How I Pack Lightly + Travel With My Dog

wheres the frenchie

Most people I know overpack and bring half their closet on trips, but I have the opposite problem. I have been known to pack so little, I forget my toothbrush and shoes and end up having to buy an outfit or two while I’m traveling. But I truly like it that way. I bring a carry-on size luggage that isn’t cumbersome and annoying me and I get to do some needed-shopping in a new city.

Fira has become my perfect pocket travel buddy. She is so small (14 pounds) so we have no problems getting her in on most airlines. She fits perfectly in an airline-approved Sherpa bag. She also sleeps right through the flight!

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As for packing…

I love planning a few outfits I know I’m definitely going to wear (whether we’re going out, more formal wear or outdoor activities) and pack around those outfits. I wear mostly neutrals so that makes it easy knowing everything almost always will match. I also roll up most of my clothes for maximum space.

Black leather pants, frayed denim jeans, a white v-neck tee, an olive tank, a classic LBD and nude heels are my staples! Always pack a bikini, even if your destination isn’t always warm, for spontaneous spa days or for a random hot spring that could be nearby?!

how to pack lightly

wheres the frenchie

I bought this Sonia Kashuk bag on a whim at Target and it has become my trusty toiletry bag for years. It is the perfect size and has 3 compartments for my makeup, skincare and more. I can’t go anywhere without Dior Creme de Rose lip balm (I’m a lip balm ho!) and Elta MD SPF 46.

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It’s always a good idea to pack a small pouch (WTFrenchie Spirit Animal Bag $15) with dog treats, extra poo bags and a lint roller (frenchies are shedders). I pack Fira’s food in a resealable bag and forego the bowls. Every dog-friendly hotel these days offer bowls or you can always call for an extra bowl or cup.

Make sure to get a health certificate from your vet before you travel on a plane and withhold your pup’s water intake so they can fly with an empty, comfy bladder. Read more on my next post: Step by Step Guide to Flying With Your Dog.

Safe travels!

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  1. Has Weston or Fira ever had an accident while flying? My biggest fear is that my dog will poop on the plane and it will smell. So far it’s never happened but it is always in the back of my mind!

    • They never have on the plane! They just sleep right through the flight… the airport on the other hand- haha. Fira has pooped in the airport before but it wasn’t a big deal. We usually won’t feed them before the flight so we know they have an empty stomach.


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