Recap: Miami + Dania Beach Trip

dog and girl in bed

Time for a girls’ trip…

Fira and I just got back from a much-needed 10-day sunny vacation to Florida! The weather in SoCal was actually pretty crappy–torrential rains and floods, so it was the perfect time to pack some swimsuits and head Southeast.

My good friend Olivia flew down and we decided to get an Airbnb by the water in a little area near Fort Lauderdale called Dania Beach. Tip: if you’re flying to Miami, check prices to FLL airport–ours were cheaper and it is only 30 minutes away from Miami, no traffic (on my way back it was an hour with traffic). 

This was my first time exploring outside of Miami and the vibe of Dania Beach was perfect for what we were looking for–rest + relaxation.

french bulldog suitcase

Dania Beach is a quiet little town but close to Fort Lauderdale where you can find a ton of restaurants, hotels and bars. Boatyard was our favorite with gorgeous interior and open space concept with the beautiful view of the water. Other dog friendly spots: Kaluz, The Taco Spot, Coconuts.

Fira went with us everywhere. My highlight was definitely paddleboarding! I’ve been paddleboarding a handful of times but never with Weston or Fira. We buckled Fira in in her life vest and off we went. She was a little hesitant at first (she doesn’t love water) but once she got a good footing, she was sooo relaxed and even started hopping back and forth following the paddle from either side. She loved peeking over the board looking for fishies and waves.

paddleboarding with french bulldog

Dogs on the beach…

The one thing I noticed about Florida is how easy it is to bring your dog to the beach! Ugh, I wish SoCal was this lenient. There aren’t that many off-leash dog-friendly beaches here. So, of course I had to get a baby beach tent!

what to bring to the beach with dog

How cute is this?? It’s superrr light and folds down to a small circle which fit in my carry-on suitcase perfectly. It is literally lighter than a wallet. So roomy and perfect to keep your pup in the shade.

What other water sports can I do with my dog?

Ok, I’m glad you asked. 🙂 I rented a kayak for a couple hours and omg–this is such a great activity to do with your dog. Got a little arm/ab workout from paddling, a nice tan (I forgot to put sunscreen on my chest, oops–don’t forget back of the neck!) and some meditative, bonding time with Fira. 

kayaking with dog


Back to South Beach…

Fira and I had 5 days in South Beach on our own exploring and soaking in the sunshine. We stayed at Plymouth Hotel (right off Collins Ave, off the strip so it was more quiet and quaint- loved the boutique feel. $100 pet fee) and Shore Club (on Collins near all the hustle bustle, walk right onto the beach, pets stay free!). Here’s a list of my other favorite dog-friendly Miami hotels

There is something about traveling alone that feeds my soul. I have always loved it all; waking up in a new city, stepping out onto unknown roads ready to be discovered, learning more about yourself and plopping back onto cozy fresh white sheets at the end of the day full of memories and dreams. Traveling with a dog makes it all that much more wonderful.

dog friendly hotels miami


miami things to do

french bulldog and books

wheres the frenchie

Must-haves for a beach getaway with your dog

shop for beach items for dog

  1. Coola Eco-Lux SPF 50 Spray: one of my favorite sunscreen brands. It never feels sticky and the scents are delicious.
  2. Teeks Alex Slides: comfy, sleek and easy to pack!
  3. Neutrogena Tinted Lip Balm SPF 20: I can never get enough lipbalms! I bought this one during my trip and “Fresh Plum” is a mustttt. It’s the perfect sheer browny rose neutral.
  4. Vivaglory Dog Life Vest: good price and has velcro + buckle closures. Feels very secure. Fira wears a size Small.
  5. WTFrenchie Frenchie Army Weekender Tote: fits a couple beach towels, books and necessities 🙂
  6. Natural Dog Company Snout Soother: I try to put balm on the pups’ noses everyday so they don’t dry out.
  7. M&MKPet Water Bottle: so convenient and cute!
  8. Baseball Cap Visor: how cute is this? Protect their furry faces from too much sun.

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Palm Springs Getaway

palm springs getaway

Updated November 28, 2018.

The great thing about Palm Springs is that everyone seems to welcome dogs and it is only 107 miles from LA, making it a no-brainer for a fantastic dog-friendly weekend getaway. Weston and I stopped here on our way east during our road trip and we rounded up the best things to do and see with your pooch!

