DIY: Natural Flea Repellent Spray with Essential Oils

I’ve been wanting to make this flea spray for awhile now and finallyyy got around to doing it. I usually use the normal vet brands on the pups sparingly but I always hated it. It just smells sooo much like chemicals (which it is) and if I can find an alernative that works, then I usually prefer the latter. I don’t even take Advil or birth control myself because the thought of putting chemicals in my body doesn’t feel right. So, obviously I’m going to be a crazy dog mom and do the same for my pups. Um, have you seen my various recipes for homemade dog food? And yes, the dogs still get their vaccines–I’m not in total Jenny McCarthy territory.

So off to Google I go… I used this blog post for reference–has a lot of good info about what repels fleas and ticks. I just put 1/2 cup of water plus 7 drops lavender oil and 7 drops cedarwood (why does cedarwood smell like Jack Daniels?) in a bottle. I wanted to add apple cider vinegar too but realized I packed it (we recently moved and put most of our stuff in a storage pod) and I didn’t feel like buying a whole bottle of vinegar for 5 drops.

I just apply a few squirts around the back of their neck and shoulders where they can’t reach to lick it etc. I think I’ll do it a couple times a week. If you’re going outdoors or somewhere super leafy I’d spritz heavily. Another cool thing you can do is wet a tissue with this solution and use it to wipe down their ears. Easy peasy. What other natural stuff can I make next???

BTW–I’m going to try this product Wondercide too. All natural, organic, etc. Click here to get $10 off your order!


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