DIY: Salmon Quinoa Homemade Dog Food

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Try this healthy homemade dog food recipe for your dogs! It’s full of antioxidants, healthy fats and omegas. My French bulldogs do so well on salmon — it’s definitely become their favorite.

Salmon for dogs?

Salmon is so beneficial for dogs with its high protein, amino and omega-3 fatty acids that they need. It helps boosts their immune system, reduce inflammation and even reduce skin allergies. Amino acids are a must in an animal’s diet. Dogs that do not get enough of the essential amino acids can have healthy issues ranging from: weakened immune systems and skin and coat allergies.

This homemade dog food recipe includes baked salmon, raw shredded veggies, cooked quinoa and pureed pumpkin (lots of fiber). This one’s a variation of the original dog food recipe I’ve posted before. Weston can be really picky and has been known to skip meals but with this version, he hasn’t missed a meal yet!

homemade dog food ingredients salmon vegetables pumpkin


Total cost of this recipe: $94.24 (not including the Canine Complete + coconut oil, so we could round this up to $100)

This number changes depending on the cost of the salmon and produce. The salmon cost me $84.22 for 6 lbs at $13.99/pound, but you can definitely plan for deals + sales. To lower the price of the recipe, you can do half salmon, half turkey or beef instead, too. 


1. Bake salmon in oven 375 degrees for 30 minutes.

salmon fillets in oven

2. Cook quinoa with water until quinoa soaks up all liquid and fluff with fork. You’ll have over 4 cups of cooked quinoa.

3. Shred all veggies with grater.

4. Mix all ingredients together!

How many servings for this recipe?

This recipe makes 26 cups of food.

I feed Weston (24 lbs) about a cup of food per meal; breakfast and dinner. I store all the food in a few gallon-size ziploc bags and freeze them. They’re easy to thaw (just transfer a bag to the fridge the night before) and easy to portion. This recipe should last 2 weeks for one dog.

homemade dog food in ziploc bags

homemade dog food recipe healthy salmon



  • 6 lbs salmon
  • 2 cups quinoa
  • 3 zucchinis
  • 2 yellow squash
  • 4 carrots
  • 2 cans pureed pumpkin
  • 7 oz melted coconut oil (almost a cup)
  • Any supplement/vitamin you like or recommended by vet (try Canine Complete)
  • Bake salmon in oven 375 degrees for 30 minutes.
  • Cook quinoa with water until quinoa soaks up all liquid and fluff with fork. You’ll have over 4 cups of cooked quinoa.
  • Shred all veggies with grater.
  • Mix all ingredients together!


Curious if your dog has food allergies? Try this at-home test.


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  3. I could just sing at the top of my lungs!!(would sound more like a scream coming from me ;)) ?AWWWWWW? I rescued Tuck (a Frengle) 5 months ago. I’ve been cooking for him a little over 3 months now! When we adopted him the poor guy had to be miserable for who knows how long, terrible red itchy inflamed skin. Not to mention covered with fleas. I’ve been involved in the pet or zoological nutrition for over 20yrs now. And i also own an All Natural canine bakery So I consider myself well educated and very passionate in this area (always learning tho) I set on a quest to research & lean all I could about Homemade or Raw for him. Won’t eat & doesn’t like raw so that’s out. Homemade it was. The improvements for him have been outstanding. I feel blessed to improve his life in this way! But…recently the vomiting has started. At first usually only in evening I thought hunger pukes maybe. Spaced smaller portion through out the day. Didn’t help much and just recently it’s become more frequent and sometimes up too three time a day. Your website has been by most related and useful I have come across!! I’m so excited to try these new recipes And the little notes about Weston sound like your talking about Tuck!! Thank You Thank You Thank You. I’m headed to store now. And hopefully and confidently will have updates on how he has adjusted!! Thank You your new fans ?❤️?

  4. Hello,

    I’d like to ask how big your frenchies are, you mentioned Weston is 22 lbs, I used google to exchange lbs to KG, it says its around 10kg ~, is it true? My dog is about 12 KG now, 1years old, thats around 26LBS.
    Also how do you heat the food after taking out from fridge in the morning? Microwave or on gas-cooker?

    • Hi! Yes, Weston is 22 pounds! We usually just serve them the food cold (thawed from the fridge) and sprinkle some hot water on top. Only sometimes do we heat it up—special occasions 🙂

  5. Can i substitute coconut oil for something else? Also, this recipe gives you how many servings? 6 lbs of salmon sounds a lot!


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