Must Haves For A Dog Friendly Road Trip

Have you traveled with your dog by car?

Road trip, anyone? Road trips are sooo necessary. Something about the open roads, wind in your hair, mountains against a blue sky and wild fields stretching for miles and miles (or yellow flatlands — depending on where you’re going).

There is always that certain tinge of remembering something you didn’t know you missed (classic American nostalgia?) and gratitude for the kindness of strangers. I’ve always loved traveling on the road but this was the first time I did a long road trip with Weston.

We set out from California to our final destination in Missouri stopping in Palm Springs, Tucson, Santa Fe, Marfa TX and Oklahoma.

Almost 3000 miles and the anticipation of meeting Weston’s new little sister Fira made it so memorable (you can find the rest of the Instagram photos under the hashtag #westonmeetsfira)!

I’ve put together a list of road trip essentials (including apps and accessories!) that will make traveling with your pup easy, enjoyable and as always, stylish. 😉


This travel bag will keep you so organized! It has multifunctional pockets of different sizes and even comes with collapsible bowls. You can keep your kibble or treats in the zip-up containers. $39.

Here’s another nice travel bag for those who prefer this black color! So chic and won’t show any dirty stains. $33.

A car seat cover is a must with dogs, especially if they shed as much as French Bulldogs! Beyond the shedding, protect your car from muddy paws and slobber. $36.

Love these cute collapsible dog bowls — they have lids! $13.

dog friendly road trip

Earth Rated Lavender dog grooming wipes are always with me when I’m with the pups. These are a generous size so they really clean and smell super nice. $9.

Your pup will thank you for this comfortable dog car seat. Keep them safe and buckle them in this plush, cozy seat. $60.

SAINT RUE Le Bon Waist Belt Bag. Chic hands-free belt bag for storing essentials like your phone, keys and treats! $145.

Fujifilm Instax Mini. I bought myself the original size Instax several years ago which they don’t make anymore but the Mini is adorable and takes pocket size photos! I love bringing mine on trips and it makes all the difference! $57.99+.

GasBuddy AppThis app was just what I’ve been looking for! It looks for the nearest gas stations around you and lists the prices (updated frequently by fellow users) so you can find the cheapest fuel! My friend travel blogger Olivia at OChristine shared this tip with me and it is a lifesaver. Price: FREE.



Don’t forget your pup’s favorite blanket! It’ll smell like home and keep ’em comfy in the car AND hotel. 🙂

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