Best Dog Parks in LA That Aren’t Overcrowded

The top spots for a quiet afternoon in Los Angeles with your dog

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Now that I’ve lived in LA for 16+ years, I’ve had plenty of time to explore the city’s many parks. While it’s true there are a lot of parks in LA you want to avoid for one reason or another, there are some dog-friendly parks in Los Angeles that are quiet and not too crowded. 

Meaning you and your pup can have a quiet afternoon off or on-leash without too many other people or even other dogs around. Bring a book, picnic, snap some pics or play fetch with the pups — perfect for those dogs who get overwhelmed around a lot of dogs, like mine.

girl in park with french bulldogs
aesthetic photo park with french bulldogs

Weston is usually okay in a dog park with only a few dogs. Once it turns into a crowd, he starts to fixate and “sheriff” all the dogs! So, a crowd is our cue to leave. Fira doesn’t really love dog parks, but it’s good to take her once in awhile to sniff different scents and have a change of scenery.

Maybe you’ll find a new fave spot with this list of quiet, dog-friendly parks in Los Angeles!

bluff creek dog park french bulldog

Bluff Creek Dog Park

This gorgeous park in Playa Vista is still fairly new to the LA scene, so only those who live in the area typically go here. If you go to Bluff Creek Dog Park really early in the morning, you can have it virtually all to yourself. This spot is usually kept really clean and there are separate sections for small and big dogs.

The dog park here is typically not overcrowded, but definitely try to avoid high-traffic times. There is even a hidden hike called Bluff Creek Trail not far from here which you can take your pup on, too.


los angeles historic park french bulldog

LA Historic Park

Great views of downtown. While there isn’t a fenced-in area specifically for dogs, this is probably one of the best dog-friendly parks in Los Angeles to avoid crowds. Spreading over 32 acres, there is plenty of space to explore, including tons of grass.

Great running track (dirt/paved) here too if you like to run with your dog. Super clean and safe spot to chill out with your pup for the afternoon. Dogs must be leashed at all times.

eagle rock dog park french bulldog

Eagle Rock Dog Park

Eagle Rock Dog Park is a great choice on the Eastside. There’s an astroturf lawn in the center of this park, which gives your dog soft padding when he/she runs on it. It also makes your pup a little less dirty after running around at the park all day. 

Because Eagle Rock is quieter part of LA in general, it means this dog park is a little bit off the beaten path and hence not usually overcrowded. This off-leash dog park has lots of trees and shade. Overall a really nice vibe.

alice dog park pasadena

Alice Dog Park

Also known as Alice Frost Kennedy Dog Park, this one is in Pasadena. Inside Vina Vieja Park, this park is really big and full of trees and grass. 

There are also separate sections for big and small dogs, fully fenced in. There is so much wide space that it rarely gets overcrowded. Definitely a hidden dog park in Los Angeles you won’t want to miss.

platform culver city french bulldog

Platform Park

Although not a “dog park”, I take Weston + Fira to the Platform (Culver City) a lot. The park area is almost always empty which is the perfect spot for them to sniff, explore and then go for a nice walk around this gorgeous shopping center. You’ll find chic stores like Aesop, Broome St General Store + specialty pop-up shops that allow on-leash dogs. 


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boneyard dog park french bulldog

Boneyard Culver City

This is a good park to come to if you’re looking for a less-crowded dog park especially if your pup is timid. There are gated areas for small and shy dogs, big dogs, and even an area for time-out where your furry friend can cool off and take a break.

dog park time out area

It is a dirt dog park instead of grass, so keep that in mind! You might want to time it right before you give your pup a bath. Generally it’s pretty quiet here – last time I was here, I even overheard someone saying: “I don’t come here that often because there’s hardly ever any dogs.” When I was there on a weekday afternoon, there were about 4-6 small dogs and 6-8 large dogs on the other side.

[ photo: Wag! ]

Sepulveda Basin

If you live in the Valley, this is a great spot for you. Or, if you’re looking for a little bit of a getaway from the westside of LA for the day, heading up the 405 to the Sepulveda Basin can be a great option. This quiet dog-friendly park isn’t overcrowded because it’s so big.

Roam around the park with your dog on the paved path around the pond, which is a nice, easy walk. Then head to the off-leash dog park section where there’s a super fun obstacle course! Your dog will love running through it. This spot is mostly grassy, although there are some parts that have more dirt so watch out for dust or mud.


And there you have it! These are my favorite dog-friendly parks in LA that aren’t overcrowded. Be sure to pack your pup’s favorite treats and water bowl while you’re there too – especially if they’re off-leash. 

Want more ideas on where to take your dog in Los Angeles? Check out my Los Angeles dog-friendly guide here.


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