Farmer’s Dog Just Launched a DIY Nutrient Mix!

homemade dog food recipe

DIY Nutrient Mix for Homemade Dog Food

Farmer’s Dog just came out with their own Nutrient Mix for your homemade dog food and I am so excited about this! If you’ve been following @WTFrenchie and my blog for awhile, you know that Weston + Fira have been eating fresh cooked dog food at home for years.

Why do I make homemade dog food?

I love knowing exactly what’s in the food Weston + Fira are eating and making sure it’s fresh and healthy. The pups can be picky and Weston even has some food allergies, so being able to customize for the pups is super important. 

If you enjoy cooking, you know the love that you put into your meals. I get so happy chopping up vegetables in teeny tiny pieces, knowing the pups are going to devour their nutritious dinner! 

The Farmer’s Dog DIY Nutrient Mix ensures that I’m adding everything the dog’s need for a complete and balanced meal. No more guessing and measuring! 


“Studies have shown 95% of home-prepared diets of well-intended owners have one or more significant nutrient deficiencies. Feeding an incomplete diet over time can result in serious health problems like immune dysfunction and degenerative muscle diseases.

The Farmer’s Dog recipes and DIY supplement are an ideal way to optimize the home-prepared plan with proper complete and balanced nutrition.”

– Dr. Joseph Wakshlag, DVM, PhD, DACVN


Here’s how you get it…



Type in your pup’s name and you’ll get a customized plan that’s perfectly measured for your dog, taking into account their age, weight, body condition, activity level + more.


Once you’re all signed up, you’ll be able to browse a variety of vet-approved recipes in your customer account. There’s everything from Turkey + Chickpeas (which is what I made!), Salmon + Veggies and Beef + Rice.

My favorite part was the way you can customize the amount you want to make. Here’s a photo of one batch vs two batches, and it automatically updates the recipe with exact measurements. You can even make up to 8 batches — almost 40 pounds of food!


farmers dog diy nutrient mix


I like to buy in bulk, batch cook and freeze. You can find good deals on bulk items, like ground meats. It’s nice knowing that the dogs are eating fresh ingredients that you are also eating yourself!

homemade dog food recipe ingredients


Time to cook! I cooked everything in a large dutch oven pot and made sure the veggies were all nice and soft.

cooking homemade dog food
cooking homemade dog food recipe

adding eggs to homemade dog food

farmers dog nutrient mix into dog food review

Just sprinkle in a packet of the Nutrient Mix, mix well and serve! I loved this process, especially knowing the Nutrient Mixes are perfectly proportioned for Weston + Fira’s needs. And they are just loving their food, of course. 🙂

french bulldog homemade dog food

Wanna get started?

Depending on your dog, these Nutrient Mix packets could last for a few weeks of meals and you can easily adjust the frequency of deliveries. 

If you want to check out these easy-to-add supplements for your dog, start here or click the button below to order (I will receive a small affiliate fee from each order). I’m really happy with The Farmer’s Dog Nutrient Mixes — it makes cooking homemade dog food that much easier!

BTW — on those days you can’t cook and need fresh meals for your dog delivered, The Farmer’s Dog has that too. You can learn more by visiting their website. 🙂

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

homemade dog food for french bulldogs

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  1. This has been too difficult! I know you guys are better than this. I want to do DIY. I go to DIY and when I login, I get thrown to buy it prepared. I just tried again, and I got thrown to Pintrest. I have worked for social media companies which is why I’m not on social media in any way.

    How do I purchase your DIY supplement product?

  2. Can you show the ingredients of the nutrient packets my golden retriever, who is only 11 months has a bunch of allergies and I would just need to make sure everything that’s in the packets. It would be something she could have.

  3. I just signed up ! I had no idea they had this option I’ve been researching and calling pet food stores out of concern that I live in a hot climate and have had human food delivery go bad in the summer and so happy I stumbled on your post I really wanted to go with the farmers dog but was afraid of being left with spoiled food and nothing to feed – it’s definitely not advertised enough ! I’m now looking through the recipes and I’m impressed with all the options the only thing I wish it was more specific about was exact measurements for daily portions as it says for example one batch should last my dog 11 days – but I’m sure I will get the hang of about how much that is once I physically can divide it up -Thank you for this post – I had a Frenchie with IBD and so wish I had this option for her back then

    • So glad this will work out for you! I really love these packets – and of course, the pups are loving it 🙂

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