Formerly the Viceroy, this boutique hotel Avalon is walking distance to downtown and has 2 beautiful pools. The rooms were extra cute. ($75 dog fee per stay. Dog walking, grooming and pet reflexology available. Rooms start at $200.) Read our full review here

Other dog-friendly hotels worth mentioning:

Hip, artsy hotel Ace Hotel & Swim Club includes outdoor fireplaces, poolside yurts all with a vintage feel. Rooms start at $150.

Or stay at the adorable rainbow-colored Saguaro Hotel (known for its legendary pool parties). Rooms start at $169.

Head immediately to the bar–that’s where check-in is at Arrive Hotel. Rooms start at $170.

Beautiful 13 acre property, the upscale Parker Palm Springs, decor by designer Jonathan Adler. Gorgeous. Rooms start at $339.

Where to eat? Well, Cheeky’s is legendary. We were running late so we skipped brunch since the wait was so long. It must be good if the wait is always 45 minutes minimum. I hear they have something called the Bacon Flight (5 strips of bacon in different flavors).

Lulu’s: a modern bistro with a huge outdoor patio. Juniper Table at the newly opened Kimpton Rowan hotel: fresh Mediterranean-inspired share plates with local, organic ingredients. The food was delicious and the outdoor patio practically sprawling. It’s right off the main strip so some shopping after lunch is necessary! Workshop: inventive New-American eatery with a stylish outdoor patio. La Azucar at the La Serena Villas hotel: modern mexican food with a rooftop patio and Instagram-friendly decor.

Now my favorite… Norma’s at Parker Palm Springs. Wait, can we just talk about the hotel? When I walked in, my eyes couldn’t even take in all of it at once. It is one of the most beautifully textured hotels I’ve been to in my life. There is color, mid century galore and art made of varied materials and yarn adorned everywhere–it is lush. The outdoor grounds are just enchanting—tall greenery with maze-like pathways. Read my Parker Palm Springs Hotel Guide here. Back to Norma’s. Brunch was yummy–they promptly came with ice water for Weston and a daily fresh baked treat!

The iconic Trina Turk stores (for women, men & home).

If you’re looking for a relaxed activity to do with your pup and you’re really into cactus like me, check out the Moorten Botanical Garden’s. It’s a short 20 minute stroll through all different species of cactus and succulents. They also sell some cute ceramic plant holders and inexpensive succulents! Admission $5. Dogs: $0.

what to do with dog palm springs

What You Need To Know About Pet Passports

how to get passport for my dog

Does my dog actually need a passport?


It is not required. If you are traveling with your dog internationally for the first time (from the US), you don’t need a passport but you must have international health certificates completed by a USDA-accredited vet. These forms will allow you to get your dog into your designated international country.

The forms vary by country but for most countries in the E.U., it’s a seven-page document you can find on the USDA website. You don’t need to fill out anything on this form yourself—this is all done by your vet. 


  • Make sure all vaccinations are up to date, including rabies. If your dog gets revaccinated with rabies, 21 days must pass before travel. 
  • Bring your filled out forms, rabies certificate and vaccination records to your local USDA office within 10 days of entering the E.U. (or other country).
  • The USDA office will officially stamp all the paperwork ($38) and you’re all set! 
  • This stamped paperwork is valid for 4 months. 


passport for my dog

Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Passport For Your Pet


If you foresee going out of the country with your dog again, definitely get a passport! This allows you to bypass all the previous paperwork and visits to the USDA office. 

Passports are only issued in the international country. You cannot get a pet passport issued in the US. Pet passports are valid for as long as the rabies vaccination is up to date (usually 1, 2, 3 years from administration). Once the rabies expires, the passport is expired and you’ll need to get a new one (which  means doing the paperwork and a trip to the USDA office again).

Most vets (in the E.U.—or whatever country you are traveling to) can issue a passport for your pet. Call to check and make an appointment. They usually cost $75+ including their examination fee. 

