Review: Organic Pet Care Line from Zogics Pet

Hi guys! Sooo, how often do you bathe your dog?

This might sound gross but Weston + Fira only end up getting baths once every 6-8 weeks. Of course, if they have been at the beach getting muddy or have dog drool on them from the dog park, they’ll get one or at least a wipe-down. But otherwise, I don’t really find them getting stinky or dirty.

I find their natural scent smells soooo gooood–it smells just like doll hair.

When it’s time for b-a-t-h—by the way, I can’t say the word around Weston or he’ll run away. He literally knows that word and skiddles sideways to another room. To make it easier on everyone, I usually just wash them myself

I get in the tub with them too. I think it makes them feel safer. Or they could be quietly seething and wondering if they can chew my fingers off.

Well, I just discovered this new, all-organic line Zogics Pet. I actually met the founder last year when we visited 33 Main in Lenox Massachusetts! Zogics is also based in Lenox–the cutest little town ever.

All natural, organic ingredients

These products are so clean. Free of parabens, pH balanced and organic. I don’t use products that have parabens or harsh SLS and your dog(s) shouldn’t either. Harsh soaps/SLS can really dry out their skin.

After their baths, Weston + Fira are SO SOFT! Even strangers have been commenting. After shampooing and washing, I sprayed the Conditioner all over then wiped them down with a towel. When they were all dried, I spritzed a few more times. The scent is so nice and mild—vanilla almond with Moroccan argan oil. 

grooming french bulldogs

My new fave is actually this Waterless Shampoo. It’s a foam and you just apply + wipe it down. A must for travel. If you follow and watch our IG stories, last night Fira got into the fireplace chasing her ball and when she turned her head around, we DIED. She had black soot around her eye like a huge eyebrow. It was seriously adorable.

Water didn’t wipe it off so I used the foam and it worked like a charm! It also leaves such a clean, almost-dry feeling.


If anyone is interesting in trying them out, the prices are really good, especially the 4-pc set ($55.80)! And you can get 20% off with code: WTF20

Do You Know What Breed Your Dog Really Is?

find our your dog's breed

DNA testing for dogs? 

When I recently had the chance to find out Weston and Fira’s DNA, I jumped at it! Embark is a kit that tests for over 160 genetic health conditions and over 250 breeds, even wolf. 

Being a french bulldog owner, I thought how perfect this is especially if you’re curious what kind of genetic future your dog could have. If your dog is predisposed to a health risk, you and your vet could tackle it sooner than later. The custom test results can also be sent to your vet.

What breed is my dog?

Although we already know what breed Weston + Fira are since they were from a breeder, this is such a cool feature for all the mixed mutts out there. How cool to know what characteristics your pup could have because of their breed etc. It’s always tricky finding the right breeder, so I could see this helping considerably for future dog owners. 

With the growing popularity of french bulldogs, this would be great for breeders or even pup parents to know if their dog is mixed with anything else. 

We swabbed the inside of their cheeks and inserted the special Q-tips back into their tube and popped ’em in the mail! Less than 4 weeks later, we got the results.


What are Weston + Fira?

100% French Bulldog!

Not that we were surprised, but the especially fun part was seeing how much “wolf” is in their DNA. Tiny Fira’s percentage is higher than Weston’s!!! Weston is so ashamed (lol).

how much wolf in your dog test

dog dna testing

It also shows predicted adult weight, although Weston + Fira’s actual weight is lower than the number they predicted. I guess because they were the runts of the litter! Genetic Age results are their current ages.

We also found out they did not test positive for any genetic diseases Embark scans for or common diseases in the breed including hereditary cataracts, kidney + bladder stones, degenerative disorder of the spinal cord and more. Yay!

embark dna test results


French Bulldog Ancestry

Another cool feature is seeing where their mom and dad came from in the world. You can see the type of haplogroups and haplotypes your dog has which can explain how your dog’s ancestors migrated across the globe. You could also use this information to confirm their origins or verify their pedigree. You’ll also see a section that shows other dogs’ profiles who have done the test who share certain DNA (relatives?!).

embark dna dog testing


Interesting stuff! We were so giddy opening their test results—it’s like finding out who their birth parents are or something, haha. Overall, I think this test is totally worth it to find out what breed(s) your furry loves are and more importantly, what potential diseases they could carry. 

wtfrenchie blog

BTW—the kit is $199 (and $179 for breeders) and you can get $20 OFF with code: WINTER20 (expires April 30, 2019)


[ Disclaimer: Where's The Frenchie is not affiliated with Embark. We were sent these DNA kits for our honest review and experience. However, if you order through the button above, we will receive an affiliate comission which helps keep this blog running smoothly. We only recommend products we fully believe in! ]

How To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth At Home

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth At Home

OK, how many of you actually brush your dog’s teeth?

