” things. And doing something social? The idea of it was always fun but then when it came time to leave the house, my body was a puddle of clammy nerves. And anxiousness either withdraws me OR I turn into an awkward, forcing-laughter-mess. Which then completely drains me. Ugh, the worst.

So, to the fun stuff… now, with the support of meds (hey, serotonin!), there are ways to alleviate anxiety–hell yes!


You know what, sleep honestly heals everything. Angry? Sleep it off. Feeling sick/drained? Take a nap. When I’m starting to feel depressed, I take a hit of CBD + dream it off (scientific evidence article).


I was never a weed smoker (I’m already a cerebral person + weed just intensifies that, ie: weirdness + paranoia) but I decided to get a vape pen + CBD oil and see what it was all about. CBD is sooo amazing–relaxes everything in the body but doesn’t get in your brain! It totally helps recalibrate trauma in your body and physically break the patterns when anxiety shows up. I wish I had this when my social anxiety was at it’s worst with my sweaty palms + heart racing. 

The funny thing is I also got a THC oil (pot) and I smoke that once in awhile. I have had a few interesting experiences of paranoia with it (Weston walked up beside me and I freaked the hell out; forgot who he was for a second lol) but I smoke the THC when I really want to knock out. It gets me feeling super heavy and ready for the deepest sleep.


I was never consistent with exercise before. I was that person who bought 10 pilates classes and used 5 as the rest expired. NOW, I look forward to working out and my body craves those endorphins. I workout almost everyday and mix it up with pilates, yoga, cycling + weight training at home.

I really think pilates is life-changing. I’ve been doing pilates for 7 years (off + on) and it is like no other exercise. Mind-body connection, breathing, lengthening the body and strengthening the core. My legs look longer, thinner but strong now (I used to hate my legs, especially calves).



I’m always itching to travel. Always. If you start feeling like you’re in a rut, getting out of your daily routine and where you live is one of the best ways to reset. Just opening up your perspective and getting to hit refresh on the energy around you is beyond nourishing. You don’t even need to go far—hop in the car and do a little roadtrip somewhere you’ve never been before. It’s such a great gift to yourself. 


So, everyone knows dogs are good for us, locking eyes gives us an oxytocin hit, etc but to be honest, when I was in my depressed episodes (before the medication), the dogs didn’t really help. If anything, I felt guilty because I didn’t want them to see me lifeless and sad. It was hard to drag myself outside to do anything with them—I am so lucky to have my husband; otherwise, I don’t know if I could have been there for Weston + Fira.

The amazing thing is dogs don’t judge.. and they don’t keep a score card and remember the times they’ve been out for walks. I think my next post will be about “dog mom guilt” because sometimes it’s hard to take them to the park everyday and have adventures, no matter how much we want to. 

Now, this is just my experience, but with the meds it’s become so much easier to get outside and do things. Taking the pups out for a walk gives me an extra pep and I love taking in a new podcast episode while we walk.

Throwing a toy around completely brings me back to the present, cuddles from them feel even fuzzier and whenever I can, I take them out with me! Bringing them with me alleviates some of that social anxiety—my little sidekicks. 








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I Reviewed 6 Dog Bowls To Find The Best Dog Bowl for French Bulldogs

dog bowls review

The Best Dog Bowl Ever?

Ok, so those of you with flat-nosed breeds know how hard it can be finding just the right dog bowl. They’re either too short, too deep, not elevated, not cute, etc etc.

Not only does Fira have a non-existant snout, she also is the MESSIEST eater. Half of her food ends up on the floor. So, I wanted to look for something with a tray or something that catches the fall-out food. Her bowl would also be tipped over on its side after she was finished eating. She is crazy.

Their bowls for the past couple years have been these Dylan Kendall ceramic bowls with little feet–elevated and adorable.


But alas, it was time for a change…

My criteria for the bowls this time was mainly for Fira. Weston is the quietest, most gentle, delicate eater—he doesn’t spill a drop! Fira is a messy one. Weston also has a longer snout than Fira, making it easier for him to reach his food. 

So, Fira needed a bowl that would be suitable for her non-existant snout, easy for clean-up, something that would stay put on the floor and match our house decor.

Here are the bowls I picked up:


Ono The Good Bowl: When I opened the box for this, I was ooo-ing and ah-ing over the way it was sleekly packaged and just super clean/modern. The bowls are really shallow and wide, so it helps smaller-snouted dogs get into the bowl better. 

