Review: Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Dog Carrier Bag

best airline carriers for dogs

The Most Dog-Friendly Carrier?

Sleepypod‘s Air In-Cabin Carrier is so well-structured (it looks like the shape of a Tesla!) and they’ve thought of practically everything. I used it for the first time on our trip back from NYC to LA. Weston and Fira both fit in the bag comfortably (individually — not together at the same time, of course). FYI: Weston is 22 lbs and Fira is 13.5 lbs. 

The length of the bag is 22 inches so it’s nice and roomy. If the airline’s under-seat requirements are less than 22 inches, the sides of the bag can also fold up to 18 or 16 inches!

When you fold, it doesn’t stay up on its own but it stays nice and tight between the bars that are underneath airline seats. 

airline carrier for dogs

There are big pockets on both sides and on one side, it even unzips so you can slide the carrier over the handle of your wheeled luggage.

The plush lining also is removable by a zipper and you can toss in the wash. I felt really comfortable walking around with this carrier. The Sleepypod dog carrier shape is much sleeker compared to other airline carriers that are a boxy and can get clunky. 

My favorite part of the Sleepypod Air Carrier

The handle located on top is seriously so handy. With a dog in the carrier (especially a French Bulldog –they are dense), having the strap on your shoulder causes the weight to distribute unevenly sometimes. And if you’re running to your gate? Uh, forget about it. I loved using the handle and I even did a few reps of bicep curls as I was walking to my gate. Gotta get those workouts in somehow when you’re traveling!

The carrier also breaks down flat so you can store it away at home. It unzips almost all the way around allowing you to fold down the sides. 

If you end up getting this bag, make sure to get your pup acquainted with it with lots of treats and praise. I put a couple treats inside and let Weston lie down in it. He got so comfy in it, he didn’t leave. He ended up taking a nap in it. 

I’m so happy I found this bag and will be gettin good mileage out of this one! 



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  1. This is super helpful! I’ve got questions about flying with “bigger” small dogs like Weston: my dog is 16-17 lbs, but thin and lanky. On a good day, I’d say her height is about 13-14″ at the shoulder, which makes her technically a bit too tall for the airline approved carry-on bags. We’re choosing between the Large Sherpa and Large Sturdibag currently, and has been using the Sherpa in the car (she can get in, turn around, and lie down happily and comfortably).
    1. Have you had experience flying with Weston with either of those bags? Have the airlines given you grief about the size?
    2. Do you think a dog like mine, 13-14″ tall at the shoulder and 15″ neck to butt, would fit in the Sleepypod? I suspect she probably couldn’t stand or turn around in it.

    Thank you! While we will only be flying her between LA, SF and Vegas, we have family in France so it’s been super reassuring to read about your travels there in case we decide to move back, even though Fira is a wee one compared to our dog ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Lake!
      Weston fits in this Sleepypod and the Large Sherpa- he can’t really stand or turn around but he’s okay with that. I’ve never been asked at the check-in desk to see the bag or weigh it (knock on wood). They just see that you have a carrier and that’s that. As long as your pup is comfortable lying in it for several hours, you should be good to go! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love reading your reviews and info on traveling with Frenchies! We were almost set on purchasing the Sherpa, but then today talked with someone who was carrying the Sleepypod Air at the airport and it looks amazing and practical (he also provided raving reviews for it). We are trying to find the best airline carrier for our 21# male Frenchie, Mack, for future airline travel within the US. Was just curious your thoughts about the ventilation of this carrier, being that it is only mesh on the top. With them being brachicephalic, I want to find something that Mack is able to breathe well in and not be worried about him overheating or anything. Did you notice Weston panting or anything when you traveled using the Sleepypod Air? I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have, thank you in advance Nikki!

    • Hi! The entire top zips down the sides so the top and smaller sides are ventilated. You can see in the photos in the post. Weston had no problem at all and I didn’t notice any panting. I really like this bag compared to the Sherpa- the Sherpa is a bit bulky and I think has less overall mesh exterior than the Sleepypod. Hope this helps!


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