DIY: Healthy Homemade Dog Food Using Frozen Veggies

Easy + Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Make delicious homemade dog food in less than 30 minutes!

I originally found this easy healthy homemade dog food recipe on a popular French Bulldog Facebook Group. Almost everyone in the group was feeding their Frenchie this recipe or at least had tried it, because of allergies or stomach issues. It’s very popular, so I had to try it myself! Plus, keep reading on for an easy and healthy homemade snack for dogs.

The original recipe has a few cans of beans in it but I omitted those — beans seem way too heavy and unnecessary. Plus they might even give your dog excessive gas. This recipe started with recommended mashed potatoes, too, which you could do but I wanted to leave those out since it also seemed pretty heavy. Weston is allergic to potatoes too. I’ve adjusted this healthy homemade dog food recipe over time and it’s much better for Weston + Fira, in my opinion. 

homemade dog food recipe with frozen vegetables

homemade dog food recipe with frozen vegetables

For the healthy homemade dog food, you’ll need these ingredients: 

  • 6 lb protein
  • 2-3 bags of frozen vegetables (mix + match: peas, green beans, spinach, carrot/cauliflower)
  • 1 can (14 oz) pure pumpkin puree
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 3 tbsp coconut oil
  • Any supplement/vitamin you like (I’ve used crushed up calcium powder, a probiotic supplement for dogs and a joint supplement for dogs)

Canine Complete is an all-in-one supplement that I use more than any others. It has everything your pup needs in one go!

homemade dog food recipe with frozen vegetables

Now that you have all the ingredients you need, here are the steps you need to make your own healthy homemade dog food, which is great for dogs with allergies. It’s super easy and makes a pretty large batch. 

  1. Cook the meat with 3 tbsp olive oil and drain the excess fat. If it’s beef, I wash off all the extra oils and fat in a strainer. 
  2. This step is optional but I like to grate the frozen vegetables in a food processor, so they’re small and easily digestible for the pups. 
  3. In a large bowl, mix the meat, pumpkin puree, vegetables, 3 tbsp coconut oil and supplement.
  4. Spoon into ziplock bags and freeze until ready to use. That’s it!

homemade dog food recipe with frozen vegetables


[ Disclaimer: Use your own judgment and of course, speak to your veterinarian if you have questions/concerns. ]


Curious if your dog has food allergies? Try this at-home test, which I love.

I’ve used this NutriScan allergy test for both Weston and Fira. Thanks to the NutriScan test, I found out that Weston is allergic to poultry, pork, white fish, potatoes, and dairy. Fira is allergic to pork! 

You might actually be pretty surprised to find out what your dog is allergic to. Your pup might be scratching because they just ate chicken (which seems to be very common), and it can be hard to correlate those two for some dog parents. I tend to test Weston and Fira every five years or so, since things can change sometimes. 

Then, when you find out your pup has allergies, it can be really hard to find dog food that makes a good fit. That’s why I love making this easy healthy homemade dog food — I always know what’s in the food I’m feeding my pups and I can customize anytime.

Can my dog eat frozen vegetables?

The answer: Yes. I know it might seem strange at first to toss your pup a frozen carrot, but it can actually be great to give to puppies who are teething. It’s also a fun thing to chew on for older dogs.

The frozen vegetables are a healthy and easy homemade snack for dogs, filled with fiber and other important vitamins. You can give your dog frozen apples (cut into pieces), butternut squash, cucumber, and spinach. 

Are there certain frozen vegetables you should avoid feeding your dog? Definitely. The ones to watch out for are onions, and also technically this is a fruit, but grapes. Grape and raisins are highly toxic to dogs so do NOT give them those, ever.  

Also, don’t overdo it. You might think you’re giving your dog a healthy boost, but your pup doesn’t need SO many veggies. Just a few a day is fine or give them as a treat every so often. It’s really a great low-calorie snack for dogs, and good for their teeth.


Did you try making this easy and healthy homemade dog food? Or did you try giving your pup frozen vegetables? Let me know — I’d love to know how it went. 

If you’re looking for more helpful solutions for your dog’s allergies, try this oatmeal paw bath, which is great for dogs who constantly lick or scratch at their paws. 


My Skincare For Travel + Fira’s Routine

Do you have a night time regime for your dogs?

Well, I’ve become one of those people. 

