I Reviewed 9 Dog Bowls To Find The Best for French Bulldogs

dog bowls review

[ Updated August 11, 2020 ]

The Best Dog Bowl Ever?

Ok, so those of you with flat-nosed breeds know how hard it can be finding just the right dog bowl. They’re either too short, too deep, not elevated, not cute, etc etc.

Not only does Fira have a non-existant snout, she also is the MESSIEST eater. Half of her food ends up on the floor. So, I wanted to look for something with a tray or something that catches the fall-out food. Her bowl would also be tipped over on its side after she was finished eating. She is wild.


My criteria for the bowls this time was mainly for Fira. Weston is the quietest, most gentle, delicate eater—he doesn’t spill a drop! Fira is the complicated one. Weston also has a longer snout than Fira, making it easier for him to reach his food. 

So, Fira needed a bowl that would be suitable for her non-existant snout, easy for clean-up, something that would stay put on the floor and match our house decor.

Here are the bowls I picked up:


Ono The Good Bowl: When I opened the box for this, I was ooo-ing and ah-ing over the way it was sleekly packaged and just super clean/modern. The bowls are really shallow and wide, so it helps smaller-snouted dogs get into the bowl better. 

The removable silver bowls stay snug in the mat and the best feature of these bowls are that the entire silicone mat stays gripped to the floor so it didn’t go anywhere

These are perfect for a neat eater (aka- Weston!), but the bowls were too shallow for Fira. The tray around the bowl was littered with fallen food right away.

Modern Elevated Feeder: The design of this one is uber modern with nice clean lines. I could see this really being a nice accent piece in a contemporary kitchen. It has a solid weight so it doesn’t feel cheap. It’s about 5.5 inches high which isn’t bad but a liiiittle high for Fira. She kept spilling a bunch of the food on the floor. 

Elevated Bowls with No-Spill Resin: this one I wasn’t expecting to like so much but it WORKS. Fira ate her entire dinner and there was not a speck on the floor–woohoo! It definitely slid out of the bowl but it slid into those raised sides and she ate every last bit. 

It does move around a little on the floor since it doesn’t have grips on the bottom and is extra-light plastic. It’s the lightest of the bunch in terms of weight but it’s an excellent option because it catches any food fall-out. This one is the cheapest of the bunch and I’ll definitely keep it. Wish it came in a more neutral color though.


Slow Feeder Bowl: if your dog eats super fast, like Fira does, a dog bowl for fast eaters is a smart option. A slow bowl is great as it forces them to work around the bowl and gives them time to chew + digest etc. Sometimes it feels like some dogs don’t even chew their food! This one did not work for them at ALL. Fira couldn’t get her little face in and just stared at it confused and frustrated, lol. Fira needs something sturdy so it doesn’t move around + high around the edges so it didn’t spill over the sides but not too high where she couldn’t reach. So, I tried a few more…


Ok, love the slant on this stainless steel bowl! The only thing you would need is a silicone mat on the bottom so it stays put and doesn’t move around. This one is also the least expensive on the list—less than 10 bucks!

When I was posting about bowls on Instagram, I got sooo many messages raving about this Enhanced Pet Bowl. It’s made for french bulldog problems like this. Sturdy grip on the bottom, large area for their face to move around and at an angle. Some food still spilled over the top—Fira tends to push up the food to the back of the bowl causing it to go over. It still wasn’t the winner though.

best bowl for french bulldogs

I originally got this Duo Collapsible Dog Bowl for traveling but ended up using it as Fira’s dog bowl for awhile! What I love about it is its size (pretty roomy), grip (silicone stays on the floor + doesn’t move around), easy to clean and has that tray for fall-out. Not sure how but it ended up ripping, so we had to throw it out.


Fluff Trough. This is my most recent find! We gave this a try months ago and I finally got around to sharing it now. This has been our go-to! Obviously, you can tell by its unique shape, it’s designed for short snout dogs (and regular!)–just like a pig trough, lol. I really like how it’s elevated and the wide size of it. It makes eating meals a bit slower for Fira. She would still push food up the sides and couldn’t really reach the top of it (ie: if we put the bowl against the wall), so my solution is putting a wide bowl behind it to catch all fall-out. It’s like she gets 2 bowls of food! 🙂 

And of course a silicone mat. So far, this has been the best combo for Fira!


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  1. We have Basis stainless steel bowls and elevated stand. The stainless steel is made in the USA, tested for lead and Mercury and food grade for humans and pets. Very reasonably priced too (we use the small bowl for water but the medium is better for food)!

  2. Thank you for this review. I am looking for the perfect bowl for my 9 weeks old french bulldog puppy, and it helps a lot. I have read another article on a frenchie website https://frenchbullevard.com which recommends to feed puppies with supplements like goat milk or prepared formula milk for puppies. I think the Slanted Bowl would be a perfect fit for my baby.

    • Oh wow, I’ve never seen this before- it looks like a stool! Only thing is it may be too tall for Fira- she’s so short. Probably could just use the insert. This looks so interesting, thank you for mentioning!

  3. I have a feeling Fira is a messy eater on purpose, she wants all the bowls in every color ?

    Love your posts!

  4. I use that same bowl for my Frenchie!! It is honestly the best one. I cracked the first one I had and decided to buy a different bowl and went with the enhanced pet bowl, but he wasn’t eat his food as much. I think it was from the smell the steel bowl was giving off with his food in it. So I went back to the flat face ceramic dog bowl and it is so far his favorite. Love reading your blog and your see your IG post ?

  5. André loves the Enhanced Bowl. At first we didn’t use the elevated ring that you order separately with it, but I just tried it and it seems to work better for him. We feed him 4 times a day (I know, it’s a little excessive) so we have 2 bowls which we wash between meals. I’m tempted to buy another 2 since we feed raw and I worry that they are clean enough before they end up in the dishwasher. His water bowl in a Tiffany ceramic baby bowl which is heavy so he can’t break it and it doesn’t move around. (I heard stainless is great for food, but not water.)

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