If you live in the E.U…

You can get a passport issued in your home country and it is valid anywhere in the E.U.,including the U.K.)—lucky!


how to get a pet passport

Inside A Pet Passport

Bring all your paperwork and the vet will fill out everything! The passport has your information, optional photo of your pet, rabies vaccination and shot records. If you’re going to countries in the United Kingdom (i.e.: islands), your dog will also need a tape worm treatment 1-5 days before travel which will be recorded in the passport.

does my dog need passport to travel

Once you have your shiny new passport, there is no need for your previous paperwork! Ahh. It makes traveling around Europe so much easier and stress-free.


Now, I did say stress-free but of course, things can happen…

When you are traveling and crossing borders, the border patrol is VERY strict—just like with us humans. If there are any holes or mistakes, they will send you back quick. I even heard of somebody getting turned away recently because the date of their tapeworm treatment was recorded as “6/11/2018” (the American way) instead of “11/6/2018.”

At the border getting into England from France, there’s even a cash-only vet very close to the Eurotunnel who specializes in circumstances like this and can fix you up a new pet passport. If you’re traveling off-hours then you’ll need to spend the night at a nearby hotel, of course. 


I traveled to Paris with Fira for the first time last October, so I was able to get her a passport made when we were in Paris. We went to the same vet for this trip for Weston’s passport. Now they both have one but I still bring all the paperwork with me just incase. You just never know. I’ve noticed it can be very inconsistent who checks your documents. At the Heathrow airport recently, they didn’t know how to read it and had to call someone else over—she checked it for just the rabies vaccination and let us through. At our second time through the Eurotunnel Pet Immigration center, in spite of how strict they can be, they only checked Fira’s passport but didn’t even look at Weston’s.

Yes, it’s your vet’s job to fill out the forms and/or passport but always triple-check the dates, info and numbers yourself. Fira’s microchip on her health certificate was one number off (the last number) but nobody noticed—WHEW. We got very lucky.

Just make sure you know exactly what information is on your paperwork and keep it close to you. As long as you’re well-prepared with your documents and travel, it’s a straight-forward process and there shouldn’t be any surprises. If you are going to travel with your pet internationally, a pet passport will definitely make the process smoother and faster for the next trip. Bon voyage!


Here’s How To Get Through The Eurotunnel With Your Dog

how to travel with my dog

Here’s How To Get Through The Eurotunnel With Your Dog

How the hell do you get a dog into England once you’re already in the EU?

Eurostar is not dog-friendly, a private car service could cost upwards to $600 and who wants to deal with renting a car with the hassle of city parking + more? Oh, and there are ferries but your dog is not allowed to be with you at your seat. They must stay in a separate “pet area” which is just a cluster of dirty crates—the thought of the frenchies down there all alone or worse, someone stealing them, freeeaked me out. No way. (and the ferry is not cheap either)

Our brave friend Coco + her frenchie Elle shared with us their journey going through the Eurotunnel (London to Paris) last year via the ferry and on the way back took a ridesharing service called BlablaCar. It’s almost like an Uber but for planned trips. You can look up rides like Paris to London or Paris to Nice and you can carpool with drivers which ends up being very cost effective (anywhere from €20-60 one-way + pay for a second seat for the pooch)! You just need to ask the driver beforehand if they allow dogs.

Perfect! This seemed like the way to go but there were no available rides during my dates. When a ride did pop up, it seemed to get booked right away or wasn’t pet-friendly. After waiting and crossing fingers for a week, I bit the bullet 2 days before the trip and decided to go via trains/Folkestone Taxi Co.

Paris to Calais – Eurotunnel – Calais to London 



First, buy a ticket from Paris to Calais. French trains are dog-friendly (up to 2 dogs per passenger) as long as your dog is in a bag. If your dog is more than 13 lbs then no bag necessary—you can walk them on a leash and muzzle. Find routes on Loco2 + Trainline. Cost: varies; mine was â‚¬42 (with a connecting stop) and the ride takes less than an hour. With a connecting stop, it’s a bit longer. €7 for dog in carrier or half the 2nd class full fare if your dog is over 13 lbs + on leash. Book this sooner than later as they book quickly!

Thankfully, he didn’t have to wear the muzzle as I kept it in my bag just incase someone asked for it. Nobody did—in fact, no one even asked to see my ticket or the dogs’ tickets!


