How I Deal With My Anxiety

french bulldog in bed

(No, I do nottt look like this when I’m at home.)


Okkk, so let’s talk about anxiety…

Mine comes in the form of depression, PSTD and mostly social anxiety. Depression is something I’ve had since I was a child and growing up, I tried a LOT of practices to try to remedy it: the short list includes cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy, yoga/meditation, books + more books, inner child healers, ayahuasca and even crystals. 

The thing with depression is that these things may help alleviate day to day, possibly even for years, but I realized for me (almost too late), my brain needed some help chemically. Thank god for medicine! I just started an antidepressant Celexa nine weeks ago and it’s been amazing. It has totally helped lift the edge and the bottom doesn’t feel so “bottom” anymore. It’s even helped with anxiety.

So, now I feel like with the meds, the other forms (like yoga, working out, therapy) really sink in. It was like before, they skimmed the top but I was barely crawling out of the dark. 

Side note: I resisted meds for my entire life and was adamant to do the “natural” way. Nope… nothing has worked as much as antidepressants. It’s like my whole world has opened up!

With depression, you “know” all the things you’re supposed to do: eat healthy, exercise, self care (oh, I was and am a pro at self care–massages, staying home with a book + hibernating in bed? Yes pls! #introvertlife) but depression s-u-c-k-s. I always explained it like an elephant was sitting on top of me and no matter what I did, I could barely get out of bed or “do” things. And doing something social? The idea of it was always fun but then when it came time to leave the house, my body was a puddle of clammy nerves. And anxiousness either withdraws me OR I turn into an awkward, forcing-laughter-mess. Which then completely drains me. Ugh, the worst.

So, to the fun stuff… now, with the support of meds (hey, serotonin!), there are ways to alleviate anxiety–hell yes!


You know what, sleep honestly heals everything. Angry? Sleep it off. Feeling sick/drained? Take a nap. When I’m starting to feel depressed, I take a hit of CBD + dream it off (scientific evidence article).


I was never a weed smoker (I’m already a cerebral person + weed just intensifies that, ie: weirdness + paranoia) but I decided to get a vape pen + CBD oil and see what it was all about. CBD is sooo amazing–relaxes everything in the body but doesn’t get in your brain! It totally helps recalibrate trauma in your body and physically break the patterns when anxiety shows up. I wish I had this when my social anxiety was at it’s worst with my sweaty palms + heart racing. 

The funny thing is I also got a THC oil (pot) and I smoke that once in awhile. I have had a few interesting experiences of paranoia with it (Weston walked up beside me and I freaked the hell out; forgot who he was for a second lol) but I smoke the THC when I really want to knock out. It gets me feeling super heavy and ready for the deepest sleep.


I was never consistent with exercise before. I was that person who bought 10 pilates classes and used 5 as the rest expired. NOW, I look forward to working out and my body craves those endorphins. I workout almost everyday and mix it up with pilates, yoga, cycling + weight training at home.

I really think pilates is life-changing. I’ve been doing pilates for 7 years (off + on) and it is like no other exercise. Mind-body connection, breathing, lengthening the body and strengthening the core. My legs look longer, thinner but strong now (I used to hate my legs, especially calves).



I’m always itching to travel. Always. If you start feeling like you’re in a rut, getting out of your daily routine and where you live is one of the best ways to reset. Just opening up your perspective and getting to hit refresh on the energy around you is beyond nourishing. You don’t even need to go far—hop in the car and do a little roadtrip somewhere you’ve never been before. It’s such a great gift to yourself. 


So, everyone knows dogs are good for us, locking eyes gives us an oxytocin hit, etc but to be honest, when I was in my depressed episodes (before the medication), the dogs didn’t really help. If anything, I felt guilty because I didn’t want them to see me lifeless and sad. It was hard to drag myself outside to do anything with them—I am so lucky to have my husband; otherwise, I don’t know if I could have been there for Weston + Fira.

