Meal Planning 101 + GIVEAWAY: Pressed Juicery + Pure Dog Food

It’s Spring (ALREADY).

That means new routines, spring cleaning and just a fresh overhaul on everything. My mind/body starts “nesting” without me even realizing it: rearranging furniture, throwing out things I don’t use anymore, clearing out wardrobe and eating BETTER.

Admittedly, over the winter I am just lazy. Even with my best intentions, I just cannot get my butt to a workout class and I will say (triple) yes to fries, wine, bread + more bread. Thank god for the dogs—at least I do get the slightest cardio for walks (did I mention, I hate cardio? lol).

So with that said, I have been itching to get back on a schedule and make conscious food decisions. Meal planning is happening and I even got meal prep containers, so I mean business!

Some things I learned with meal prepping…

I just cannot staaaand when food gets soggy. It grosses me out. So, I avoid salads with lettuces or even cooked veg like wilty spinach. Broccoli, corn, brussel sprouts—all great. Plus, they hold better if you’re making everything on Sunday and intending to still be eating it at the end of the week.

For salads, my FAVE ever is a good mediterranean (cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, parsley) with the dressing (a high-end olive oil, lemon, garlic, oregano) on the side so it doesn’t get “moist.”

Some good lunch options that will hold well in the fridge during the week (I don’t eat meat that often so these are all vegetarian): curried chickpeas, corn + blackeyed pea dip (recipe from Thug Kitchen), roasted brussel sprouts, roasted sweet potatoes, vegetarian chili, pasta salad, ratatouille.

When I do eat meat…

Charcuterie!!! So fun to make a nice, varied charcuterie plate: sopressata, olives, cornichons, crackers, prosciutto + melon, grapes and throw in some cheese, if you like.

For breakfast, I’ve been having hard boiled eggs, celery sticks + peanut butter for PROTEIN. So simple, fresh + filling.

Pack a couple of these containers along with a cold Pressed Juicery drink (I love the Lemon Cayenne h20) and I’m good to go! I’ve been feeling cleaner and have more “spring” in my step—ha ha, ok that was bad.

What about the dogs?

When I’m not cooking for the dogs, they get Pure Dog Food which is all-natural and just as healthy as my (human) meal plans. Their fave is definitely the Salmon + Pasta which is full of omegas + yummy ingredients. So, are you getting pumped yet to get on your own meal plan??

Keep reading…

How are you going to start, you’re wondering? With this giveaway! I’m SO excited to partner with two of my favorite brands: Pure Dog Food + Pressed Juicery to bring you guys a HEALTHY SPRING Package for you, your dog and your BFF! Not only do you get the package, but SO DOES YOUR BFF. Hello, accountability partner. 🙂 I hope it gets you guys started on that summer body and let’s not forget the pup!

Two lucky winners will receive the Healthy Spring Package:

  •  Pressed Juicery Low Calorie Bundle which includes 6 delicious juices (Greens 1, Greens 1.5, Roots 1, Roots 2, Citrus 1 + my fave Lemon H20!)

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  1. Tha k you for this amazing post!
    The best way that works for me is to give myself small time frame. For example ok for this week I’m not going to eat sugar and dairy. When the week passes I give myself another week so it doesn’t look so scary! Also I love to walk with my doggies at the beach for one hour. Great work out for me and for them 🙂

  2. I like the 80/20 rule. I eat healthy 80% of the time, but I leave a few unhealthy options in the menu mix. I also stay active as much as possible. I put higher goals on my apple watch for steps and exercise. It’s all about the goals!

  3. My favorite way to get fit is getting off my butt and moving! I’m often tied to my computer and it’s bad for my back and my belly!

  4. I love taking hikes with my fiancée! It is a great way to bond while shedding the pounds and strengthening our muscles.

  5. These look so yummy! The best way is to cut out sugar and alcohol for me…but since that ain’t gonna happen I try to just reduce the amount I consume and exercise in the morning (so i don’t forget)! ?

  6. I have been on a new smoothie fix. Ill make a big batch and pour them into glass container sin the morning and have one on my commute to work. one cup green once cup liquid ( I choose almond milk) two cups fruit. I like fresh fruit in mine so i’ll peel and freeze bananas for the frosty part. You can even freeze the kale it helps from wilting quicker!

