Fly Private With Your Dog For the Cost of Coach

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fly private with your dog

Wanna fly your dog private?

And without the private price tag? OK, read more…

I’m sure you’ve heard of these private jet companies popping up, like SurfAir + Wheels Up, but the only problem with them is that they are membership-only—high initiation fees, monthly costs and just not economical if you don’t fly every week.

So, when my friend and I decided to fly to San Francisco (from Burbank, CA) for the weekend, we looked at JetSuiteX and it was only $20 more than commercial.

JetSuiteX currently only services the West Coast with locations to-and-from Burbank, San Jose, Oakland, Mammoth and Vegas. These jets have 30 seats and are located in hangars where you literally show up 15 minutes before your flight and hop on. No security lines—or lines in general—and you’re at one city to the next in less than an hour and a half.

How much did my ticket cost?

Round trip: $156.

That includes a $25 referral discount (use my referral code for $25 off! GPMOJX). Can you believe it? Yep, never flying commercial again if I don’t have to—especially after all the horror stories about dogs being mistreated or DYING on airlines and the overall stress of airports.

That was the beauty of this experience: no waiting, no dealing with lines and no fee for the pups OR weight limits. (Pets do need to be in carrier bags)

dogs fly privateWeston + Pippa

You just show up at their private hangar, show ID and hand them your check-in bag—that’s it! You can show up 10 minutes before the flight departs and you’re totally fine. Our flight was a third-full and the attendant was so cool about the dogs. They sat on our laps and even wandered around the plane. We finished our (free) cocktails and before we knew it, we were already descending!

Want an even more private experience?

Blackbird is another service without membership fees that flies West Coast (Santa Monica, Palo Alto, Burbank, Vegas, Tahoe, Yosemite). It’s an app you need to download on your device but these jets all are 8 seaters.

Because it’s an actual private jet, rather than a charter plane like JetSuiteX, the tickets are a little more but not by much. For example, I looked at flights from Burbank to Vegas in the next week and they were around $500 roundtrip. For $100 off, use my referral code: K14WF.

What about East Coast?

Ok, sorry guys—I don’t know what the deal is on the East Coast but there doesn’t seem to be many options. Only membership. There used to be one called Beacon Air with an affordable membership but the company is not around anymore.

The only thing I could find is Victor. They offer a list of empty leg flights that you can book. They are basically private jets that people used one-way and the jet is looking to fill up their seats on the way back. They fly all over the country.

You guys, this is totally the way of the future and makes flying so much more enjoyable and stress-free. With more and more jet companies coming out and upgrading the flying experience, I’m excited to check them out and fly with the pups even more–and comfortably!

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  1. what size carrier did you buy? On jetsuite website it says the carrier needs to be 12x12x9 but i can’t find a carrier that small.

    Thank you

    • Hi Marc
      I use a medium Sherpa for Fira and Large Sherpa for Weston but on Jetsuite, they didn’t check the carrier as long as your dog fits inside it. Once we were on the flight, the attendant didn’t even mind that the pups were out and walking around! Your mileage may vary of course but since this is almost-private jet experience it is definitely more lax than an airport. Hope this helps!

  2. Anything from Europe to the US? Flying commercial with my pug and Frenchie is a challenge since they are limited to certain times of the year.

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