The amazing thing is dogs don’t judge.. and they don’t keep a score card and remember the times they’ve been out for walks. I think my next post will be about “dog mom guilt” because sometimes it’s hard to take them to the park everyday and have adventures, no matter how much we want to. 

Now, this is just my experience, but with the meds it’s become so much easier to get outside and do things. Taking the pups out for a walk gives me an extra pep and I love taking in a new podcast episode while we walk.

Throwing a toy around completely brings me back to the present, cuddles from them feel even fuzzier and whenever I can, I take them out with me! Bringing them with me alleviates some of that social anxiety—my little sidekicks. 








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Recap: Miami + Dania Beach Trip

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Time for a girls’ trip…

Fira and I just got back from a much-needed 10-day sunny vacation to Florida! The weather in SoCal was actually pretty crappy–torrential rains and floods, so it was the perfect time to pack some swimsuits and head Southeast.

My good friend Olivia flew down and we decided to get an Airbnb by the water in a little area near Fort Lauderdale called Dania Beach. Tip: if you’re flying to Miami, check prices to FLL airport–ours were cheaper and it is only 30 minutes away from Miami, no traffic (on my way back it was an hour with traffic). 

This was my first time exploring outside of Miami and the vibe of Dania Beach was perfect for what we were looking for–rest + relaxation.

french bulldog suitcase

Dania Beach is a quiet little town but close to Fort Lauderdale where you can find a ton of restaurants, hotels and bars. Boatyard was our favorite with gorgeous interior and open space concept with the beautiful view of the water. Other dog friendly spots: Kaluz, The Taco Spot, Coconuts.

Fira went with us everywhere. My highlight was definitely paddleboarding! I’ve been paddleboarding a handful of times but never with Weston or Fira. We buckled Fira in in her life vest and off we went. She was a little hesitant at first (she doesn’t love water) but once she got a good footing, she was sooo relaxed and even started hopping back and forth following the paddle from either side. She loved peeking over the board looking for fishies and waves.

paddleboarding with french bulldog

Dogs on the beach…

The one thing I noticed about Florida is how easy it is to bring your dog to the beach! Ugh, I wish SoCal was this lenient. There aren’t that many off-leash dog-friendly beaches here. So, of course I had to get a baby beach tent!

what to bring to the beach with dog

How cute is this?? It’s superrr light and folds down to a small circle which fit in my carry-on suitcase perfectly. It is literally lighter than a wallet. So roomy and perfect to keep your pup in the shade.

What other water sports can I do with my dog?

Ok, I’m glad you asked. 🙂 I rented a kayak for a couple hours and omg–this is such a great activity to do with your dog. Got a little arm/ab workout from paddling, a nice tan (I forgot to put sunscreen on my chest, oops–don’t forget back of the neck!) and some meditative, bonding time with Fira. 

kayaking with dog


Back to South Beach…

Fira and I had 5 days in South Beach on our own exploring and soaking in the sunshine. We stayed at Plymouth Hotel (right off Collins Ave, off the strip so it was more quiet and quaint- loved the boutique feel. $100 pet fee) and Shore Club (on Collins near all the hustle bustle, walk right onto the beach, pets stay free!). Here’s a list of my other favorite dog-friendly Miami hotels

There is something about traveling alone that feeds my soul. I have always loved it all; waking up in a new city, stepping out onto unknown roads ready to be discovered, learning more about yourself and plopping back onto cozy fresh white sheets at the end of the day full of memories and dreams. Traveling with a dog makes it all that much more wonderful.