The removable silver bowls stay snug in the mat and the best feature of these bowls are that the entire silicone mat stays gripped to the floor so it didn’t go anywhere

Modern Elevated Feeder: The design of this one is uber modern with nice clean lines. I could see this really being a nice accent piece in a contemporary kitchen. It has a solid weight so it doesn’t feel cheap. It’s about 5.5 inches high which isn’t bad but a liiiittle high for Fira. When she started eating, she kept spilling a bunch of the food on the floor. 

Elevated Bowls with No-Spill Resin: this one I wasn’t expecting to like so much but it WORKS. Fira ate her entire dinner and there was not a speck on the floor–woohoo! It definitely slid out of the bowl but it slid into those raised sides and she ate every last bit. This one is the cheapest of the bunch and I’ll definitely keep it. 

Elevated Feeder with Glass Bowls: nice sturdy design with glass bowls and ANGLED so it’s tilted towards your pet for better eating. This one I had high hopes for but since the bowls are pretty small, the food still got everywhere. 

This one would still be great if your pup (or cat) is a neat eater. 

Martha Stewart Slow Feeder Bowl: if your dog eats super fast, like Fira does, a dog bowl for fast eaters is a smart option. A slow bowl is great as it forces them to work around the bowl and gives them time to chew + digest etc. Sometimes it feels like some dogs don’t even chew their food! This one did not work for them at allll. Fira couldn’t get her little face in and just stared at it confused and frustrated—make sure to watch @wtfrenchie IG TV for the full video to see her cute confused face lol.

Hammered Copper Bowl: Um, I only got this because it matched my copper mugs. No regrets. It shall become their water bowl.



I’m actually surprised I loved Elevated Bowls with No-Spill Resin out of the bunch. It was the least expensive one on the list and I usually don’t go for brighter colors like this (the other colors are green and aqua blue) but it checks all the boxes for the perfect dog bowl (for now)! Love that it’s elevated and it is the perfect size. It does move around a little on the floor since it doesn’t have grips on the bottom and is extra-light plastic. It’s the lightest of the bunch in terms of weight but it still wins because it catches any food that falls out. 

Now the Ono is going to be Weston’s new dog bowl since he has no problems with lower bowls. I just love its sleek design and shallow bowl size. So excited they have their new bowls that work for each of them—yay!

Make sure to watch our new IGTV video of the full review and the pups trying the dog bowls out. By the way, if you’re wondering what we feed them, we like to mix it up with homemade dog food or fresh, human-grade cooked foods from our favorite company Pure Dog Food. You can get $20 off your first order with our code (minimum $40 order): wtfrenchie.


The Elevated Bowls with No-Spill Resin  was a great bowl but still not perfect. Fira needed something sturdy so it didn’t move around, high around the edges so it didn’t spill over the sides but not too high where she couldn’t reach. So, I tried a few more…

iBard Dual Slanted Bowl. I was first attracted to this bowl for the style. It’s really soft, pretty and mimimal. I thought this one would do the trick but because the material is very lightweight, it shifts around and still, there was spillage. This bowl would be beautiful for a non-messy eater though.

A slanted dog bowl specifically designed for french bulldogs and flat nosed breeds! This one worked much better—it’s very solid so it stays put but I still felt it wasn’t slanted enough. Some food spilled over the top edge. 

Ok, love the slant on this stainless steel bowl! The only thing you would need is a silicone mat on the bottom so it stays put and doesn’t move around. This one is also the least expensive on the list—less than 10 bucks!

When I was posting about bowls on Instagram, I got sooo many messages raving about this Enhanced Pet Bowl. It’s made for french bulldog problems like this. Sturdy grip on the bottom, large area for their face to move around and at an angle. Some food still spilled over the top—Fira tends to push up the food to the back of the bowl causing it to go over—but this one is probably the closest to ticking off all the boxes.



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Before + After: The Frenchies’ New Closet Tour

Look at that mess!

In my own closet, my belts and scarves are organized in their own little containers. Shoes are in order. Clothes are in order by color (white, neutrals, pinks, green/olive, brown + lastly black) then in categories like skirts, jeans, dresses.

So, it was about time I do the pups’ little closet! They have their own nook which has several cabinets and drawers. It was always such an eye sore, with a mix of collars and leashes thrown in out of sight and random poo bags, sprays etc. 

So I set to work measuring and staying up til 2am browsing The Container Store’s website, Amazon and Ikea. (If this isn’t obvious yet, I LOVE organizing!)

Here’s the BEFORE…


And the AFTER…


Doesn’t that just instantly make you feel so much better??? Clutter can literally give me a headache. Now this space is so easy to sift through and sort, saving time and stress finding whatever I need for the pups. Flea meds, wipes, toothpaste all in one container. Bandanas, bow ties, socks in another.