I don’t do it every night, but I do have a group of favorite items that I always have at home and also pack for Weston + Fira when we travel. 

Fira is definitely more sensitive than Weston, so she has a few products that stay on rotation, which include wipes and balms. With years of trial and error, I feel like I have just the right combo for the pups. As for me, I’m always trying a million different skincare products. 

When I travel, I like to pack as lightly as possible — especially toiletries. I take one skincare bag and stuff it with mini sizes. It’s the best time to use up all those travel-size tubes, right?! Mini tubes and bottles are SO much cuter. 

Here is a list of my tried-and-true skincare essentials that are usually in my travel bag:

Julep Beauty No Excuses SPF 40

I am suuuuper picky with sunscreen. They always feel sticky on my skin or like it’s clogging my pores. I just discovered this one and I am obsessed. It’s clear, lightweight and literally feels like nothing on. I can’t believe it’s actually SPF 40! 

Kitsch Silicone Jars

Love adding some of my skincare in these mini jars — they barely take up any space! Keeps everything nice and neat and looks super chic, right?

RxESCUESKIN Cellular Support Serum

This serum sinks right into my skin and is made with stem cells! It feels super nice and lightweight, works for sensitive skin and love that they donate a portion of proceeds to dog shelters. 🙂

DHC Face Wash Powder

Perfect for traveling because it’s a powder. Since it’s not considered a liquid, you don’t have to worry about the 100mL rule and fitting it in a clear ziplock bag for international travel; woohoo! It’s really gentle (great for sensitive skin), foams up nicely and makes your skin feel really clean.

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50

A cult favorite. My friend is an esthetician and first introduced me to this exfoliating liqud. I’ve been obsessed with it and even got lucky with a facial appointment at their headquarters on Champs-Élysées (usually you have to book at least a month in advance). The toner is not cheap (and doesn’t smell the greatest) but it is honestly one of those holy grail products that works

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

I originally discovered The Ordinary on a skincare forum and a lot of people had these products in their routine. When I found out most products were around 6 bucks, I immediately ordered like 10 of their bestsellers. This one I have repurchased. I use it for blemish areas (cheeks, around mouth, chin). It’s super light and sinks in, so it’s perfect for those multi-step regimes.

SK-II RNA Power Radical Cream

Suuuuper nourishing and rich. I always slather my skin at night with heavy creams, so I can wake up with dewy supple skin!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Been using the same jar for a couple years now! It is the BEST. I am so picky with lip balms but this one is so thick, moisturizing and stays on your lips. It also smells delishhh (strawberry).

SmartLash Eyelash Enhancer

I haven’t really seen a huge difference but since I have eyelash extensions, I figure it doesn’t hurt to use this on my lashline to keep my lashes strong.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

My favorite part! I love misting my face all day long — but especially while traveling, on flights, etc. 

The best organizer for makeup and skincare:

I recently just got this travel bag for all my toiletries and it is just perfect! It has so many handy compartments, folds open and closed and has a hanger hook to easily hang up.

how to pack lightly

It also comes with a separate clear zip bag – perfect for adding your liquid containers for the security check.


Pet MD Chlorhexidine

We noticed Fira got some little bumps on her muzzle a few times and found out from our vet that it could be irritations from the material of her food bowl or just food sitting on her muzzle (creating bacteria). BTW – I reviewed 9 Dog Food Bowls to Find the Best For French Bulldogs in this post here.

So, after she eats, we make sure to wipe around her mouth area with these wipes, especially if you have a dog with allergies. Now we don’t do it every single time but we try to when we notice there is leftover food around her mouth area. Sometimes I just use a wet napkin/towel to wipe her muzzle clean.

We also use these wipes on her paws, especially if she has been in grass. I think she may have some environmental allergies. Her back paws were red and swollen and after using these wipes, they went away. 

Natural Dog Company Grooming Wipes

These are my fave wipes — they’re larger than other wipes on the market, thick and high quality. They smell really nice and fresh too. They’re not medicated, so they’re perfect for everyday use. I wipe their butts with these after they poo, lol.

Natural Dog Company Snout Soother

I’ve used this Snout Balm for YEARS now. Weston + Fira’s noses can get pretty dry, so I have to remember to apply this every night or every other night. It sinks right in and keeps their noses so hydrated. It does come in a tin size but I actually prefer buying it in the travel-size lip balm tube, so I can just dab it on their noses quickly before they try to run away. 

