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I met Jenna briefly a few months ago at my first Alt Summit and once I took a look at her site, we needed to do a House Tour asap! Her home in Schenectady, New York is a full house of DIY renovations, beautiful light and two adorable Boston Terriors (and a husband + 4 girls!). BTW- this DIY Modern Privacy Fence post is bookmarked. Perfect for pup parents and at a fraction of the cost.
Now let’s get to the gorgeous photos!!


How would you describe your interior style?

I would definitely describe my style as Mid Century Eclectic. Each space has a touch of several different styles with a base of mid century modern. We love light, bright and minimal and it can be reflected throughout our home. 

What’s your favorite room and why?

Such a tough question! Had you asked me this a month ago I would have said my living room or master bedroom but today it is definitely my kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of every home and now that we have wrapped up our renovation I can really feel it in this space. 
kitchen mid century

What’s the most personal piece of furniture or decor in your apartment?

The most personal piece of furniture in our home is our dining room table. It is the first big purchase we made after buying our home and our first table that was big enough to seat us all. It has become a place for gathering as a family after a long day to share about the good as well as the bad, where we play games on the weekends and entertain during the holidays. It has become a staple in our everyday. 

What is your dogs’ favorite room?

We have two Boston terriers: Beau who is 3 years old and Bennie who is 6 months old. Just like their personalities, they each have different favorite spot in our home. Beau loves the peace and quiet of our oldest daughter’s bedroom. He will spend most mornings and afternoons lounging on her bed in the sun waiting for her to get home from school. Bennie, on the other hand, loves to be in on the action. More often than not you can find him on our living room sofa sleeping the day away but ready to play at a moments notice.

What is your favorite DIY piece you’ve made?

My favorite DIY has not be a piece but rather a space. We did all of the work for our kitchen ourselves. From the planning to demo and putting it all back together again. Sometimes the spaces that make you the most happy are the ones that you pour your own blood, sweat and tears into and for me that has definitely been our kitchen. A piece of advice I have for someone looking to DIY is just go for it! 

What are your favorite interior instagrams?

Some of my favorite DIY and Interior Design pages to follow are @chrislovesjulia@studiomcgee@vintagerevivals, and @em_henderson among others. There are so many good ones and they each have something to offer. 
jenna ogle
You can find Jenna at her blog and IG @thejennaogle.
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