dog friendly hotels miami


miami things to do

french bulldog and books

wheres the frenchie

Must-haves for a beach getaway with your dog

shop for beach items for dog

  1. Coola Eco-Lux SPF 50 Spray: one of my favorite sunscreen brands. It never feels sticky and the scents are delicious.
  2. Teeks Alex Slides: comfy, sleek and easy to pack!
  3. Neutrogena Tinted Lip Balm SPF 20: I can never get enough lipbalms! I bought this one during my trip and “Fresh Plum” is a mustttt. It’s the perfect sheer browny rose neutral.
  4. Vivaglory Dog Life Vest: good price and has velcro + buckle closures. Feels very secure. Fira wears a size Small.
  5. WTFrenchie Frenchie Army Weekender Tote: fits a couple beach towels, books and necessities 🙂
  6. Natural Dog Company Snout Soother: I try to put balm on the pups’ noses everyday so they don’t dry out.
  7. M&MKPet Water Bottle: so convenient and cute!
  8. Baseball Cap Visor: how cute is this? Protect their furry faces from too much sun.

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Fira’s Birthday at Sofitel + Cattle & Claw

You guys, Fira is three whole years! She just turned 3 this past weekend (December 15th) and I can’t believe this little 14 pound peanut is already 3?? It feels like only a year ago Weston + I did our road trip to Missouri to pick up her up.

It’s time for baby pics…

JIODSJIDJKFDNSJKFHDSJ. I almost cried when I held her in person- such a cute cute cute baked potato. 


The sweetest. She’s grown up to be just a sweetheart. Loves running up to people and still acts like a puppy. Feisty and sassy. Very independent but at the same time, our forever BABY. 

And just look at her now…

Anyways, we had a fun brunch with our friends @buttonthefrenchie @maggielovesorbit @minty_bee @pierre_dont_care @hi_im_chewie @arthur_and_george at Cattle & Claw at the Sofitel hotel on their beautiful outdoor patio. I would really recommend this spot for any beautiful outdoor events, birthday dinners, baby (puppy?) showers–the patio is so aestethically pleasing (IG friendly!) and so is the food. Especially nice if you have pups as it’s quite spacious.

wtfrenchie dog friendly restaurant

Fave dish: lobster + waffles.

Fira was SO exhausted mid-way through—she rested her chin on the table and slept, lol. Thank you to our friends who came! We had such a nice time celebrating Fira’s big three. 🙂


Aaaand gift bags from some generous sponsors and friends! Merci @zippypaws @thebearandtherat @vitacoco @uglydrinks @saint_rue @leelaryan!


A huge thank you to Mary Haber and Gus Mejia for being our photographers!


Leave a comment below and we’ll choose a random winner to win one of our gift bags from the birthday filled with goodies for you + your pup!

Avalon Palm Springs

Oh, Palm Springs.

For Angelenos, Palm Springs is the place that immediately springs to mind when you’re looking for hot sun, sparkling pools and a fun (or relaxing) escape. Only 100 miles east (make sure to stop at the Desert Hills outlets on the way for Gucci, Balenciaga, Barneys, Alice & Olivia, Frette outlets + 145 more), arrive in this city filled with old cinema charm, mid-century architecture and picturesque desert land. Read our full Palm Springs Getaway Guide here

For our most recent stay, we chose the Avalon (also a location in Beverly Hills) and we loved it! This boutique hotel offers 67 suites and private bungalow villas but don’t be fooled by the word “boutique”, the Avalon has 3 outdoor pool areas and lush garden areas with a view of the nearby San Jacinto mountains—plenty of space for dogs to sniff around and explore! Dogs are even allowed with you at the pool (as long as they are on a leash). 

The contemporary rooms are all-white and so chic—accents of silvery chrome, mirror and black here and there. We were upgraded to a 2-bedroom Bungalow Villa and wow! We felt so peaceful the second we walked in with all the plush white, our very own fireplace and private patio. 

dog friendly vacation

Pet fee is $75 flat for your entire stay with a portion of the pet fee donated to Best Friends Animal Society. How lovely is that? Casper dog bed, food + water bowls and local treats provided in-room. 

We wished we could’ve stayed longer to use the full-service kitchen and gorgeous dining room! 




