• Prospect Hotel

    Hello Old Hollywood Glamour... You all know just how much I love a staycation. I recently shared our favorite date night idea (a staycation, of course!) with Chewy---check out the article for 11 date ...

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    Prospect Hotel
  • How I Style My Outfits With My Dogs

    Who doesn't love a good outfit? The perfect look makes you feel so confident and ready to take on the day! Since I pretty much take the pups everywhere with me, that means matching is definitely in ...

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    How I Style My Outfits With My Dogs
  • Here’s What Happens During An Animal Reading

    Do you guys believe in stuff like this? For years I was very into it. I've done past life regressions (for myself), chakra balancing sessions, hypnosis, reiki, charged my crystals, blah blah blah. ...

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    Here’s What Happens During An Animal Reading
  • NYC + Fave Fall Outfits

    What a week! We flew to NYC, stayed at TWA hotel for one night, then I traveled to Paris by myself for 4 days (the pups stayed in NYC) and finally, back to NYC at 1 Hotel for the weekend.  I ...

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    NYC + Fave Fall Outfits
  • My Nighttime Skincare + Fira’s Routine

    We're setting off for some quick travel again! This time we're in NYC with Weston + Fira and I head to Paris for less than a week. As I was doing Fira's nighttime regime, I thought it would be such a ...

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    My Nighttime Skincare + Fira’s Routine

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HOME TOUR: Valeria Krasavina from Fine Frenchie

  Do you know the world of Fine Frenchie? This chic frenchie takes you away to all the glam must-see spots, dressed in the latest Dior fashion and Vogue cat-eyes. She is a total babe and inspiration, just like her creator Valeria!   When I started this idea of sharing interior tours, I knew I had to ask Valeria. Her…

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Pet Passports: Who Issues Them + What’s Brexit Got To Do With It?

  Pet Passports: Who Issues Them and What’s Brexit Got To Do With It?   Every country has different entry rules for pets. This article is to help cut the stress of having to learn what the requirements are, but does not substitute of doing your due diligence through each country’s rules. A pet passport cuts down on paperwork entering…

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The 6 Biggest Surprises Of Owning A French Bulldog

Are french bulldogs taking over? Frenchies have become such a popular breed; I’m surprised they don’t rank in the Top 3. The American Kennel Club ranks French Bulldogs as sixth most popular in the US.  Fun fact: I honestly had no idea what a French Bulldog was nine years ago. I wasn’t introduced til 2010 and my first thought (don’t hate…

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HOME TOUR: Jeni + Laffy from @ParisAndPups

Paris and Pups… If you saw that instagram handle, wouldn’t you be intrigued and quickly follow too? And a frenchie, no less! I met Jeni @parisandpups in person last year (or it could have been 2017; Jeni? lol) in Paris and we immediately bonded over our love of kimchi (she’s half korean!), design, travel and of course, frenchies.    She…

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DIY: Bar Cart For Your Dog’s Storage

Perfect storage idea for your dog… So, as I was browsing Amazon (did you know they have some really amazing home brands now? I’ll link some of my fave finds below), I ran across this adorable Art Deco-ish bar cart and an idea came to me. How cute would it be for dog storage?! It makes a really neat little…

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The Most Instagrammable Spots: Nolita/Soho New York Edition

The Most Instagrammable Spots For Basic Bitches: Nolita/Soho New York Edition Stateside for this edition of Instagram Tips in New York’s favorite area of the fashion set–calm down West Village, we love you too, but with over 13 million people in New York, covering the city in a short amount of time to maximize your feed, can take laser planning….

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Review: Organic Pet Care Line from Zogics Pet

Hi guys! Sooo, how often do you bathe your dog? This might sound gross but Weston + Fira only end up getting baths once every 6-8 weeks. Of course, if they have been at the beach getting muddy or have dog drool on them from the dog park, they’ll get one or at least a wipe-down. But otherwise, I don’t…

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