Natural Dog Company Wrinkle Balm

This one’s good for those folds and crevices. It prevents any bacterial buildup, crusties and the like. Great for the squishy-faced breeds! 

BTW, 15% off code for Natural Dog Company: wtfrenchie

JR Liggetts Dog Shampoo Bar

Always a good idea to have a bar of dog-friendly soap for the pups when traveling. Easy to pack and doesn’t count as a liquid! This one is 100% detergent-free, so it’s extra gentle and great for sensitive skin. 

Pet Potion Calm Spray

A relaxing calm spray just for pups! It’s basically a waterless spray bath with only 5 ingredients (like coconut oil, vanilla essential oil, shea butter) but the mist nozzle gives the most fine, cloud-like spray. A great last step! 🙂 

Now we are all ready for bed!

french bulldog in spa

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How To Bathe Your Dog Properly At Home

How to Groom White Dogs


french bulldog zip bag


[ If you purchase from any links on this page, I will receive a small affiliate commission! ]

Win A $200 Airbnb Gift Card + Brutus Bone Broth Package!

french bulldog with brutus bone broth

I’m so excited to partner with Brutus Bone Broth for this amazing travel giveaway! You guys know how important it is for me to find dog-friendly destinations, hotels and products and this giveaway combines it for all you dog moms and dog dads!

Firstly, what is Brutus Bone Broth?

Bone broth is known to be a powerhouse since it’s filled with natural minerals, collagen and other highly nutritious benefits! And yes, your dog can have bone broth too. 

Brutus Bone Broth promotes natural detoxification of the gut with added glucosamine and chondroitin for joint and hip protection for your pup. It’s great as a natural additive to your dog’s current food and makes it extra tasty. 

Use it to rehydrate dry or wet food, boost flavor for picky eaters and freeze it into a delicious ice cube treat!

What’s my favorite way?

Brutus On The Go sticks! They’re perfect for traveling because they come in these mini packets with powdered bone broth — just add water! Since they’re a powder and so small, you can easily pack it into your dog’s carrier when you’re flying or on-the-go. 

brutus bone broth review

brutus bone broth on the go dog

brutus bone broth french bulldog

Giveaway closed. Congrats Micole!

The prizes:

  • $200 Airbnb Gift Card (book your perfect dog-friendly getaway)
  • Brutus Bone Broth Gift Set (Brutus Biscuits, On The Go sticks, treat tray. $100 value)
  • Hugo’s Coffee Bag (their motto is “Drink Coffee, Save Animals”)
  • Where’s The Frenchie Hat Clip (a beautiful leather magnetic clip that holds your hat hands-free to your bag while you’re traveling.)
  • WTFrenchie pin button + stickers (from yours truly, Weston + Fira!)

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow @WTFrenchie + @BrutusBroth on Instagram.
  2. Leave a comment below with where you want to travel to with your dog!


[ USA only. Winner chosen on 8/21. ] 

Good luck everyone! BTW, if you’re in Los Angeles, we’ll be hosting a Yappy Hour with Brutus Broth on August 20th. Get your tickets here

4-7PM. Short Stories Hotel. 115 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

dog friendly event los angeles yappy hour short stories hotel


Introducing Your French Bulldog To A New Puppy

Introducing your French bulldog to other pets

french bulldogs playing gif

How to make sure all your pets stay calm.

Introducing French bulldog to other pets can be complicated and intimidating, depending on your pup’s personality. Your first pet will most likely feel threatened and protective over his territory and get jealous. When we first introduced Fira to Weston, we were afraid Weston would feel left out and upset that there was another puppy taking his “space.” Bulldogs can definitely be stubborn and more territorial, so it’s best to be cautious when introducing your dog to your new puppy!

Dogs aren’t like us humans. They thrive through “scent” and once all their senses agree, getting them used to each others’ presence will be smooth. Here are my tips for introducing your French bulldog to a new puppy.

french bulldogs siblings

The first meeting between your Frenchie and your new puppy – and the best venue for it

When you introduce your French bulldog to a new puppy, they should always meet in a “neutral” place, so anywhere outside of the house like a park or outdoor area. Weston was a bit testy and drooled a lot for the first 24 hours when he first met Fira, so don’t worry if your Frenchie does that! It has something to do with their scent – puppies have a different smell than adult pups. He stopped drooling around her after a couple days. 

french bulldog siblings

  • Apart from that, have your dog meet your new puppy for the time first time in an open location, like a large park
  • If possible, let them reach the meeting location at the same time and keep the leashes loose or even off-leash. Sometimes on-leash, dogs can become more agitated and aggressive. 
  • Observe the obligatory sniffing and don’t try to interfere if they readily show signs of friendship.
  • But if it’s getting tense, don’t hesitate to separate them.
  • Let them eat individually with their own dishes. I only fed Fira in her play pen, away from Weston, and I always set Weston’s bowl down first.