After we checked out, we headed to Chi Chi restaurant at the hotel for a nice outdoor brunch pool-side. The open space makes you feel like you’re at a really swank garden party. The menu offers a delicious selection of fresh Californian dishes, including healthy cold-pressed juices, colorful acai bowls and fresh coconuts (why not add rum?). Weston + Fira enjoyed a couple blueberries and we spent the rest of the day by the pool with a book in hand and a few rounds of ping-pong. Weston, of course, caught a couple foul balls—definitely the highlight of his day!

Palm Springs Getaway

palm springs getaway

Updated November 28, 2018.

The great thing about Palm Springs is that everyone seems to welcome dogs and it is only 107 miles from LA, making it a no-brainer for a fantastic dog-friendly weekend getaway. Weston and I stopped here on our way east during our road trip and we rounded up the best things to do and see with your pooch!

Formerly the Viceroy, this boutique hotel Avalon is walking distance to downtown and has 2 beautiful pools. The rooms were extra cute. ($75 dog fee per stay. Dog walking, grooming and pet reflexology available. Rooms start at $200.) Read our full review here

Other dog-friendly hotels worth mentioning:

Hip, artsy hotel Ace Hotel & Swim Club includes outdoor fireplaces, poolside yurts all with a vintage feel. Rooms start at $150.

Or stay at the adorable rainbow-colored Saguaro Hotel (known for its legendary pool parties). Rooms start at $169.

Head immediately to the bar–that’s where check-in is at Arrive Hotel. Rooms start at $170.

Beautiful 13 acre property, the upscale Parker Palm Springs, decor by designer Jonathan Adler. Gorgeous. Rooms start at $339.

Where to eat? Well, Cheeky’s is legendary. We were running late so we skipped brunch since the wait was so long. It must be good if the wait is always 45 minutes minimum. I hear they have something called the Bacon Flight (5 strips of bacon in different flavors).

Lulu’s: a modern bistro with a huge outdoor patio. Juniper Table at the newly opened Kimpton Rowan hotel: fresh Mediterranean-inspired share plates with local, organic ingredients. The food was delicious and the outdoor patio practically sprawling. It’s right off the main strip so some shopping after lunch is necessary! Workshop: inventive New-American eatery with a stylish outdoor patio. La Azucar at the La Serena Villas hotel: modern mexican food with a rooftop patio and Instagram-friendly decor.

Now my favorite… Norma’s at Parker Palm Springs. Wait, can we just talk about the hotel? When I walked in, my eyes couldn’t even take in all of it at once. It is one of the most beautifully textured hotels I’ve been to in my life. There is color, mid century galore and art made of varied materials and yarn adorned everywhere–it is lush. The outdoor grounds are just enchanting—tall greenery with maze-like pathways. Read my Parker Palm Springs Hotel Guide here. Back to Norma’s. Brunch was yummy–they promptly came with ice water for Weston and a daily fresh baked treat!

The iconic Trina Turk stores (for women, men & home).

If you’re looking for a relaxed activity to do with your pup and you’re really into cactus like me, check out the Moorten Botanical Garden’s. It’s a short 20 minute stroll through all different species of cactus and succulents. They also sell some cute ceramic plant holders and inexpensive succulents! Admission $5. Dogs: $0.

what to do with dog palm springs

5 Dog Friendly Hotel Restaurants Not To Miss in Los Angeles

viviane avalon beverly hills

5 Dog Friendly Hotel Restaurants Not To Miss in Los Angeles

There’s something about hotel restaurants that I just LOVE. Walking through a hotel lobby to get to your table just feels more chic. In Los Angeles, there are plenty of restaurants that offer outdoor patios with a spectacular, sunny view but which ones allow pups?

Well, we recently did a little food tour with Watson & Walls to scope out the best dog friendly restaurants in Los Angeles—all inside beautiful dog friendly hotels with gorgeous decor.