This is where Folkestone Taxi comes in. You can book their taxi service to ride onto the Eurotunnel and arrive in Folkestone Central Train Station in England. This is the easiest + most comfortable way. Your pup(s) get to sit with you and you never have to leave the car. They meet you at the Calais station with a sign, help you with your bags and then you settle into the car. They even provided blankets! Cost: ÂŁ125 + ÂŁ96 Eurotunnel ticket and the ride is thirty-five minutes.

The taxi drives to Pet Clearance first where you go in and have your pet’s passport/documents looked over. Make sure everything is correct and you have backup papers as they are very strict. There is also a local vet (cash only) nearby incase anything is missing and you need new paperwork or treatments.

traveling with dogs on eurotunnel

Wow, lots of pets!

Then you drive through the Passport Control where they look at your passport etc then onto the Eurotunnel shuttle! The car gets turned off and you sit in the car for thirty-five minutes. A good time to charge your phone, have a chat with your friendly driver and scroll through Instagram. 🙂

Once you arrive in Folkestone, you’ll need to book another train to get from Folkestone to London. They run every half hour. Find tickets on National Rail. Cost: on average ÂŁ20 and takes 55 minutes. Pets travel free (up to two). If you want to to skip the train and continue the ride with Folkestone Taxi, it’s another couple hundred pounds extra but may be worth it if you have a lot of luggage and want to make your journey easier.




All pets entering into the UK need a tapeworm treatment within 5 days of traveling and a pet passport. 

What to bring: your passport, your pet’s passport(s), tickets (mine were all on mobile) + Folkestone keeps a hard copy of your Eurotunnel ticket for you, treats, pet wipes.


Ultimate Guide To Travel Hacks + Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

dog friendly travel tips


Traveling can be overwhelming, let alone traveling with your dog. From the booking + costs, to having all the right paperwork and knowing where dogs are welcome, it can seem like an endless amount of red tape and information. I love reading other travel + fashion bloggers’  (bloggers without dogs!) diaries to get tips and ideas on where to go. 1) that’s actually how I get inspiration and ideas on where to go/stay and then I just look up separately if it’s dog friendly. 2) and why I started writing this blog. To share chic destinations, boutique hotels and fun city guides for dog moms (dog mom life). So, I put together this list of handy travel hacks and insider tips from other bloggers + myself that could potentially save you money, time and lessen anxiety.

travel blog for dog momsSearch for flights “incognito.”

Have you ever used incognito window? In your Chrome browser, under “File” there is an option for “New Incognito Window.” In Safari, it’s under “File” then “New Private Window.” This allows browsing with no cookies, so no history. 

From Through Julia’s Lens: “This is my number one tip to save money on flights because it’s so easy! If you’ve bought a flight recently, websites will remember that and will bump up prices, even after you’ve cleared your cache and history. This may not work if you only buy plane tickets once a year, but if you’re buying tickets every few months, it can make a big difference.”

I’ve also been a little paranoid about airline sites tracking my searches and increasing prices but doing it incognito ensures that at least you know you’re getting the best, true price.


travel blog for dog momsSearch by month instead of days.

how to travel cheap with dog

(Another tip from Through Julia’s Lens) 

On Skyscanner, if you have a month in mind that you’d like to travel + flexible on dates, you can search for the whole month and find the cheapest days to travel!

If you want destination ideas and open to pretty much anywhere, you can also search by cheapest destinations and find places to go sometimes as low as $100 for international.


travel blog for dog momsBook ASAP.

Most airlines fill the available in-cabin pet spots on a first-come, first-served basis and most only allow a certain number of pets on board (sometimes as little as 2-4). So, it’s always best to call ahead and reserve a spot for your furry one.

travel blog for dog momsSeating Hack: how to get extra room on your flight.

From Olivia Christine: “I often score extra room on my flights by pre-selecting a seat in a row that has only two spots open (including the middle seat). When I choose either the aisle or window, it leaves a middle seat available — which is a last resort for any passenger — increasing my chances of having no one sit next to me. Using this trick, I’ve been able to fly with the middle seat empty, leaving extra room for myself and my row companion!”