Brushing my own teeth is annoying enough as it is… I’m tryinggg to get in the habit of brushing their teeth more often, especially Weston. He unfortunately had to get 5 teeth pulled two years ago because they were rotting and causing gum disease. It’s common in bulldogs apparently because of their overbite and overcrowding of teeth. After the teeth were removed, his breath smelled SOOO much better.

If you notice your dog has bad breath, red swollen gums, yellow-ish brown tartar along the gum line, or bumps within the mouth, do go see the vet and get it checked out. Your pup could have major infections within the mouth and even loose teeth.

Lately I have been using this new product from Pura Naturals but of course, there are many other brands like Kissable’s combo kit, Sentry’s kit with a 360 degree soft bristle brush head + Vet’s Best Enzymatic kit.

Pura Naturals Pet + RADIUS

Have you guys seen the RADIUS toothbrushes (for humans!)? They are super wide and help with gum disease protection. We found ours at Whole Foods. We actually use these at home along with a few other brushes (yes, we use multiple toothbrushes because we like to change it up–and also because we end up forgetting to pack a toothbrush, thus buying more).

So, a RADIUS toothbrush for dogs? We get to have matching toothbrushes? CUTE.

“We all expect we’re going to feed them and brush them and walk them and give them water, but also part of that should be checking their teeth,” Sommers (Pure Naturals Pet President and Chief Merchandising) said. “And you can certainly get them used to it. Most animals will cooperate, especially if you start them when they’re young.” [ source: PetAge magazine ]

The paste is all organic and made with sweet potatoes + cinnamon! Actually smells really nice.

Let’s get started…

1.) Grab a dog toothbrush with soft bristles or a child’s toothbrush. The best brush is a double headed brush. If this is the first time you’re brushing your pups’ teeth then make it fun for them. Give them exercise first so they are relaxed through this process. Start brushing their teeth as a puppy so they get used to it early on.

2.) Never use Human Toothpaste; it’s poisonous to dogs! So grab some dog toothpaste and give your pup a sample to introduce them to it. Many people even use coconut oil as a substitute for toothpaste (which btw is amazing for our teeth as well! see: coconut pulling)

3.) Lift the lip to expose the gums and teeth of your pup and gently brush their teeth how you would your own. Use a forty-five degree angle. Talk to your pup through this to assure them that there’s nothing to worry about. Make sure to get the back upper teeth as they usually build up tartar. If your dog is not used to the brushing then start doing only a couple teeth til your pup is fully comfortable with it.

5.) Give your pup some love by petting them or giving them their favorite toy to make them love getting their teeth brushed. Try getting synthetic bones which are better for your pups teeth and gums. Bones are great for pups so they get strengthen the gums and teeth and even get rid of build up plaque. Even getting pets the right type of toy is one way to help combat dental problems.



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How To Bathe Your Dog Properly At Home

How To Give A Dog A Bath

dog bath


Bath time can be tough for a scared pup. For the best dog bath, bring treats and toys to show them they have nothing to worry about. If they behave in a good way while in the bath reward them with a treat to show bath time can be fun.

french bulldog in bath


Use cotton balls to gently place in your pups ears so water can’t get through. Water is harsh on your dog’s ears so make sure you’re not spraying water down the ear canal. It fits perfectly to block any water and you can use them at the end to wipe up any dirt that might be in their ears.

dog bath steps


Sometimes it’s helpful to bring a comb to the bath and brush out any matted hair. If your dog sheds a lot this is also great to get any excess hair off–especially for french bulldogs! I use this cool sponge that grabs hair. You can use it on wet or dry fur.

french bulldog in bath


Start wetting your dog’s fur by slowly spraying lukewarm water starting from his neck and down to their tail. Avoid the face. You can wash their face with a damp towel and really get into the creases and corners.