Viviane at Avalon Beverly Hills

The Avalon is tucked away like a hidden gem in the residential neighborhood of Beverly Hills—and what a gem! Step into the world of the 1950s to a hourglass-shaped pool, mid-century meets modern vibes (designed by famed Kelly Wearstler) and old school California cool.

Grab your sunglasses because Viviane‘s outdoor patio is poolside. We loved the California-inspired cuisine and the matching backdrop! The food was yummy with Mediterranean-inspired dishes like hummus, olives and herbed carrots dressed with tahini. By the way, if you decide to book a night with your dog at the hotel, the Avalon welcomes two pets up to 40 lbs for an additional fee of $100 per pet, per stay.

Bandanas by BARK YYC

FIG at Fairmont Miramar Santa Monica

The Fairmont is the hotel you choose if you want to be oceansideFIG is located inside the hotel with a beautiful patio facing the beach. Locals know this spot all too well, as the Happy Hour is legendary! From 5-6pm, get a table at the FIG for 50% off the menu (even bottles!) and enjoy the beautiful view.

We love this spot for all the reasons above, including the delicious food. Did you know you can even order some dishes for the pups? Try the Tail Wagger (beef tenderloin, sweet potato + green beans), Rise & Fido (scrambled eggs, carrots + brown rice) or the Bow Wow (organic chicken, potato + peas).

If you’re looking to stay, the Fairmont just introduced their new Dog Be With You program which offers free charge for pets, all natural dog treats, a fluffy dog bed, dog toys and daily in-room breakfast for both you and your furry one!

dog hotel santa monicaCollar by MiaCara

cattle and claw review

Cattle & Claw at Sofitel Los Angeles

Cattle & Claw has become one of our favorites in town. Why? SO MUCH LOBSTER. Lobster pizza, lobster rolls, lobster tacos, lobster & waffles, lobster Bloody Mary’s. Yeah, that’s a thing. Alongside all of that are huge, juicy burgers (hence the name Cattle) and perfect french fries. 

The outdoor patio is also a good one–blocked off from the traffic of Beverly Blvd (the hotel is located right across the street from the Beverly Center) with spacious grounds so you don’t feel like you’re disturbing your neighbor. 

The Sofitel hotel is also dog-friendly with no extra charge for pets–cheers to that!

Mardi at Palihouse West Hollywood

Step inside the Palihouse to Mardi and it’s like you’ve walked into a garden jungalow party! We loved sitting at our marble table in this gorgeous oasis with an aperol spritz in hand.

Such a great little place to escape in the heart of West Hollywood. I could see myself coming back with the pups and working away in a cozy corner on my laptop.

By the way, Palihouse West Hollywood welcomes one pet of any size $150 per stay. They also offer Pet Packages that include locally sourced PLATO treats, Max-Bone dog beds, ceramic dog bowls and complimentary waste bags for walks.

Nelson’s at Terranea Rancho Palos Verdes

One of the biggest resorts in Southern California, Terranea boasts 102 acres and is perched atop cliffs alongside the Pacific Ocean. The views are just spectacular

Enjoy a getaway (for Angelenos, it’s only a 30 minute drive from LAX and feels like you are worlds away from LA) with tons of room and plenty of hikes with your pup. Hungry? Grab a bite at dog-friendly Nelson’s and take in the sunset.

For hotel stays, Terranea welcomes two pets of any size for a $150 fee.


Traveling to Scotland from London with a Dog

Traveling to Scotland from London with a Dog

By Coco Quill


The requirements for a getaway after a solid ten week heatwave in England were: going to a cooler temperature, international and a place we’d never been before. Thoughts of crossing to Europe with a potential driver who didn’t use air conditioning along with a heat sensitive dog for seven hours, ruled that out as a destination.


Lacking the £1750 for each of us to fly from the UK to Cinque Terre via Victor Private Jets, Scotland soon became the destination. Asking locals @stitchandalbie and @theworldaccordingtoharris for advice, combined with the lack of a driver’s license due to a recent robbery, I got to planning.