I’ve actually used this tip twice and it WORKED both times!


travel blog for dog momsUse the pockets on the outside of your pet carrier.

dog carrier

Flying with your pet in carrier means they become your carry-on item. Once you get on board, the carrier goes under the seat and your personal item (bag) has to go up in the overhead bin. Take advantage of those extra pockets in the pet carrier!

From Jessica at You Did What With Your Weiner: “While you CAN get up mid flight and get one or two things out of your bag, it’s a hassle if not impossible. You probably want your Kindle, noise-cancelling headphones, a magazine, or something with you during takeoff, landing and during the flight.”


travel blog for dog momsSkip the security line.

This is the besssst thing I ever did. CLEAR, which is offered at most major airports, is a program that allows you to skip the lines at security and get taken right to the front. It honestly saves SO MUCH TIME. + so worth it if you fly a lot. It’s about $15/month and with just a finger print and/or eye recognition on their easy-to-use kiosks, you’re whisked away by a CLEAR associate straight to the front (you don’t even need to show your ID + ticket to the TSA agent again).


travel blog for dog moms5 Pet Friendly Hotel Chains Where Pets Stay Free.

  • Aloft
  • Kimpton
  • La Quinta
  • Motel 6
  • Red Roof Inn

Make sure to check with the hotel or the post at GoPetFriendly to find out if there are any weight limits etc.


travel blog for dog momsTravel by RV.

Traveling by RV with your dog could be your next big adventure! A few of these RV companies don’t even charge for pets (Cruise America, El Monte RV). You can browse RVs on Outdoorsy with the pet-friendly filter.


travel blog for dog momsTime to potty.

From Stephanie at Pupventure Pack: “Lots of rest stops do not want you bringing dogs into the restroom and it’s way too hot to leave them in the car. So if I can, I try to plan my bathroom breaks to coincide with pet store locations. I have used Petco and PetSmart so many times for that reason. Plus it allows the dogs an easy little outing to stretch their legs.” And to get them a new toy!

If you’re at the airport and don’t see a pet relief area in sight, Jenna from Articles de Voyage relies on pee pads. “I find a handicapped or family restroom—they are much larger than regular stalls, so you can put down a few pee pads. My dogs are trained to use pee pads but they also make special drops you can put on the pad to encourage them. It’s helped put my mind at ease more than a few times when traveling with a dog.”


travel blog for dog momsUBER & LYFT.

Both Uber and Lyft’s policy is that it is up to the discretion of the driver to allow your dog to ride. When you get matched with a driver, just send a quick message to ask if it is ok to bring your dog. They do have the right to say no, so be prepared for possible cancellations and wait times.

Be a kind rider by bringing a bag or blanket for your pup. 


travel blog for dog momsSmell like a daisy.

Stuff a dryer sheet in your luggage, especially where your pet’s items + food are being stored (even use a floral tea bag in a pinch) and you can even run it over your pet’s fur to remove static buildup and calm your pup. 


travel blog for dog momsPack your common sense.

Brynn from A Dog Walks Into A Bar shares this tip: “Don’t keep your valuables all together. Bags get lost, things get stolen + if all of your credit cards and cash are in the same space, you’ll be really struggling if they get lost or misplaced.”


The Most Instagrammable Spots: London Pink Edition

The Most Instagrammable Spots For Basic Bitches: London Edition

By Coco Quill

You want to upgrade your Instagram game. No need to play, we see you commenting, liking and joining telegram pods but the quality of your posts don’t match. Brands don’t bat an eye at your account. It’s time to head to West London where Spring is always blooming.

Basic Essentials: Doortraits

When in doubt, pink it out. Use a pink color accent, wall, chair, restaurant or piece of clothing. Nothing says lifestyle blogger like pink.

Here are some of our favorite pink doors to get into your feed.

pink door london[ Pink Rose Collar by Barc London, Elle @grrlgenius_ ]

14 Trevor Square: Knightsbridge

Located two blocks from the basic heaven, Harrod’s. Locals say Harrod’s photos are only okay if you are not from England. If you are a local, the famed store has all the cache of taking a photo with a model at Abercrombie & Fitch at the mall. One word of advice if you do go into Harrod’s: avoid the loo with the perfume unless you like choking on it.

[  Harris Tweed Harness by @grumbleandgrumble, Lead by @barclondon ]

26 Montepelier Walk aka The Pink House, SW7

Get yourself to The Pink House. There’s a little plaque to let you know you’ve made it to the right spot. Pink Parfait Perfection.

