Review: Public Goods

Hey hey, hope you guys have been doing ok–the year is coming to an end. 😮

Where have you guys been ordering your essentials? I’ve been using Public Goods a lot. Fun fact: at the start of the pandemic, they were the only ones who actually had toilet paper in stock. It was limited to 1 pack per customer of course but it saved our asses, literally. 

I’ve been a member since early this year but when they recently reached out to me to check out their new dog products, I was so excited! This company is all about being made in the USA, sustainable, paraben-free and I love all their eco-friendly, minimal packaging. Everything is priced really affordably too. 

I’m about to place another order so I thought I’d share my fave products incase you guys need some help choosing. 🙂

FIRST, let’s talk about the new dog products.

The one thing we (as in, all dog parents) are ALWAYS repurchasing is poo bags. I used to buy a huge box of rolls from Amazon for super cheap but realized how wasteful it was with all the plastic. I’ve been buying only compostable, eco-friendly bags, so I’m reeeeally happy that Public Goods has their own! 

compostable poo bags

The Cheese Chews are cute (they’re like yak chews) but I haven’t given them to the pups yet. Weston is allergic to dairy so I’ll skip those for him. The Dog Shampoo is vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free and has a clean, soapy scent. We haven’t taken the pups to the groomers since March! We’ve just been bathing them at home ourselves and taking them to the vet for nails or any anal gland expression (I will never do that at home, eek). I’m finally going through their shampoo collection!

What’s in my cart?

So I always stock up on their olive oil (it’s a good, basic one for cooking), dish soap refills and mostly cleaning products. I just loooove their refill products. The dish soap and hand soap come in these large pouches (versus a bottle, which requires more plastic) which easily pour into your existing containers. 

Aren’t these refills the cutest? You literally just fill your bottle up with water and squeeze this concentrated version into it and tada–no need to buy a new bottle.


They also have pantry essentials like almonds, couscous, canned goods and I’ve gotten most of my spices here. Also, this is the most random thing ever but they have the BEST OATMEAL COOKIES. They are the perfect crunchy tiny pop-in-your-mouth cookie. Get themmm–you won’t regret it. I just added 5 boxes of the oatmeal cookies to my cart… happy shopping!

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