How to Fly with Two Dogs

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Here’s how I fly with my two dogs, Weston and Fira

Flying with one dog can be hard enough, but two? Double the packing, double the anxiety and stress! But once you do it, you’ll do it again because having both pups with you is all worth it.

There are some things you’ll need to know when traveling with two dogs. Especially when it comes to airline policies, things can get confusing fast. If you’re preparing for an upcoming trip with your pups, I’ve gathered my top tips on how to fly with two dogs below.

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Tips and tricks on airline policies, what to pack, and how to keep your sanity while traveling with two dogs


Let’s start with airline policies

Every airline has its own rules and regulations when it comes to flying with pets, and when you bring two dogs on your flight, you’ll want to be sure to look extra close at all the fine print. There are only a few airlines that allow one passenger to bring two pets.

By the way, if you have small dogs, most airlines allow two pets per carrier, as long they both fit comfortably inside.

I like flying with Jetblue and they allow two pets per passenger! The only catch: one pet per carrier and you must purchase the seat next to you, where the second pet will stay. The carriers will go under the seats in front of you. Total weight of pet in carrier must be 20 pounds or less. 

Alaska Airlines also has the same rules above, but no weight restriction. And the pet ticket is only $100 one-way, versus $125 one-way on Jetblue

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Another big thing: Flying with two dogs means their carriers become your carry-on item, so you can only fly with a personal item like a purse or backpack. And, it has to go in the overhead bin. 

This is why you’ll definitely want a dog carrier with pockets on the sides. Store treats, your Kindle, hand sanitizer, etc. and take advantage of those extra pockets in the dog carrier. More on the best dog carriers, reviewed, here

It can be really hard to fly with two dogs if you’re traveling alone. You’ll definitely want roller carriers for each of them (especially if your pups are bowling balls like Frenchies), and even then, both of your hands will be full. Definitely consider traveling with a buddy if you’re flying with two dogs!

Now, I only bring Weston + Fira if my husband or a friend is joining me. One dog is enough for me nowadays! But if I had to bring both on my own, it is definitely do-able. 

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A few in-flight tips for flying with two dogs

Does your pup bark or whine when he’s in his crate? Even if they don’t, always bring treats. If your dog is used to CBD, calming treats or CBD oil is a must.

I always add one of my worn t-shirts into their carrier, so they can have my smell super close to them and feel safe. Include their favorite chew toy incase they want to chew their nerves away or get bored. Weston + Fira usually sleep the whole time!

The Benebone Fish shaped toy is their absolute favorite!


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Once you land at your destination

More than likely, your two pups are going to need to pee asap once you’re on the ground. I typically try to get a seat that’s farther up, closer to the exit so that we don’t have a long wait to get off the plane.

Once we’re finally off the plane the desperate search for a pet relief area begins. If your airport doesn’t have one (check this in advance), you can bring disposable pee pads as a quick fix.

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Nervous flier? Ask a vet for medication

If your dogs are anxious about flying, ask your vet for more info. It can make a whole day of flying so much easier on pups. Depending on which medicine your vet prescribes, they’ll most likely be drowsy throughout the day so they’ll be comfortable sleeping in their carrier. 

Definitely get your pups familiar with their carrier in advance — with Weston and Fira, I always give them a lot of encouragement and allow them to explore their new dog carrier for a week or so. 

But if your pup still isn’t into being in a carrier after rounds of treats and praise, talk to your vet and see what works best for you and your pups when it comes to flying long or short distances.

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Make sure you know of a vet in the area where you’re traveling with your two dogs

Wherever we travel with Weston and Fira, we make sure to know of a nearby vet — this is especially important if you are traveling in another country. If it’s just a few days, it’s not as big of a priority, but if you’re traveling for a few weeks or more it’s a good idea to look one up in the area. One time Fira got aspiration pneumonia while we were in England. We were so lucky we found a 24-hour vet and our vet at home was super responsive over text and phone. 

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Tip: Try a dog collar with GPS for trips to new cities and countries.


Break up the flights into shorter segments, if possible

If you’re flying LAX to Paris, for example, that’s 11 hours. I like to take a layover in NYC, spend the night there, and then hop back to the airport the next day. It will majorly cut flying time down, which is a plus for the pups!

It gives our two dogs a break when we’re flying long distances, and plus it’s pretty fun for us to explore another city too, as long as we have the time.

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Too much to travel long term with two dogs? Need a pet sitter? 

Have you heard of Trusted House Sitters? They’re become more and more popular! I haven’t used them yet, but it looks like it’s really working for a lot of people. 

Search their large, trusted database of people who can watch your two dogs and house-sit while you’re traveling! A great way to keep your pups safe if you’re looking to travel abroad for a while.

Flying with two dogs can be two times the trouble but also double the fun! The costs really do add up, and at times it involves a little more legwork, but it’s really worth it.

If you have more questions about how to fly with two dogs, leave a comment below or send me a DM on Instagram!

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