  7. Love the post- cause I’m 3 months late starting my New Years resolutions!? Seriously I try to do more stretching and brisk walks and AVOID processed sugar. The idea of doing a juice cleanse has always been something I wanted to do- so winning would be a great motivation! Pure doggie food looks so good- wonder if my pups will let me have a bite!!

  8. having my pup makes me get up and get out for a walk! Following your page and watching your youtube videos has also moved me to start cooking his meals instead of buying kibbles!

  9. I get healthy and stay healthy by playing with the cats and dogs as well as taking the dogs for walks. Eating nutritional, healthy food is part of my plan, as well.

  10. The best way for me and my doggies to get the summer body is eat healthier exercise more and look at body pictures of the body I want to motivate me 🙂

  11. Thank you so much for this! Staying healthy not just for ourselves, but for our best friends/babies. I normally meal prep for my pups as well, so this is perfect! Best work out for us is walks at the beach. We also love to go to dog parks every other day in between our walks at the beach. At the moment we are trying to stay away from carbs as much as possible we want to be summer ready my partner and I.

  12. My dogs and I love spring! We can finally leave the house as the weather starts to warm up! Our favorite place to go on walks is a duck pond right around the corner from us. For a healthy snack while at the park, I always pack some hummus and red peppers/cauliflower and of course a few treats for the pups!

  13. I’ve been a pressed juice fan for a while now and just got a new bulldog puppy….HELLO THIS GIVEAWAY IS PERFECT!!!! His names bruno and he is literally a little chunk already, maybe some healthier alternative food will make him as happy as his mommy ??. Regardless, love the idea of these healthy meal options!

  14. I try to eat 100% healthy … but sometimes the weekend ends up being a bit unusual. With my little French bulldog it’s the same thing! But I am very careful to make him eat healthy 100% of the time.

  15. In the spring I like to start prepping food for work that has less meat and more veggies. By making veggie sandwiches and veggie pizzas I’m still having carbs which satisfy me, but I try to add more veggies and colors into the mix. I also walk my dog farther and farther in preparation for summer park fun and dog park craziness!

  16. My favorite ways to get healthy now that I am vegan is to try and incorporate more raw veggies into my diet without the excess oil to fry it as well as opt for fries once in a while; but who can blame me fries are delicious! I try and help Stuka ( my pup) keep active by making sure he walks 3x a day and we recently switched his dog food to something more natural! We want to make sure we’re here to help each other!

  17. I keep healthy by spending time with my two dogs outdoors. We love to play outside, go on nature walks and more.

  18. I stay healthy by spending time outdoors with my two dogs. We play in the yard, go on nature walks and more!

  19. Meal planning is crucial to me being healthy. I also take classes at SoulCycle and Barrys Bootcamp throughout the week (I’m most successful with hiit workouts).

    My husband and I take our dog out for daily walks (between 2-6 miles). We also have been doing lots of research on healthier food choices for her as well!

  20. Running is my go to for when I’m feeling like I’ve fallen off my healthy path. I never deny a craving, just make sure to eat healthier after I cave.

  21. My favorite way to get healthy is anything with my pup, whether it’s walks or sharing a banana. I also used to run and would love to get back to that on the non-dog park days.

  22. Great post! Always trying to find healthy meal prep ideas especially healthy food for me and my pup! Love having juice or kombucha ready to go and lots of healthy snacks!

  23. We LoVe eating healthy fruits & veggies. Our French bulldog Sky loves veggies too, carrots, peas & sweet potatoes are her fav! We enjoy taking long walks in the park & at the beach. To stay super healthy this Spring It may be the right time for a juice cleanse !

    • Hi! Yes, the winners have been emailed! Congrats to Amber + Erin. Thanks everyone for entering! More giveaways coming soon…

  24. Thank You for the post and blog. We, newly Frenchie parents, find it very helpful! (also have a 13 yrs old chubby pug lol). Question for our Frenchie Puppy, Taro, when Weston and Fira were puppies (3 months old), what did you feed them? We think Taro is teething a bit and she’s not too fond with kibbles this past week.

    • Hi!! I continued what the breeder was feeding them until they were 6 months old. Nutrisource for puppies. 🙂

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