Trains from London to Scotland

Scotland has a lot to offer from The Highlands to the train options. Train choices were the sleeper train to the Highlands or Edinburgh at a hefty cost of £195-210 one-way for the time period I was traveling, including an additional £30 dog fee. The famous sleeper car does not include a private loo, nor is there a shower aboard—however new trains “are coming” that will afford both luxuries and even offer a double bed. Taking the virtual tour gave me even more pause.


Traveling with a dog brings into consideration many factors. For us temperature and travel time factors into every decision, particularly with a french bulldog. While it’s great to travel with your best friend, food, local vet and comfort can lead to limited selections and higher prices.

The health of your dog and their temperament means you may bring them, but should you?

In this case, Elle does well on trains but eight hours is a long time and not necessary when there are shorter rides available. It seemed odd to me to have a sleeper train route through the national park, if it’s too dark to see it.


A train from London to Edinburgh can clock in under four and a half hours. LNER bought our Virgin Trains for Scotland. When traveling with your dog, I recommend the quiet car. There is still low talking, but it’s a much calmer environment then the general cars. Seatfrog is an upgrade bidding app letting users upgrade the day of your journey. I won a bid for £19 instead of £60 for a first class ticket, but let it go as the train was fairly empty.


Trains have restrooms, a dining cart, WiFi and dogs travel for no extra charge. The trains pull out of St. Pancreas International Station. Harry Potter fans can delight by arriving early to queue for a photo at Platform 9 & ¾ complete with Potter’s owl Hedwig and a small shop to load up on Potter delights.


Edinburgh is home to the beloved writer, J.K. Rowling. She wrote many of the novels in cafes around town, borrowed names from gravestones and any Potterhead will discover the streets that inspired Diagon Alley and many other Potter locations, making the city a treasure to explore.


Getting around Edinburgh by foot with a dog is easy, however if there are festivals on, crowds can cause major delays, as Edinburgh has many one way streets. Tram and bus are the easiest way to zip around the city with day passes available for a few pounds.


To get to other cities, the best bet is to rent a car. To give you an idea, Castle Craigievar, completed in 1626, is a pink castle six miles from Aberdeen.

Craigievar Castle scotland

[ img credit: @crazycatladyldn ]

Rumored to have been the inspiration for Cinderella’s Castle at Disneyland. It was crossed off my list when I checked the public transport would take 2 hours each way or a hire car—if you could find one to get you there—would cost between 50-70 pounds. A rental car would be best to get to this dog-friendly destination.


One final tip, at any time of year, it’s best to bring rain protection or you could get caught out like model and environmentalist Kirstie Brittain and boyfriend James McVey of The Vamps:

what to do in scotland with dog

[ img credit: @kirstiebrittain ]


For more dog activities in Scotland, head to or


The Ultimate Dog Cafe: Chihuahua Cafe in Edinburgh

The Ultimate Dog Cafe: Chihuahua Cafe in Edinburgh

By Coco Quill


Edinburgh is a city of many wonderful delights. There are mountains to climb in the center of the city like Carlton Place and Arthur’s Seat, the cafes J.K. Rowling wrote several of her Harry Potter novels in while struggling to make ends meet. And, there are unicorns to find, which is the national animal of Scotland.

But first, let’s Chihuahua.

When doing research about Edinburgh, there was one thing that stood out above all, The Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe. Well, this I had to see. Dog pop-up cafes in London were breed specific and we lost interest in the changing policy.  Once I read about it, I found the cafe on Instagram and promptly asked if I could pop by with Elle. The cafe is closed to people bringing their own dogs, as all eight of these tiny divas are trained professionals. There is a dog walking option that can include other dogs, however I wanted to go directly to the cafe and have the full experience so Elle went to have an afternoon nap while I hit the last session of the day (5:30 pm) in full glory.

