NYC + Fave Fall Outfits

What a week! We flew to NYC, stayed at TWA hotel for one night, then I traveled to Paris by myself for 4 days (the pups stayed in NYC) and finally, back to NYC at 1 Hotel for the weekend. 

I felt great flying back to NYC and then the next morning, bam– woke up sick. Even the most carefully planned schedule can still be too much. I admit this week was definitely overboard — I knew it would be with all the flying and time zones. But still, I had preparations. Immune system pills, CBD oil, calming sprays, turmeric, probiotics, lots of rest + naps.

ANYWAYS, although I napped most of NYC away, I put together these Fall outfits and photos around town. The weather was bipolar, per usual, but there is no other city like NYC. By the way, here’s my Dog Friendly NYC Getaway Guide and Where To Eat With Your Dog in NYC. I posted them a couple years ago but there are some good gems in there. 


Jeans: Frame
Boots: vintage
Leashes + Collars: SAINT RUE

How cute is this little wispy top from Zara?? I also want to wear it with a black silk midi skirt and slides. You can really dress this up or down- it’s so chic and simple.

Next stop: Duane Reade…

This look definitely needed some sheer black tights to finish it off for Fall. 🙂 I bought some cheapies for $3.99 and quickly changed behind a product sign. The surveillance cameras got an eyeful, for sure. 


Top, skort + boots: ZARA
Box bag: Topshop
Leashes + collars: SAINT RUE
Dog sweaters: Spotted by Humphrey

Onto a casual look…

Especially for a city like NYC, you need a t-shirt + sneaker look for all that walking. These houndstooth plaid (what is the proper name for this print??) pants are actually thick leggings from Zara with a button and zipper. They are SO comfortable and I even wore them on the flight home.

You can pair these with so many looks. Throw on a cute puffer jacket or blazer! I ended up wearing a vintage robe I found in Paris.


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  1. I LOVE THIS POST! I’m totally buying those plaid pants, they look so comfy. Please do a fave outfits for every season❤️ Weston and Fira are the cutest in spottedbyhumphrey!

  2. Hi Nikki- The name for the type of plaid is called tattersall. I once had a pair when I was a girl, many years ago. Brought back such good memories.

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