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Review: Whisk & Wag Peanut Butter & Berry Treat Mix

Baking dog treats with the pups! One of my favorite things to do when I have the time is to be in the kitchen with Fira waiting at my feet. Weston is always unbothered and saunters away to his bed but Fira is like my barnacle and her eyes are ever gleaming with anticipation. I didn’t have time to make…

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Do You Know What Breed Your Dog Really Is?

DNA testing for dogs?  When I recently had the chance to find out Weston and Fira’s DNA, I jumped at it! Embark is a kit that tests for over 160 genetic health conditions and over 250 breeds, even wolf.  Being a french bulldog owner, I thought how perfect this is especially if you’re curious what kind of genetic future your…

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The Most Instagrammable Spots: Flower Edition

[ Written by Coco Quill]   Domesticated dogs are several generations removed from being descended from wolves. As a result, dogs’ survival skills have changed and lead to a rise in working the camera as their greatest skill of all. (Disclaimer: after eating, cuddling and of course, farting.) Combining the natural instincts to survive and love of nature, the modern…

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What It’s Really Like Traveling for 2 Months with 2 Dogs

We traveled for two months with two dogs… Traveling abroad by yourself can be hectic, let alone with a friend or partner with the amount of travel logistics and planning. Our total trip was from LA to Boston, NYC, France, England (two separate trips), NYC + back to LA with my hubs. Now add two dogs to the mix and…

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Review: Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Dog Carrier Bag

I think I’ve found THE airline carrier, guys! Sleepypod‘s Air In-Cabin Carrier is so well-structured and they’ve thought of practically everything. I used it for the first time on our trip back from NYC to LA. Weston and Fira both fit in the bag comfortably (individually—not together at the same time, of course). FYI: Weston is 22 lbs and Fira…

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What You Need To Know About Pet Passports

Does my dog actually need a passport?   It is not required. If you are traveling with your dog internationally for the first time (from the US), you don’t need a passport but you must have international health certificates completed by a USDA-accredited vet. These forms will allow you to get your dog into your designated international country. The forms…

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DIY: Rosé Gummy Bears + More

How cute are gummy bears?! Well, when I found out you could make gummy bears for dogs and that gelatin is indeed safe, I knew I had to make pink rosé gummies! I made mine with pureed strawberries + coconut water. There are sooo many varieties you could make too—bone broth treats like this recipe on This Dog’s Life, pumpkin…

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