15B Frederick Street, Edinburgh EH2 2EY, Scotland
+44 131 629 1860


The bright pink cafe is centrally located on Frederick Street, blocks from Edinburgh Castle. Up a set of stairs, the rules were required reading before entering, as I arrived ten minutes late due to traffic from The Fringe Festival. Sorry Tania and Crew. Be quiet, read the rules if you arrive late and wait to be let inside quietly.

Tanya Salitura was fascinated with Japan’s animal cafes, which include owls and hedgehogs for city dwellers who do not have the space in their flats but enjoy animals. .Once her chihuahua, Ama entered her life, she and her husband decided they wanted to move ahead and be all in with a dog cafe full of chihuahuas. Tania worked for a year training all eight of her pack, who go home at night with her, and socialized them with small pop-ups for six months before the opening in December 2017.

The rules at the cafe came out of necessity and experience. There are eight dogs, which sets the human number right there. Children over five years old are allowed, however this isn’t a babysitting service. Parents are held accountable for a child’s behaviour and especially as the dogs choose where they want to go.

Once inside, none other than Ama, HBIC, curled up in my lap for a cuddle. Sessions are fifty minutes, with long breaks for the dogs. Priced so anyone can enjoy at ten pounds a session, there was a lovely university student who was back for the second time that day she found it so soothing. The dogs like her as well, since three of them had surrounded her for cuddles.

The decor was exactly right with Tania’s idea to create the warmth of a grannie’s living room with glamorous, tapestry printed on couches and proper tea cups and plates. Tania has thought of every detail to make the atmosphere fun, respectful and unlike in America, there’s not strict food restrictions, which means rainbow colored cakes. Uh huh, blood pressure down, pure delight is on tap at this glorious magical place.

Being allergic to cats, I was concerned there might be a bit of itching for me afterwards. Eight dogs is a lot of dander, no matter how small the pack may be in size. Almost as if Ama read my thoughts, I realized there was no itching at all. She looked up at me as if to say “Darling, do I have to say it?” Bitch, please. Visitors can expect a high level of sass from these tiny darlings.


Each dog has a personality cheat sheet and fan art, loyal customers and merch is readily available. There’s one little chihuahua that had to be included from America, and that was the recently deceased 14 year old rescue wunderkind, @chloekhardoggian. It happens she and mom Dory were one of our first friends we met through Instagram at @barkbox’s first Petsgiving event. I have a few stickers of Chloe I keep in the back of my phone case. Unplanned, I remembered her in the joy of the moment, and was able to place a sticker of Chloe on one of the couches.

Sassy girls leave the biggest impressions.


I Reviewed 6 Dog Bowls To Find The Best Dog Bowl for French Bulldogs

dog bowls review

The Best Dog Bowl Ever?

Ok, so those of you with flat-nosed breeds know how hard it can be finding just the right dog bowl. They’re either too short, too deep, not elevated, not cute, etc etc.

Not only does Fira have a non-existant snout, she also is the MESSIEST eater. Half of her food ends up on the floor. So, I wanted to look for something with a tray or something that catches the fall-out food. Her bowl would also be tipped over on its side after she was finished eating. She is crazy.

Their bowls for the past couple years have been these Dylan Kendall ceramic bowls with little feet–elevated and adorable.


But alas, it was time for a change…

My criteria for the bowls this time was mainly for Fira. Weston is the quietest, most gentle, delicate eater—he doesn’t spill a drop! Fira is a messy one. Weston also has a longer snout than Fira, making it easier for him to reach his food. 

So, Fira needed a bowl that would be suitable for her non-existant snout, easy for clean-up, something that would stay put on the floor and match our house decor.

Here are the bowls I picked up:


Ono The Good Bowl: When I opened the box for this, I was ooo-ing and ah-ing over the way it was sleekly packaged and just super clean/modern. The bowls are really shallow and wide, so it helps smaller-snouted dogs get into the bowl better. 

