Introducing Your French Bulldog To A New Puppy

Introducing your French bulldog to other pets

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How to make sure all your pets stay calm.

Introducing French bulldog to other pets can be complicated and intimidating, depending on your pup’s personality. Your first pet will most likely feel threatened and protective over his territory and get jealous. When we first introduced Fira to Weston, we were afraid Weston would feel left out and upset that there was another puppy taking his “space.” Bulldogs can definitely be stubborn and more territorial, so it’s best to be cautious when introducing your dog to your new puppy!

Dogs aren’t like us humans. They thrive through “scent” and once all their senses agree, getting them used to each others’ presence will be smooth. Here are my tips for introducing your French bulldog to a new puppy.

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The first meeting between your Frenchie and your new puppy – and the best venue for it

When you introduce your French bulldog to a new puppy, they should always meet in a “neutral” place, so anywhere outside of the house like a park or outdoor area. Weston was a bit testy and drooled a lot for the first 24 hours when he first met Fira, so don’t worry if your Frenchie does that! It has something to do with their scent – puppies have a different smell than adult pups. He stopped drooling around her after a couple days. 

french bulldog siblings

  • Apart from that, have your dog meet your new puppy for the time first time in an open location, like a large park
  • If possible, let them reach the meeting location at the same time and keep the leashes loose or even off-leash. Sometimes on-leash, dogs can become more agitated and aggressive. 
  • Observe the obligatory sniffing and don’t try to interfere if they readily show signs of friendship.
  • But if it’s getting tense, don’t hesitate to separate them.
  • Let them eat individually with their own dishes. I only fed Fira in her play pen, away from Weston, and I always set Weston’s bowl down first.

The first meeting should be brief before following it with a simple walk together so that they feel free and get to know each other as a “pack.” This walk could be at least 15 minutes long and/or up to an hour together.

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Introducing your Frenchie and new puppy inside your house

After a few minutes of letting your new puppy and your French bulldog get to know each other, it’s time to bring them to the house. Let your first pet go straight into the house while your new pup runs around the yard. Remember, introductions shouldn’t be done at night or during meal times. This is because at night, dogs have a harder time seeing one another, which can put them on edge. And at mealtimes, many pups can get territorial. 

Right before introducing their new sibling in the home, it’s best if you carry away everything that he may feel protective of. That includes feeding dishes, toys, beddings and other shared items. Additionally, clean up their common area and let the existing pet have an idea that another pet is set to arrive.

Before we picked up Fira, I had a large crate with Fira’s new dog bed and toys for a couple weeks beforehand. Weston went in there occasionally to roll around in the bed and mark it with his scent. 🙂 

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As days go by with your new puppy

For at least a week or two, be there to monitor their interaction and never leave them alone together. Whenever we left the house, we had Fira stay inside her playpen which was her safe place. Play with them, train them together and always give lots and lots of love to the older pet. He will also make his own rules with the new sibling, so allow him to create his own boundaries and teach the younger one his rules, how to play and more. 

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One time, Fira got close to Weston’s food bowl and he bit her nose slightly. I was so upset, but at the same time, understood that that’s how they teach each other and learn boundaries. Fira never did it again.

Interactions between your Frenchie and your new puppy should not be forced. Weston did such a great job teaching Fira how to play and wrestle. Sometimes he had little bite marks on his cheek/muzzle from her little puppy teeth, but he didn’t mind. He taught her how to do “soft mouth” and she learned not to bite as hard. 

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As long as you keep an eye on them and stay proactive, introducing your new puppy to your dog should go just fine! I couldn’t imagine Weston without Fira – they were meant to be together. <3 

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