1 Hotel Central Park

Sustainable + stylish

1 Hotels does just that with a conscious attitude towards our environment and keeping their footprint small—as much as an upscale hotel possibly can.

Beyond the ivy-covered exterior, enter through the doors of 1 Hotel Central Park, which by the way are composed of 16,000 twigs, and walk into a live terranium. Beautiful hanging plants and even more greenery on the reclaimed wood walls beckon you in. 

Rooms are rustic and modern with LEED certification, reclaimed wood walls and accents, hangers made of 100% post consumer recycled materials and even the room keys are made from recycled woods. You’ll find a reclaimed chalkboard for your notes and doodles too!

In front of the elevators, an adorable farm table with fresh market fruits is available to grab on-the-go (free). Such a cute detail!

Location, location, location.

Only a few minutes walk and you’re at Central Park! Perfect for the pups. Weston + Fira couldn’t wait to explore and chased quite a few squirrels. It’s definitely a busy location, as it’s smack in Midtown, but great if you’re looking to do some tourist activities in the city. Our favorite part was being so close to the Park. Did you know Central Park allows dogs off-leash before 9AM and after 9PM? Check out my NYC Dog Friendly Getaway Guide for things to do with your dog. 

1 Hotels loooves pets and charges no pet fee! They also provide a cushy dog bed, bowls and toys. 

TWA Hotel

We just had a 1-night stay at the new TWA Hotel at JFK and I’m already writing this post so I don’t forget anything! I flew the next day to Paris so it was the perfect opportunity to stay right at JFK (the only hotel at the airport) to save time and stress. It was suuuch a relief that the airport was literally just across the way.

I honestly don’t want to stay at any other hotel in NY- lol!

We disembarked from Jetblue Terminal 5, so we didn’t need to take the Airtran (score) and a short walk later, we were strolling through the red-carpeted wings of TWA. Reimagined from famed architect Eero Saarinen’s 1962 TWA flight center, this hotel was made for aviation and design fans. 

Ah, 1962—when air travel was glamorous!

Leashes + Bag Strap by SAINT RUE
Top + Skirt by ZARA

Have a layover?

The best feature of this hotel, in my opinion, is that you can book late checkout for only $25 per hour. Check out is at 12pm so we were able to check out at 4pm for $100 more! Sooo helpful when you’re traveling and need the extra time, especially with dogs.

If you have a layover at JFK, you can also book just for the afternoon (4 hour minimum)! Book a room to take a nap, shower, freshen up. I wish every airport had a hotel like this. We asked about the rates but it varies, depending on time and occupancy. 


For the rates (starting at just $179), TWA hotel exceeded my expectations. It feels first class, from the brand new mid-century Knoll furniture in the rooms, the gleaming “Mad Men” style accents, TWA red branding everywhere, and the expansive size of the hotel itself. 

512 sound-proof rooms with either views of the runways or the Flight Center. Every room features floor-to-ceiling windows with power-controlled shades for extra privacy and blacked-out sleep. Pet fee is only $25 per pet but they don’t have any amenities. Right outside the lobby are plenty of grassy areas.

Oh, the gym…

At 10,000 square feet, this is the world’s biggest hotel gym. It boasts a Peloton studio with 20 bikes, TRX machines and tons of training equipment. We made sure to take advantage of it and sweated off the jetlag! If you’re not a guest, day passes at the gym go for $25.

And a rooftop pool, of course.

It was a bit chilly so we didn’t get to use the pool but we had lunch at the Pool Bar. The views were so unique. Watching planes take off right in front of you? So. freaking. cool. 

Food options at the hotel were very good and varied. Paris Cafe, by famous chef Jean Georges (one of our faves!) was very tasty and so was the aforementioned Pool Bar. The “Departures Hall” presents a casual food hall with eateries like Halal Guys, empanadas, oat/fruit/acai bowls + more. 

Whew! I feel like there’s so much to talk about here. Reading Room filled with Herman Miller iconic furniture, TWA branded gift shop, bars/lounges, lots of photo ops and even a free photobooth.

The Connie

Right behind the hotel is an original L-1649A plane that has been transformed into the cutest cocktail lounge! It’s even fitted with the original pilot cockpit and airplane seats. It’s like going back in time. 🙂 I cannot wait to stay again. I just have to say, this post was not sponsored. I even checked the FAQ before booking and they specifically have a line “NO influencer/special media stay requests” lol!

Would you stay at this hotel?? I already want to go back!

Sofitel Los Angeles

sofitel dog friendly

French elegance in Los Angeles…

Bonjour, guys! I haven’t posted here in awhile but I’m back with more hotel guides and going to share Fira’s new favorite dog bowl soon. I’ve been wondering if I should go more review/editorial style writing (especially with hotel reviews and guides) or more personal blog style on the reviews with stories, etc. 

