How to Groom White Dogs

cream French bulldog on rug

Is grooming different for a white dog?

Technically, yes, because white-coated dogs can stain more easily and their coat can yellow or gray over time. White fur is almost like blonde hair, so it’s best to treat it with some TLC!

Weston is technically a cream French bulldog but his coat is very very white with cream patches. It’s also a lot finer in some areas and not as coarse as Fira’s fur. Fira’s a true cream with a thick sandy-colored coat.

I honestly don’t bathe Weston + Fira too much because I don’t like to dry out their skin or cause them more anxiety (they hateeee baths), so it ends up being every 4-6 weeks. I mean, we basically stopped taking them to the groomers because of Weston’s FEAR. It was like we were dropping him off at a serial killer’s house–he would shake so so bad and try to jump back in the car.

I’ve heard of some Frenchie owners bathing their pups every week! That is way too tiring for me, lol.

So, I tried a new set of grooming products for the pups and OMG, I’m in love. I picked up Isle of Dogs No.16 White Coat Evening Primrose Oil Shampoo which is specifically made for white/light coats. It’s super safe and does not contain dyes or bleaching agents.

Before I bathe them, I brush them down quickly to get any loose furs off. Not that it really does anything—they shed like crazy during and even worse, after the bath. It never ends!

Now onto the bath… the color of this shampoo is surprisingly blue! It reminds me of using purple toners and purple shampoos for blonde hair to cancel out any oranges or reds. This blue formula will make the whites extra sparkly!

I lathered it up all over them and let it sit for a few minutes, hoping for a bright, pearly coat. I applied this thick, concentrated hair masque on them afterwards and let it sit for a couple minutes too. I’m not sure how to describe the scent but it is sooo nice like honey + slightly spicy like a holiday candle? I wish my conditioner smelled like this.

I took a before + after photo to show the results and this is UNEDITED, I promise. You can see in the After, the fur is slightly brighter and definitely more cool-toned

What do you think?

I finish them off with some homemade nose butter and last but not least, don’t forget the treat! They got these little cookies that have glucosamine + chondroitin in them for bone + joint health. Look at their happy faces 🙂 (inside they’re seething, I know.)

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