How To Bathe Your Dog Properly At Home

How To Give A Dog A Bath

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Bath time can be tough for a scared pup. For the best dog bath, bring treats and toys to show them they have nothing to worry about. If they behave in a good way while in the bath reward them with a treat to show bath time can be fun.

french bulldog in bath


Use cotton balls to gently place in your dogs ears so water can’t get in. Water is harsh on your dog’s ears so make sure you’re not spraying water down the ear canal. A cotton ball fits perfectly to block any water and you can use them at the end to wipe up any dirt that might be in their ears.

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Sometimes it’s helpful to bring a comb to the bath and brush out any matted hair. If your dog sheds a lot this is also great to get any excess hair off — especially for French Bulldogs! I use this cool sponge that grabs hair. You can use it on wet or dry fur.

french bulldog in bath


Start wetting your dog’s fur by slowly spraying lukewarm water starting from his neck and down to their tail. Avoid the face. You can wash their face with a damp towel and really get into the creases and corners.


Before picking any dog shampoo make sure it’s the right kind for your dog. Pups can be very sensitive so choose a shampoo that fits your dog’s skin. I like this one from True Blue which has the least amount of ingredients compared to others and natural.

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Start massaging a small dollop size shampoo onto your pups’ fur. Starting at the neck, gently massage your fingertips into their fur going all the way to their tail. Rinse and make sure all soap is off.

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It’s inevitable your dog will do a little shake getting water everywhere. So, take a towel and gently dry off your pooch and carefully place them out of the bath. Don’t forget to take out the cotton balls if you did decide to put them in.

I use these Pura Naturals Pet fur drying gloves sometimes for extra measure. They absorb moisture and are eco-friendly.

fur drying gloves


Add a special little touch at the end with a dot of nose butter or coconut oil on their nose and even paw butter. My frenchie’s nose dries out easily so this nose butter is a lifesaver.

How Often To Give Your Dog A Bath?

Depends. Of course if they have played in the dirt or get slobber on them, give your dog a bath but if they are mostly indoors with day-to-day activities, it’s recommended not to bathe them too often so you don’t dry out their skin. I usually give them baths every four weeks which ends up being perfect as I can apply their monthly flea topical right after they dry. All pups will vary!


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  1. Thank you so much for writing this post! It’s very informative. However, I would LOVE to know where you purchased the purple ear cover and robe (and size). Thank you!

    • Hi Tonya- fortunately the pups don’t have any issues with eye stains. I’ve heard it can be mostly diet-related. Sorry I couldn’t be any more help!

    • My mom would use desitin the diaper cream. But stay away from any wheat and human food that will help alot.


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