[ Photo by @margarita_karenko ] 

59 Portland Road: Notting Hill

The googley-eyed house is epic for the kid in all of us. Try incorporating a color twist and a geniune smile, like @honeyidressedthepug aka Ari & M.

Make it your own by checking it out with a friend like Ari & M. Look how M’s jumper matches the house on the left–playing with the non-obvious color is a skill. Pure joy and love is never basic. The bond of these two evokes a smile from the viewer.

[ Urban Jungle Bandana by Ari & M ]

Be warned, this pink door is the gateway drug to colourful doors in Notting Hill!

Make your way further east to colorful Portobello Road.

No. 8 Portobello Road

While some residents have been known to huff and puff, most embrace the delight of visitors. Be respectful, if a gate isn’t open, don’t open it to stand in front of a door. If a resident comes in or out and requests you move along, please don’t give them a hard time. It’s not cute, bish. Keep it moving instead for an action shot like Nikki and Elle.

[ Photo by Rachel Oates, Lead + Bowtie by Teddy Maximus ]

59 A Portobello Road: Farm Girl Café

Intermediate: Café Slay

The queue goes quickly but get there early or do during the week if you have that luxury. What are we saying? You are a go-getter Grammer so you will make the time to get the shot. Food gone cold? That’s the Gram.

Alright, I’ll stop teasing you and tell you the food is fresh and delicious at Farm Girl. The tables outside are a beautiful pink–all the better to showcase the best latte art. If you are a Frenchie parent, you must order either the chai tea or turmeric lattes, which come with Frenchie coffee art. Hashtag dog-friendly! No need to leave your precious babe behind in London.

Now that you’ve filled your belly with pancakes, make a left down Portobello, but don’t stop for the main crowded streets–you’re on an IG mission. Head a few blocks south and you will be rewarded with St. Stephen’s Mews. The mews were historically where the royal hawks were kept, not horse stables, while they moulted.  I have to have learned a few random tidbits while living in London for three years.

Photography Hint: if you have a dark colored dog, that pop of pink will actually identify that little nugget. Easy up on the shadows and add more exposure in Light Room to get more details on a dark dog.


9 Conduit Street, Mayfair: Sketch London

Advanced Intermediate

I saw Sketch London three years ago on designer Christian Siriano’s Instagram feed–hey, you basics can’t skip this one. The pink perfection that is the Gallery is reserved for VIP Pooches like @dolly_pawton.

Small, well behaved dogs are allowed in the front Parlour from 7 am (for the Advanced Level) to 4 pm during the week. Enjoy hella sweets and feel like a VIP by the staff. No matter where you get seated, you will slay at Sketch. Be sure to ring ahead to double check as the dog policy has changed twice since I’ve been going there.

Bathroom Selfie at Sketch is Instagold.

[ Photo by @jezzisdead ]

59 Connaught Street, Saint Aymes Chocolate Cafe: The 24K Gold Love

How dare you think Unicorn Lattes were too basic! Slow that roll, you’re getting a little cocky there, basic bishes. London’s newest twist on the unicorn latte gives you an excuse to have another pink drink we know you are secretly addicted to and we are here to enable.

[ Photo by @thepixiecut ]

Head to Marble Arch, home of the self-proclaimed “most Instagrammable café” in London: Saint Aymes Chocolate. Inside-out, this café was designed with you in mind. Take a fresh memory card and your credit card because those pink drinks sprinkled in gold are upwards of seven pounds.

Marshmellows in the drinks, unicorn cookies and rose-covered interior walls next to green velvet seating, confirm it’s worth a visit. Get yourself a bar of Marie Antoinette perfect pink confection as another prop. Take it to go, because your pink pop will be handy and you don’t want to go into sugar shock.

Get your outfits picked out in advanced because the dusty rose princess dog bed, is one your sweet furbabe will shine in, which is a massive bonus if you are unable to decorate your home to an IG worthy level.

[ Outfit by Milk & Pepper via ] 

While Elan, the flower wall gold medal winner in South Ken has a queue down the street, it’s not dog-friendly. Who needs them? If your pup can’t go, why bother? Leave that for the super basic humanoids.