The first meeting should be brief before following it with a simple walk together so that they feel free and get to know each other as a “pack.” This walk could be at least 15 minutes long and/or up to an hour together.

white french bulldogs in white bed

Introducing your Frenchie and new puppy inside your house

After a few minutes of letting your new puppy and your French bulldog get to know each other, it’s time to bring them to the house. Let your first pet go straight into the house while your new pup runs around the yard. Remember, introductions shouldn’t be done at night or during meal times. This is because at night, dogs have a harder time seeing one another, which can put them on edge. And at mealtimes, many pups can get territorial. 

Right before introducing their new sibling in the home, it’s best if you carry away everything that he may feel protective of. That includes feeding dishes, toys, beddings and other shared items. Additionally, clean up their common area and let the existing pet have an idea that another pet is set to arrive.

Before we picked up Fira, I had a large crate with Fira’s new dog bed and toys for a couple weeks beforehand. Weston went in there occasionally to roll around in the bed and mark it with his scent. 🙂 

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french bulldog siblings playing

As days go by with your new puppy

For at least a week or two, be there to monitor their interaction and never leave them alone together. Whenever we left the house, we had Fira stay inside her playpen which was her safe place. Play with them, train them together and always give lots and lots of love to the older pet. He will also make his own rules with the new sibling, so allow him to create his own boundaries and teach the younger one his rules, how to play and more. 

french bulldogs playing

One time, Fira got close to Weston’s food bowl and he bit her nose slightly. I was so upset, but at the same time, understood that that’s how they teach each other and learn boundaries. Fira never did it again.

Interactions between your Frenchie and your new puppy should not be forced. Weston did such a great job teaching Fira how to play and wrestle. Sometimes he had little bite marks on his cheek/muzzle from her little puppy teeth, but he didn’t mind. He taught her how to do “soft mouth” and she learned not to bite as hard. 

Read my post: I Reviewed 9 Dog Bowls To Find The Best for French Bulldogs

baby french bulldog puppy and sibling

As long as you keep an eye on them and stay proactive, introducing your new puppy to your dog should go just fine! I couldn’t imagine Weston without Fira – they were meant to be together. <3 

Want to see even more pics of how cute they are together? Follow us on Instagram (@wtfrenchie) to see all our updates in real-time.

San Francisco Dog-Friendly Guide

in front of greetings from san francisco mural

Traveling to SF with your pup?

Your guide to where to stay and what to see in San Francisco with your dog.

Going up to the city is a great weekend getaway with your pup, especially since there are so many fun dog-friendly places in San Francisco. In fact, San Francisco is rated one of the most dog friendly cities in America, because of its high number of dog parks and off-leash areas.

Fortunately from my home base in Los Angeles, it’s not very far away. Fira and I went for 5 days, which was short enough for a quick getaway but not too long to be away from home either. Weston was waiting for us at home!

With that said, let’s get to it. Here’s your dog-friendly guide to San Francisco:

flying with french bulldog

How to get to SF with your dog

I flew with Fira on the independent air carrier, JSX, from Burbank to Oakland, and just a short 50-minute flight later, we arrived in Oakland. When you land in Oakland, it’s just a 30-50 minute drive, depending on traffic, and you’re in San Francisco!

If you’re flying from LA, this airline makes it super easy. You can avoid all the travel crowds and have a stress-free experience for both you and your dog.

They do have routes to Oakland and Northern California from other locations too, like Phoenix and Las Vegas. 

[ Don’t forget to use my referral code for $20 off your first flight: GPMOJX ]

Read my post: Fly Private With Your Dog with JSX


Now that you’re in Golden Gate City, where will you go with your dog? Here are my favorite dog-friendly places in San Francisco

french bulldogs crissy field beach

Crissy Field is right next to the Golden Gate Bridge. You can get some amazing shots of you and your pup playing here. Lots of space and you can even have your dog off-leash on the beach!

