FREE Domestic + International Travel Checklists

Travel Checklist When Traveling With Your Dog

Save this handy checklist to your phone or print it for easy-to-read reminders when flying! I personally like printing a few copies (and it fits great into a passport cover pocket) so I can write on it. I always have handwritten lists — handwritten is so much better, isn’t it? Then I know it’s actually in my brain somewhere.

So far, I have Domestic (USA) and European Union. The international travel rules are the same for countries in the EU (France, Spain, Italy, etc). UK (England, Ireland, Scotland) rules are a bit different so that list will be coming later.


travel checklist flying with dog

travel checklist flying with dog



travel checklist flying with dog



travel checklist flying with dog


Save to iPhone by holding your finger down on photo until "Save Image" option pops up.

Save to laptop by holding down "Control/CTRL" and clicking "Save Image As."


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  1. […] Ok guys. This post is a big one. Months before I left to Paris, I was online doing SO much research on how to bring your dog to Europe. The one thing I noticed is that a lot of the info is scattered and sometimes hard to read, boring or complicated. Also, a lot of people are misinformed thinking that dogs must be in quarantine when traveling internationally. That is not the case–as long as you do the steps and paperwork then you’re good to go. Surprisingly, when we landed and went through Customs at the Paris airport I was never stopped or asked for Fira’s paperwork. Just breezed right through–I was shocked! The only times the paperwork was looked at was at the check-in at each airline. You can find my step-by-step travel checklist to save or print here. […]

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