So anyways, Weston’s big 9th birthday was over a week ago and we had a big bash at one of our favorite hotels in LA: the SOFITEL

Not only is it all french-themed (perfect for french bulldogs), there is no pet fee! Love a good hotel that offers no pet fees, because let’s face it: paying almost half the rate of your room just to bring your pet is a major drag.

Back to the birthday…

The Sofitel patio is definitely one of our favorite spots to get the pups together. It’s gorgeous, roomy and extra dog friendly. Did I mention, Fira had her 3rd birthday brunch at the Sofitel last December?

We had a great time celebrating Weston (he’s already 9!!!) and his friends. By the way, the food is decadent and delicious–the lobster tacos are a must! I ordered them twice. Last year, I listed Cattle & Claw as one of our favorite hotel restaurants in LA


The After Party…

More like, we crashed in our room afterward! We’ve been to the patio, private events inside the bar, the rooftop pool + spa several times but this was our first time staying in a room. Walking down the hallways, you immediately feel like you’re in Paris with its cozy, classical, French decor. 

The balcony has a nice Parisian touch, the bed is plush and pups are welcomed with comfy amenities, like a custom bed & bowls. Sofitel also offers doggie menu room service (think hand-cut prime steak + chicken stew). 

Rooms are fitted with Lanvin bath products and the hotel amenities include a full-service spa and a huge fitness center. Not to mention, it’s literally across the street from one of the biggest malls in LA, the Beverly Center. You can also walk to a ton of local bars and restaurants. The best part of this hotel is definitely the location!


Cocktails + Mocktails For Your Dog

Cocktail for you, mocktail for your dog

[ This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ZippyPaws. The opinions and text are all mine. ]

Who loves a good happy hour? My go-to drink is an Aperol Spritz, which I’m currently sipping on as I sit in a cafe in Paris—à votre santé (“cheers” in French)!

One of my biggest changes in 2019 was cutting down on the alcohol. I used to love a bottle of wine at night but now I have a drink or two a week, usually less, depending on what’s going on, ie: if there are any social events.

Ever since I started antidepressants in December, I sometimes go several weeks without a drink. BUT I never feel “limited” and try not to restrict myself. I just listen to my body and it’s definitely craving less. The changes are amazing! I feel more clear-headed, clean and not to mention, it’s less calories, sugar + money!

ZippyPaws recently sent us their new Happy Hour collection of toys and I thought it would be cute to put together some cocktails and dog-friendly mocktails, especially with us in summer. I’ve been a fan of ZippyPaws for awhile now and love how everything is so beautifully-designed and high quality. All of Weston + Fira’s toys have stood the test of time as well!

The Bloodhound

1 strawberries + 1 for garnish
¾ oz. dry vermouth
¾ oz. sweet vermouth
1 ½ oz. gin

Strawberries are super ripe in the summer, so this is a perfect way to use them. 🙂 Muddle the berries in the bottom of a glass then mix in the rest of the ingredients. 

Refreshing and sweet, you can make a dog-friendly version with just water + muddled strawberries!

Onto the next drink…  


The Salty Chihuahua

1 oz. tequila
½ oz. Triple Sec
6 oz. grapefruit juice
Salt rim + grapefruit slice

This drink is pink and super adorable! To make it dog-friendly, I just pureed watermelon. I added some of the puree to the human-friendly drink too and think it goes really well as a blended summer drink. 

(I was not sponsored by any alcohol brands lol but if any want to reach out, EMAIL ME nikcanvas@gmail.com :))  


The French Bulldog

2 oz. gin
2 12 oz. grapefruit juice 
12 oz. St Germain

Yum! I read that gin goes really well with the tartness of grapefruit. I didn’t make a dog-friendly version of this, but had to add this because french bulldog!


The Toys

The pups are LOVING these toys. Why? Aren’t they just like every other toy, you ask? WELL, these squeak of course but the inside contains a special water bottle and you know how much pups adore chewing on those loud plastic things. It’s also removable which you can then throw the cover into the wash! Love.

You could add your own water bottle in it but it wouldn’t have the special noisemaker part. So make sure not to lose the included water bottle. Enjoy!!!



How To Get Rid Of Tear Stains

french bulldog how to blog

Ahh, the dreaded tear stains.

The one question I get THE MOST, by far, is “how do you get rid of tear stains?”

I have a lame answer: they don’t really get them.


Weston never really had them BUT I was looking at photos of baby Fira and she did have some dark undereyes. Well, I hear tear stains are mostly from diet and/or genetics.