Fira and I met up with @spottedhumphrey + his mom and we explored the sights together! Fira can be verrry picky with dogs, but she got along so well with Humphrey- he was such a gentleman. 

french bulldogs on crissy field beach in front of golden gate bridge

dogs on crissy field beach

french bulldogs on crissy field beach

french bulldog at umbrella alley

Umbrella Alley – The Greetings from SF Mural

Such a fun spot to bring your dog in San Francisco. Originally created in 2019, this mural is located in the Fisherman’s Wharf. All outdoors, Umbrella Alley has interactive murals you can walk through with your dog.

Painted Ladies – The Recognizable Row of Colorful Houses

The Painted Ladies are a true SF classic! The park right across the street, where you’ll see the Painted Ladies, is called Alamo Square Park. It’s actually an off-leash park – Fira loved chasing a ball through here (and ignored all the dogs, of course). This is the dog-friendly place in SF where the Tanner family lived in Full House.

dog friendly park san francisco

BTW – check out Spotted by Humphrey‘s post 5 Best Dog Parks in San Francisco (And Why)

and write them down for your SF trip!

[ image by California Beaches ]


Dogs are also allowed on PIER 39 with a leash, which is right at Fisherman’s Wharf. Shops, restaurants, and even an entire video arcade await you and your dog! You can even sometimes catch sea lions lying out on the docks in the marina. 

Marina neighborhood

I got a nice feel for the Marina area because it was just a 20 minute walk from Presidio – the closest walkable neighborhood in the area (I needed a CVS!). I ended up coming here a lot for meals and outings! Walk a little ways over to Union St for WildseedEpicurean Trader, local boutiques, Sephora and Vuori clothing


french bulldogs san francisco cable car

Can dogs ride the San Francisco cable cars?

Yes! Dogs must be on a leash and muzzled, or in a closed carrier when riding on the cable cars. For Fira, I just brought her carrier along with us for the day.  

Officially the world’s last manually operated cable car system, the SF cable cars are such a fun way to see the sights and get around the city with your dog! It might also save you extra expenses from taking Ubers around town, too. 

Speaking of dog-friendly Ubers…

Everything in SF seems to be 20 minutes away, lol. I ended up taking a lot of Ubers with Fira to get from place to place. There is an “Uber Pet” option, which usually costs a little bit more. For example, if a regular ride is $20, the Uber Pet might be $25-30 — just something to keep in mind for travel expenses! I always get a little anxious bringing a dog but all the drivers were super nice about it. I always bring Fira in a bag, so she’s contained and doesn’t leave fur everywhere.

carrier tote for dogs

Waggo Canvas Dog Carrier Tote

Is it safe to bring your dog to San Francisco?

To be honest, I felt nervous going to SF, especially hearing about the rise in crimes and robberies of Frenchies! I decided to play it safe by bringing pepper spray — I hooked it onto the dog leash and had it in my hand whenever I was outside walking Fira. 

I also made sure never to walk her when it was dark outside. Luckily, it stays light out pretty late during the summer. I was highly alert and kept an eye on my surroundings.

Thankfully, everything went well and it wasn’t bad at all. We weren’t in downtown or near Union Square, so I think that helped a lot!

This is the pepper spray I got at Target.


french bulldogs at the mill coffee shop

One thing about San Francisco is that there is no shortage on delicious restaurants and places to eat! There are soo many amazing spots here. Here is a list of dog-friendly restaurants in San Francisco with outdoor patios.

dog friendly pizza restaurants in san francisco

[ image by @delarosasf ]

Delarosa. Roman pizza with a lively atmosphere! They have 3 locations and all have outdoor seating. I visited the Marina location- it was buzzing and you could smell the delicious pizza aromas lingering in the air. 2175 Chestnut Street.

outdoor seating napizza sf

Napizza. Another pizza because why not? This one’s also in the Marina neighborhood, down the street from Delarosa. My sister said Napizza was one of the best Napoli pizzas she’s had! 3258 Scott St.

norcina outdoor seating

[ image by Eater SF ]

Norcina. One more Italian spot and I’ll stop. This spot has the cutest interior- very pretty, warm and inviting. They have a wood fired pizza oven, of course, and the pizza was delicious! Try the Spritz Flight (3 different kinds of spritzes). 3251 Pierce St.

french bulldog at dog friendly restaurant san francisco

Hook Fish Co. Small seafood shack serves up fresh, local fish! Outdoor dog-friendly seating, tables + benches.  4542 Irving St.

brunch san francisco dog friendly

[ image by @kitchenstorysf

Kitchen Story. Super cute spot for brunch. Yes, they do serve unlimited mimosas. 3499 16th St.

dog friendly bar sf

Kona’s Street Market. If you’re in the mood for a drink (with your dog, of course), this spot serves creative cocktails and is named after the owner’s dog! 32 3rd St.