The removable silver bowls stay snug in the mat and the best feature of these bowls are that the entire silicone mat stays gripped to the floor so it didn’t go anywhere

Modern Elevated Feeder: The design of this one is uber modern with nice clean lines. I could see this really being a nice accent piece in a contemporary kitchen. It has a solid weight so it doesn’t feel cheap. It’s about 5.5 inches high which isn’t bad but a liiiittle high for Fira. When she started eating, she kept spilling a bunch of the food on the floor. 

Elevated Bowls with No-Spill Resin: this one I wasn’t expecting to like so much but it WORKS. Fira ate her entire dinner and there was not a speck on the floor–woohoo! It definitely slid out of the bowl but it slid into those raised sides and she ate every last bit. This one is the cheapest of the bunch and I’ll definitely keep it. 

Elevated Feeder with Glass Bowls: nice sturdy design with glass bowls and ANGLED so it’s tilted towards your pet for better eating. This one I had high hopes for but since the bowls are pretty small, the food still got everywhere. 

This one would still be great if your pup (or cat) is a neat eater. 

Martha Stewart Slow Feeder Bowl: if your dog eats super fast, like Fira does, a dog bowl for fast eaters is a smart option. A slow bowl is great as it forces them to work around the bowl and gives them time to chew + digest etc. Sometimes it feels like some dogs don’t even chew their food! This one did not work for them at allll. Fira couldn’t get her little face in and just stared at it confused and frustrated—make sure to watch @wtfrenchie IG TV for the full video to see her cute confused face lol.

Hammered Copper Bowl: Um, I only got this because it matched my copper mugs. No regrets. It shall become their water bowl.



I’m actually surprised I loved Elevated Bowls with No-Spill Resin out of the bunch. It was the least expensive one on the list and I usually don’t go for brighter colors like this (the other colors are green and aqua blue) but it checks all the boxes for the perfect dog bowl (for now)! Love that it’s elevated and it is the perfect size. It does move around a little on the floor since it doesn’t have grips on the bottom and is extra-light plastic. It’s the lightest of the bunch in terms of weight but it still wins because it catches any food that falls out. 

Now the Ono is going to be Weston’s new dog bowl since he has no problems with lower bowls. I just love its sleek design and shallow bowl size. So excited they have their new bowls that work for each of them—yay!

Make sure to watch our new IGTV video of the full review and the pups trying the dog bowls out. By the way, if you’re wondering what we feed them, we like to mix it up with homemade dog food or fresh, human-grade cooked foods from our favorite company Pure Dog Food. You can get $20 off your first order with our code (minimum $40 order): wtfrenchie.


The Elevated Bowls with No-Spill Resin  was a great bowl but still not perfect. Fira needed something sturdy so it didn’t move around, high around the edges so it didn’t spill over the sides but not too high where she couldn’t reach. So, I tried a few more…

iBard Dual Slanted Bowl. I was first attracted to this bowl for the style. It’s really soft, pretty and mimimal. I thought this one would do the trick but because the material is very lightweight, it shifts around and still, there was spillage. This bowl would be beautiful for a non-messy eater though.

A slanted dog bowl specifically designed for french bulldogs and flat nosed breeds! This one worked much better—it’s very solid so it stays put but I still felt it wasn’t slanted enough. Some food spilled over the top edge. 

Ok, love the slant on this stainless steel bowl! The only thing you would need is a silicone mat on the bottom so it stays put and doesn’t move around. This one is also the least expensive on the list—less than 10 bucks!

When I was posting about bowls on Instagram, I got sooo many messages raving about this Enhanced Pet Bowl. It’s made for french bulldog problems like this. Sturdy grip on the bottom, large area for their face to move around and at an angle. Some food still spilled over the top—Fira tends to push up the food to the back of the bowl causing it to go over—but this one is probably the closest to ticking off all the boxes.



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