I found those cute pink boxes at IKEA and put seasonal costumes in them to keep the cabinets looking clean. Lower containers hold sweaters and shirts. 


  1. 3-Section Drawer Organizer. These are the organizers I bought to roll up their leashes and collars. Perfect!
  2. 6-Section Drawer Organizer. I like that this organizer has a bigger space in the middle—more room for leashes. 
  3. Clear Plastic Organizer. Wouldn’t this one be cute to hold a bunch of poo bag rolls??
  4. InterDesign Bins. For clothes, grooming products, etc.
  5. 8-piece Bin Pack. Super organized and interlocks together.
  6. DIY Plastic Grid Organizer. Create your own grid by cutting and sliding into place. I was so close to getting these as it’s more convenient + customizable but wasn’t sure if it was strong enough to keep rolled up leashes in place. I didn’t want it to look bendy and sloppy. 

So what do you think of the Before + After?? How do you organize your pups’ stuff?


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DIY: Natural Flea Repellent Spray with Essential Oils

I’ve been wanting to make this flea spray for awhile now and finallyyy got around to doing it. I usually use the normal vet brands on the pups sparingly but I always hated it. It just smells sooo much like chemicals (which it is) and if I can find an alernative that works, then I usually prefer the latter. I don’t even take Advil or birth control myself because the thought of putting chemicals in my body doesn’t feel right. So, obviously I’m going to be a crazy dog mom and do the same for my pups. Um, have you seen my various recipes for homemade dog food? And yes, the dogs still get their vaccines–I’m not in total Jenny McCarthy territory.

So off to Google I go… I used this blog post for reference–has a lot of good info about what repels fleas and ticks. I just put 1/2 cup of water plus 7 drops lavender oil and 7 drops cedarwood (why does cedarwood smell like Jack Daniels?) in a bottle. I wanted to add apple cider vinegar too but realized I packed it (we recently moved and put most of our stuff in a storage pod) and I didn’t feel like buying a whole bottle of vinegar for 5 drops.

I just apply a few squirts around the back of their neck and shoulders where they can’t reach to lick it etc. I think I’ll do it a couple times a week. If you’re going outdoors or somewhere super leafy I’d spritz heavily. Another cool thing you can do is wet a tissue with this solution and use it to wipe down their ears. Easy peasy. What other natural stuff can I make next???

BTW–I’m going to try this product Wondercide too. All natural, organic, etc. Click here to get $10 off your order!


Go Eco-Friendly With Your Pup

With the age of eco-friendly we’re in right now, it only makes sense that we are also including our furry ones to that too. We can definitely be conscious of our carbon footprint (and pawprints) with our pets. Organic foods, biodegradable shampoos and DIY ideas–there are so many ways to make a difference.

Did you know pet owners spent $9 billion in 2016 on eco-friendly products (according to research from Packaged Facts)? And it’s only growing! It feels like one day almost everything will be organic. Our pups might even eat better than me…

Here are some ways you can go green:

Make your own doggie toys and beds with stuff you already own! We all have old tees and sheets that are lying around. Instead of throwing them out, turn them into something your pup will love. You can easily use an old pillow case and stuff it with your unwanted clothes for a comfy dog bed–and he will love it because it smells like you. I like this DIY project at Pretty Fluffy for a no-sew dog bed.

Doesn’t this homemade Kong toy look amazing? I WANT TO EAT IT. Super easy to make. Instructions here.


Organic dog shampoo with as little ingredients as possible, so you know pretty much what’s in it. Earth Bath has great choices and is the #1 leading brand for pet grooming supplies. You can ALSO make your own shampoo (boil 3 cups of water with a rosemary stem, remove rosemary and mix the cooled water with a scoop of coconut oil, 5 tbs of Dr Bronner’s Baby Liquid Soap or Castile Soap, a few drops of lavender essential oil).

Love Earth Rated poo bags! They’re lavender scented and are biodegradable so it’s safe for the planet.

Alfie Pet Kima Bamboo Bowl is made from sustainable and biodegradable natural bamboo fiber. From Alfie, “Bamboo, one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, is a renewable plant that can grow back after its three to five year harvesting period. Bamboo uses minimal energy to produce and has a very low impact on the earth yet is able to produce strong, durable, attractive and completely safe products for your pet.”

Beef production uses more resources than other forms of protein. Make sure to use beef sparingly and feed your pup proteins other than beef (chicken, turkey, lamb, fish).

Make your own dog treats! Yummy! This recipe from Pinch of Yum uses bacon glaze.



Where's The Frenchie is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and incorporates affiliate links.

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