Before + After: The Frenchies’ New Closet Tour

Look at that mess!

In my own closet, my belts and scarves are organized in their own little containers. Shoes are in order. Clothes are in order by color (white, neutrals, pinks, green/olive, brown + lastly black) then in categories like skirts, jeans, dresses.

So, it was about time I do the pups’ little closet! They have their own nook which has several cabinets and drawers. It was always such an eye sore, with a mix of collars and leashes thrown in out of sight and random poo bags, sprays etc. 

So I set to work measuring and staying up til 2am browsing The Container Store’s website, Amazon and Ikea. (If this isn’t obvious yet, I LOVE organizing!)

Here’s the BEFORE…


And the AFTER…


Doesn’t that just instantly make you feel so much better??? Clutter can literally give me a headache. Now this space is so easy to sift through and sort, saving time and stress finding whatever I need for the pups. Flea meds, wipes, toothpaste all in one container. Bandanas, bow ties, socks in another.

I found those cute pink boxes at IKEA and put seasonal costumes in them to keep the cabinets looking clean. Lower containers hold sweaters and shirts. 


  1. 3-Section Drawer Organizer. These are the organizers I bought to roll up their leashes and collars. Perfect!
  2. 6-Section Drawer Organizer. I like that this organizer has a bigger space in the middle—more room for leashes. 
  3. Clear Plastic Organizer. Wouldn’t this one be cute to hold a bunch of poo bag rolls??
  4. InterDesign Bins. For clothes, grooming products, etc.
  5. 8-piece Bin Pack. Super organized and interlocks together.
  6. DIY Plastic Grid Organizer. Create your own grid by cutting and sliding into place. I was so close to getting these as it’s more convenient + customizable but wasn’t sure if it was strong enough to keep rolled up leashes in place. I didn’t want it to look bendy and sloppy. 

So what do you think of the Before + After?? How do you organize your pups’ stuff?


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