Coqueta. This waterfront restaurant serves delicious Spanish tapas, like croquetas and several paellas. On Pier 5 on the Embarcadero- enjoy the view! 

zazie sf dog friendly patio

Zazie. Adorable French bistro and they encourage dogs! Especially on Mondays: $10 off any bottle of wine on their list, and they have treats for your pup! 941 Cole St.

[ image by @eatmamahuhu ]

Mamahuhu. I actually ordered the Mushroom Mapo Tofu two days in a row – it is sooo good and one of their most popular dishes. Really good, modern Chinese food by a James Beard-winning chef; every dish is less than $17. Dog-friendly outdoor area. 517 Clement St.

[ image by @stablecafe ]

Stable Cafe. How beautiful is this outdoor patio?! It’s only open from 8am – 3pm, so definitely plan a breakfast or brunch here with your pup. I’m definitely going to come here next time I’m in SF! 2128 Folsom St.

View deals on Tripadvisor 

dog friendly hotel san francisco

dog friendly hotels san francisco

We stayed at the newly opened 1 Hotel in the Embarcadero area. I always love 1 Hotels because they’re very eco-friendly with beautiful greenery everywhere. They all have a similar aesthetic of natural textures like rustic wood, stone and soothing neutral shades of beige. The service is always great too. They even provided dog bowls and a super chic round, denim dog bed. 

Two pets of any size are welcome with no additional charges at 1 Hotel.

french bulldog puppy in beige bed

1 Hotel has beautiful San Francisco Bay views and is right across the street from the Ferry Building. Definitely check that out! It’s a nice marketplace with local food stalls and artisanal retailers. Grab an outdoor table at Hog Island Oyster Co (yes, dog-friendly) and don’t forget to pick up the fresh sourdough bread from Acme

french bulldog at ferry building san francisco
french bulldog with sourdough bread


french bulldog in presidio san francisco
french bulldog in presidio san francisco

If you want to be out of the city and closer to nature, Lodge at Presidio Inn fits the bill! Located in the desirable neighborhood of Presidio, I would say it’s one of the most dog-friendly hotels in San Francisco. When I took Fira outside, I never felt like I had to leash her because it’s such an open, quiet area. The pet fee here is $40.

There is a huuuge lawn where several people were having picnics and enjoying the outdoors. It’s also a great base camp for the park, camping, hiking and nearby beaches. 

This hotel has 42 rooms, complimentary breakfast and wine/cheese happy hour and even a free shuttle to downtown.

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Fairmont. A name that is truly synonymous with luxury, the Fairmont San Francisco is a great place to stay in San Francisco with your dog. Centrally-located at Nob Hill in the heart of SF, you’ll love this hotel’s world-class service. $75 pet fee.

Proper. I always love the Proper Hotels because they’re designed by interior queen Kelly Wearstler. Creative, cool, and captivating, the Proper San Francisco is the flagship location. Bring your dog on the rooftop and take in the gorgeous views. $100 pet fee.

Palihotel. This boutique hotel is not just world-famous, it’s also historic. Right in Union Square, the Palihotel has 82 king and queen rooms, plus plenty of charming decor. Visit Fisher Loft, the hotel’s restaurant. $75 pet fee.

St Regis. If you’re looking for a hotel in SoMa, this is the best pick for you. Elegant and boasting views of downtown SF, the St. Regis is a must for old-world charm mixed with contemporary style. Conveniently located to MoAD and SFMOMA if you’re an art aficionado. $150 pet fee.

Clift. Just one block from Union Square is the Clift Hotel. This dog-friendly hotel in San Francisco has been recently renovated and in a convenient location to everything else. $75 fee to bring pets. 