Instead enjoy Saint Aymes who even provide that perfect dusty dog bed to make your pooch feel like a star and that unicorn latte.

We think we’ve given you enough of the basics to get your feed to a pink glow.

Now fly little pooches, the advanced level isn’t for beginners. Swish swish, bish.

[ Doggie outfit by @ohpopdog ]

Miami Dog Friendly Getaway

OMG. I could not wait for this trip. LA weather dropped to the lowssss–58, 59, 60 degrees (sorry, NYC). Plus I was sick with a sinus infection so it was just the right time to soak in some sun and that infamous Florida humidity. Within 24 hours, my sinuses cleared up and my skin was glowing.

Obviously, some months are just too hot to bring the pups (July/August = 100% humidity!) but February/March are the best months to go to Miami. The days are hot but mornings and end of day are nice and breezy, especially on the beachfront.

So, what are some fun dog-friendly spots you can plan?

[ img credit: Wynwood Walls ]

The Wynwood Walls are a total unique experience–it’s basically like an outdoor museum with life-size murals from graffiti artists around the world. Especially popular during Art Basel, you can check it out year-around and since it’s just streets, the pup can come and have a walk. There are restaurants and bars in the neighborhood too. Try Wynwood Kitchen + Bar (latin cuisine).
For another walk and for art/history buffs, the Art Deco Tours are everyday–90 minutes for $25–which is a great Miami activity. We didn’t get to check out the Botanical Gardens but will next time–it’s rare that a Botanical Garden is dog-friendly!

[ Skirt + Top by Valeria Krasavina, Torino Lemon Leash Charlie & Me ]

[ Top + Sleeves by Valeria Krasavina ]

french bulldog travel fashion

Beaches + Parks

Bark Beach at North Shore Open Space Park is a fenced off-leash dog park across the beach. You also have the option of going on the beach with your dog on-leash for a $25 entry fee. 20 minutes from South Beach. 8328 Collins Ave.

Haulover Beach Park is located between Lifeguard Towers #2 and #3 where you’ll find a 3.3-acre dog park. Dogs and their owners can enjoy the beach from 8am – 3pm. 30 minutes from South Beach. 10800 Collins Ave.

Nikki Beach Club: a quintessential Miami Beach spot with tiki torches, white cabanas and overflowing drinks. Rent a cabana and spend the day by the beach eating and drinking. Pup could stay in the covered cabana! 1 Ocean Dr.

cuban sandwich dog

Matador Room: this Latin/Spanish restaurant is located at the Edition and gooood. Beautiful outdoor seating above the pool but can I mention the Cuban sandwich was probably one of the best I’ve ever had?

french bulldog tacos

Bodega Taqueria y Tequila: Authentic “taco truck” feel and taste, guys. Get the ceviche! Only $9 and comes with plenty of chips. At night, this spot turns into a bar open til 5am with a secret entrance through the porta potty door–speakeasy style. 1220 16th St.

nikki star

Byblos: my top 3 restaurant choice in Miami! Mediterranean/Middle Eastern dishes that are creative, jeweled and bright–just like its Art Deco decor. 🙂

La Mar: high-end Peruvian restaurant by Chef Gaston Acurio serves amazing ceviches, tiraditos + pisco sours at the Mandarin Oriental. Large outdoor patio overlooking the Biscayne Bay.

Habitat: located at the 1 Hotel, this spot offers fresh farm-to-table fare (and some seriously vocal tropical birds chirping from the trees above the tables).

Front Porch Cafe: a staple on Ocean Dr–more like a diner with traditional food but it’s great for people-watching, all-day breakfast and big portions.

Quality Meats: gorgeous steaks/cuts with an old-school butcher feel.

Amara at Paraiso: upscale Latin cuisine on an outdoor deck overlooking Biscayne Bay.

Lulu in the Grove: trendy neighborhood spot with solid food with plenty that favors the bacon (bacon-wrapped dates, bacon in the Bloody Mary’s, bacon in the burgers, etc).

Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill: from the owners of SushiSamba, come here for varied small plates, a stylish outdoor patio and tasty cocktails.

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Photographer: Andrea Loreno/FujifilmGirl

Drawing by Valeria Krasavina

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