Summer Must-Haves For Every Frenchie Owner

french bulldogs summer what they need

What Your French Bulldog Needs This Summer

Summer is here! Can you believe it? I definitely want to do some dog-friendly outdoor activities like paddle boarding and boat rides with the pups. I have to be extra careful that Weston + Fira don’t overheat during the summer, so we make sure they stay extra hydrated and are prepared with everything they might need like a beach tent, sunscreen and cooling bandanas. During peak sun hours, we are indoors and the pups stay active at home. 

When you’re out, make sure your dog is doing okay with water and breaks, especially if you have a French Bulldog or other flat-nosed breeds. In a pinch, you can soak a towel or napkin with cold water, lay it on the ground and have them lie their belly on it. I also pour a little water on the tops of their heads and ears to help cool them off. 

I put together a list of my favorite things for you and your dog this summer — check them out below!


french bulldogs in padded life vests

Canada Pooch Wave Rider Life Jacket. These padded life vests are sooo cute and well-made. Love the bright colors and they are super functional with a padded chin float for extra support and velcro-buckled straps. Fira’s wearing size Small and Weston is in the Medium. Use code: WTFRENCHIE10 for $10 off.

Hello Summer Splash Pad. This is so adorable! You fill it with water and it has a shallow level of water so your pup can safely splash, play and cool down. Fira’s gonna love this!


Furminator De-Shedding Tool. This brush is honestly the BEST de-shedding comb I’ve tried. It really seems to grip and brush hair away from the base. During the summer, dogs shed their winter coat and lighten up for the summer. Frenchie owners know just how much their little French bulldogs shed — it’s almost shocking how much fur comes out. I brush Weston + Fira for 30 minutes sometimes. This brush is a must!

water bottle for french bulldog

I take this portable water bottle for the dogs with me everywhere. Add some ice cubes before you leave the house.

PetKin Sun Stick SPF 15. Apply on your pup’s nose to protect from sun damage.

Julep Beauty No Excuses SPF 40. I am suuuuper picky with sunscreen. They always feel sticky on my skin or like it’s clogging my pores. I just discovered this one and I am obsessed. It’s clear, lightweight and literally feels like nothing on. I can’t believe it’s actually SPF 40! I give it 10+ stars.

french bulldog on cooling mat

Canada Pooch Chill Out Cooling Mat. Weston + Fira definitely need this during the summer. You can pour water on it and it makes a great cooling pad for the pups! Use code: WTFRENCHIE10 for $10 off.

paw soother balm for dogs

Natural Dog Company Paw Soother Balm. Massage onto your pup’s paws to soothe them after all the walking on hot sidewalks, etc. Use code: WTFRENCHIE for 15% off!

Frenchie Beach Towel. Need I say more? 🙂 


Mini Handheld Fan. Cute little fan that will keep you and your pup cool.


Public Goods Wide Mesh Bag. Perfect bag for the beach, farmers market + errands.

things your dog needs in the summer

Built Insulated Lunch Tote Bag. Such a cute bag to take your lunch, an icy cold water bottle + treats to the beach! 


Dog Treat Molds. Use these trays to make special ice cube treats for your pup! Try coconut water with diced strawberries or blueberries.

Happy Summer!

frenchie in pool


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