Before picking any dog shampoo make sure it’s the right kind for your dog. Pups can be very sensitive so choose a shampoo that fits your dog’s skin. I like this one from True Blue which has the least amount of ingredients compared to others and natural.

french bulldog in sink


Start massaging a small dollop size shampoo onto your pups’ fur. Starting at the neck, gently massage your fingertips into their fur going all the way to their tail. Rinse and make sure all soap is off.

how to clean french bulldog


It’s inevitable your dog will shake. So you can take a towel and gently dry off your pooch and carefully place them out of the bath. Don’t forget to take out the cotton balls if you did decide to put them in.

I use these Pura Naturals Pet fur drying gloves sometimes for extra measure. They absorb moisture and are eco-friendly.

fur drying gloves


Add a special little touch at the end with a dot of nose butter or coconut oil on their nose and even paw butter. My frenchie’s nose dries out easily so this nose butter is a lifesaver.

How Often To Give Your Dog A Bath?

Depends. Of course if they have played in the dirt or get slobber on them, give your dog a bath but if they are mostly indoors with day-to-day activities, it’s recommended not to bathe them too often so you don’t dry out their skin. I usually give them baths every four weeks which ends up being perfect as I can apply their monthly flea topical right after they dry. All pups will vary!


Jetset Essentials: My Beauty Tips For Looking Fresh When Flying

Being 36,000 feet in the air is so stressful for the skin, especially with the recycled air and germs everywhere–yuck! I always feel so swollen and icky.

So, I always have a few products with me so I feel refreshed, brighter and make sure my skin is completely nourished. If the frenchies are flying with me, sometimes I bring their own balm for cracked or peeling noses. 🙂

jetset skinJetset Skin…

Ever since I was little I always called it “jetset skin”–glowing, dewy, almost-shiny skin with no makeup. That has always been my #skingoals–love love love that look. I’m about to fly to Europe in a couple days and these are my go-to products I usually bring with me on the plane.

OIL. I’ve always been an advocate for facial oils and just drenching my skin. Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil is my usual go-to but I also love all-natural and go for 100% rose hip oil, orange blossom oil, argan oil, etc.

One of my new favorite finds is Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Eye Mask. It’s these jelly eye-shaped masks that instantly lift and hydrate your undereye area. It’s an amazing pick-me-up after sleep that de-puffs and makes your eye area 100x better!

I’ve always had really bad motion sickness so I always use Aesop Ginger Flight Therapy. It’s a roll-on oil that helps with nausea. It’s comforting and smells really relaxing. Also, to relax on a flight, I love a good essential oil lavender spray to spritz sporadically. Yep, I’m that person who’ll spritz spritz spritz. (If you have bad motion sickness, ginger pills really help!)

Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter is literally like butter. And it gives the most beautiful pop of pink color. The lips look super drenched and brightened.

jetset skin

A rich eye cream is a must.  Apply more than you normally would and throw a face mask on and let all that goodness seep in. This Sisley Eye Cream is extra emollient. Other favorites: Tatcha Revitalizing Eye Cream and Kiehl’s Avocado. I haven’t tried the e.l.f Illuminating Eye Cream but it has great reviews and is only $10!

jetset skin

When we’re close to landing, I’ll use a face wipe or Murad Resurfacing Peel (vitamin C pads—love this stuff!) or glycolic pads to clean + refresh my skin.

If I want a dab of coverage when I get off the plane, RMS concealer is so so good for the skin. It’s made of all natural ingredients and is a bit creamier than most but because of that, it melts into the skin and looks invisible. It’s almost like a firm moisturizer with a touch of color.

Now, for the pup…

Pura Naturals Pet Button Nose Butter is only made of a few ingredients (like shea butter, olive oil, etc) and instantly soothes and moisturizes their little noses when they get cracked and dry.

I love re-applying the oils every couple hours to fully plump the skin of nutrients, drink lots of water and try to sleep. These tricks always make me feel pampered (like a mini facial) and comfortable during the sometimes-stressful event of flying!




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