Kimpton Alton. The Kimpton is always a favorite because their entire chain always welcomes dogs. The Alton is right at Fisherman’s Wharf and close to Ghirardelli Square. The waterfront views can’t be beat, either. No deposit or cleaning fees for dogs.



Anddd there you have it! Your guide to the best dog-friendly places in San Francisco. Questions? Leave a comment below or send me a DM on IG!

in front of painted ladies house

How to Fly with Two Dogs

frenchies in hotel

Here’s how I fly with my two dogs, Weston and Fira

Flying with one dog can be hard enough, but two? Double the packing, double the anxiety and stress! But once you do it, you’ll do it again because having both pups with you is all worth it.

There are some things you’ll need to know when traveling with two dogs. Especially when it comes to airline policies, things can get confusing fast. If you’re preparing for an upcoming trip with your pups, I’ve gathered my top tips on how to fly with two dogs below.

french bulldogs on blue couch

Tips and tricks on airline policies, what to pack, and how to keep your sanity while traveling with two dogs


Let’s start with airline policies

Every airline has its own rules and regulations when it comes to flying with pets, and when you bring two dogs on your flight, you’ll want to be sure to look extra close at all the fine print. There are only a few airlines that allow one passenger to bring two pets.

By the way, if you have small dogs, most airlines allow two pets per carrier, as long they both fit comfortably inside.

I like flying with Jetblue and they allow two pets per passenger! The only catch: one pet per carrier and you must purchase the seat next to you, where the second pet will stay. The carriers will go under the seats in front of you. Total weight of pet in carrier must be 20 pounds or less. 

Alaska Airlines also has the same rules above, but no weight restriction. And the pet ticket is only $100 one-way, versus $125 one-way on Jetblue

airline carriers for frenchies

Another big thing: Flying with two dogs means their carriers become your carry-on item, so you can only fly with a personal item like a purse or backpack. And, it has to go in the overhead bin. 

This is why you’ll definitely want a dog carrier with pockets on the sides. Store treats, your Kindle, hand sanitizer, etc. and take advantage of those extra pockets in the dog carrier. More on the best dog carriers, reviewed, here

It can be really hard to fly with two dogs if you’re traveling alone. You’ll definitely want roller carriers for each of them (especially if your pups are bowling balls like Frenchies), and even then, both of your hands will be full. Definitely consider traveling with a buddy if you’re flying with two dogs!

Now, I only bring Weston + Fira if my husband or a friend is joining me. One dog is enough for me nowadays! But if I had to bring both on my own, it is definitely do-able. 

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dog airline carrier on wheels


A few in-flight tips for flying with two dogs

Does your pup bark or whine when he’s in his crate? Even if they don’t, always bring treats. If your dog is used to CBD, calming treats or CBD oil is a must.

I always add one of my worn t-shirts into their carrier, so they can have my smell super close to them and feel safe. Include their favorite chew toy incase they want to chew their nerves away or get bored. Weston + Fira usually sleep the whole time!

The Benebone Fish shaped toy is their absolute favorite!


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Once you land at your destination

More than likely, your two pups are going to need to pee asap once you’re on the ground. I typically try to get a seat that’s farther up, closer to the exit so that we don’t have a long wait to get off the plane.

Once we’re finally off the plane the desperate search for a pet relief area begins. If your airport doesn’t have one (check this in advance), you can bring disposable pee pads as a quick fix.

french bulldog siblings


Nervous flier? Ask a vet for medication

If your dogs are anxious about flying, ask your vet for more info. It can make a whole day of flying so much easier on pups. Depending on which medicine your vet prescribes, they’ll most likely be drowsy throughout the day so they’ll be comfortable sleeping in their carrier. 

Definitely get your pups familiar with their carrier in advance — with Weston and Fira, I always give them a lot of encouragement and allow them to explore their new dog carrier for a week or so. 

But if your pup still isn’t into being in a carrier after rounds of treats and praise, talk to your vet and see what works best for you and your pups when it comes to flying long or short distances.

french bulldog inside dog carrier

Make sure you know of a vet in the area where you’re traveling with your two dogs

Wherever we travel with Weston and Fira, we make sure to know of a nearby vet — this is especially important if you are traveling in another country. If it’s just a few days, it’s not as big of a priority, but if you’re traveling for a few weeks or more it’s a good idea to look one up in the area. One time Fira got aspiration pneumonia while we were in England. We were so lucky we found a 24-hour vet and our vet at home was super responsive over text and phone. 

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Tip: Try a dog collar with GPS for trips to new cities and countries.


Break up the flights into shorter segments, if possible

If you’re flying LAX to Paris, for example, that’s 11 hours. I like to take a layover in NYC, spend the night there, and then hop back to the airport the next day. It will majorly cut flying time down, which is a plus for the pups!

It gives our two dogs a break when we’re flying long distances, and plus it’s pretty fun for us to explore another city too, as long as we have the time.

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french bulldogs with nikki

Too much to travel long term with two dogs? Need a pet sitter? 

Have you heard of Trusted House Sitters? They’re become more and more popular! I haven’t used them yet, but it looks like it’s really working for a lot of people. 

Search their large, trusted database of people who can watch your two dogs and house-sit while you’re traveling! A great way to keep your pups safe if you’re looking to travel abroad for a while.

Flying with two dogs can be two times the trouble but also double the fun! The costs really do add up, and at times it involves a little more legwork, but it’s really worth it.

If you have more questions about how to fly with two dogs, leave a comment below or send me a DM on Instagram!

frenchies at hotel


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frenchie thank you bag
french bulldog zip bag


Farmer’s Dog Just Launched a DIY Nutrient Mix!

homemade dog food recipe

DIY Nutrient Mix for Homemade Dog Food

Farmer’s Dog just came out with their own Nutrient Mix for your homemade dog food and I am so excited about this! If you’ve been following @WTFrenchie and my blog for awhile, you know that Weston + Fira have been eating fresh cooked dog food at home for years.

Why do I make homemade dog food?

I love knowing exactly what’s in the food Weston + Fira are eating and making sure it’s fresh and healthy. The pups can be picky and Weston even has some food allergies, so being able to customize for the pups is super important. 

If you enjoy cooking, you know the love that you put into your meals. I get so happy chopping up vegetables in teeny tiny pieces, knowing the pups are going to devour their nutritious dinner! 

The Farmer’s Dog DIY Nutrient Mix ensures that I’m adding everything the dog’s need for a complete and balanced meal. No more guessing and measuring! 


“Studies have shown 95% of home-prepared diets of well-intended owners have one or more significant nutrient deficiencies. Feeding an incomplete diet over time can result in serious health problems like immune dysfunction and degenerative muscle diseases.

The Farmer’s Dog recipes and DIY supplement are an ideal way to optimize the home-prepared plan with proper complete and balanced nutrition.”

– Dr. Joseph Wakshlag, DVM, PhD, DACVN


Here’s how you get it…



Type in your pup’s name and you’ll get a customized plan that’s perfectly measured for your dog, taking into account their age, weight, body condition, activity level + more.


Once you’re all signed up, you’ll be able to browse a variety of vet-approved recipes in your customer account. There’s everything from Turkey + Chickpeas (which is what I made!), Salmon + Veggies and Beef + Rice.

My favorite part was the way you can customize the amount you want to make. Here’s a photo of one batch vs two batches, and it automatically updates the recipe with exact measurements. You can even make up to 8 batches — almost 40 pounds of food!


farmers dog diy nutrient mix


I like to buy in bulk, batch cook and freeze. You can find good deals on bulk items, like ground meats. It’s nice knowing that the dogs are eating fresh ingredients that you are also eating yourself!

homemade dog food recipe ingredients


Time to cook! I cooked everything in a large dutch oven pot and made sure the veggies were all nice and soft.

cooking homemade dog food
cooking homemade dog food recipe

adding eggs to homemade dog food

farmers dog nutrient mix into dog food review

Just sprinkle in a packet of the Nutrient Mix, mix well and serve! I loved this process, especially knowing the Nutrient Mixes are perfectly proportioned for Weston + Fira’s needs. And they are just loving their food, of course. 🙂

french bulldog homemade dog food

Wanna get started?

Depending on your dog, these Nutrient Mix packets could last for a few weeks of meals and you can easily adjust the frequency of deliveries. 

If you want to check out these easy-to-add supplements for your dog, start here or click the button below to order (I will receive a small affiliate fee from each order). I’m really happy with The Farmer’s Dog Nutrient Mixes — it makes cooking homemade dog food that much easier!

BTW — on those days you can’t cook and need fresh meals for your dog delivered, The Farmer’s Dog has that too. You can learn more by visiting their website. 🙂

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

homemade dog food for french bulldogs

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