From Pet MD:

“Brachycephalic (short nosed) dogs can be prone to tear stains. “The shape of the head and the way the eyes fit into the socket will affect whether a dog is prone to tear stains,” according to Klein. “This is because the connection to the muzzle can be configured in such a way that the tears accumulate instead of flowing through the ducts that normally drain them away from the eye.”

Now the diet…

When I got Fira (11 weeks old), her breeder recommended she stay on the food she was already on til she was 6 months old. So, she stayed on a puppy kibble but after 6 months, I then switched to homemade cooked foods + fresh human-grade foods from dog food companies.

Fira’s undereyes immediately cleared up and to this day, both Weston + Fira’s undereyes are so bright and white. 

Fira at around 4 months old. You can see her wrinkles were very dark. We weren’t really that diligent about wiping them, admittedly, but her eyes did seem to water more when she was younger.

Unedited photo. You can really see them here.

8 months old. Starting to lessen.


1 year old!

June 2019.


I think food makes a HUGE difference. I’ve heard so many stories about switching food and their pups’ tear stains lessening or completely going away.

Making sure their water is only filtered can help. Even adding a teaspoon or two of apple cider vinegar (I’ve never tried it).

I just posted a new guest post from The Frenchie Journal on WTFrenchie blog covering different wipes, removers and a powder called Tylan that works!

clean folds flat nosed

Hopefully some of these tips will help. I know that some frenchies can just have darker underyes genetically but as long as you maintain their folds and keep them dry (in other words, bacteria-free), it should make a world of a difference.

What has helped your dog’s tear stains? Comment below!


My Top Picks From Amazon Prime Day


It’s that time again! Amazon is having their Prime Deals Day today and tomorrow (July 15 + 16th) and there are some great deals, especially for us dog parents. Here’s what’s already in my cart:

K9 Advantix II. Normally $67.99 and now $43.34. SUCH A GOOD DEAL. These are a must, especially in the summers. I don’t give Weston + Fira the oral pills for fleas etc so I get these topical ones. They usually go for a bath once a month and then right away I apply this!

Dyson Animal Pro Vacuum. We already have this and love it! I love that it’s not super bulky but since it’s a Dyson, you know you’re getting the strongest power. Originally $399 and now $279!

Pure Hepa Air Filter. An air filter is so nice to have, especially if you have pets and there is fur flying everywhere. This one is normally $99.99 but today and tomorrow = $79.99.

Furbo. An interactive camera with app that can shoot out treats! $199 now $134.99!

Double Collapsible Dog Bowl. How great is this for travel?! It collapses flat. Made of silicone so it’s easy to clean and wipe down. $29.99. Prime deal = $13.80


Embark Dog DNA Test. Find out your dog’s true breed mix and any health issues. We tried it ourselves (read full review here) and totally recommend it. For Prime Day Deals, originally $199 now $135.


Phone Charging Passport Holder. This is so cool! This passport holder/wallet comes with its own power bank so your phone can always be charged. Normally $55. With prime deal = $35.75


Universal Travel Adapter. All-in-one and works for over 150 countries. I totally need to upgrade mine so this is perfect! $19.98 but with prime deal = $15.08.

iTvanila Ultrasonic Humidifier. Los Angeles can have an especially dry climate (I really notice it when I come back from somewhere humid) so I like to have a few spread around the house. It helps with my allergies and I think just makes insides feel better, lol. This one is so sleek and really goes with our decor. $26.99


TravelPro Maxlite Luggage. This carry-on is adorable. It fits right under your seat on the plane and actually fits a lot more than I thought. There’s a packing video on the Amazon link. $69.99. Prime deal = $35.78.


Beyond Silence Ultralight Backpack. Kind of in love with this backpack. I hate carrying around heavy things, especially if it’s going to be hanging on your shoulders! Waterproof, packable (it folds down into a square) and super lightweight. $26.98. Prime deal = $18.89.


[ Where's The Frenchie is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and incorporates affiliate links. ]


Do You Know What Breed Your Dog Really Is?

find our your dog's breed

DNA testing for dogs? 

When I recently had the chance to find out Weston and Fira’s DNA, I jumped at it! Embark is a kit that tests for over 160 genetic health conditions and over 250 breeds, even wolf. 

Being a french bulldog owner, I thought how perfect this is especially if you’re curious what kind of genetic future your dog could have. If your dog is predisposed to a health risk, you and your vet could tackle it sooner than later. The custom test results can also be sent to your vet.

What breed is my dog?

Although we already know what breed Weston + Fira are since they were from a breeder, this is such a cool feature for all the mixed mutts out there. How cool to know what characteristics your pup could have because of their breed etc. It’s always tricky finding the right breeder, so I could see this helping considerably for future dog owners. 

With the growing popularity of french bulldogs, this would be great for breeders or even pup parents to know if their dog is mixed with anything else. 

The kits we tried included health reports but the new Breed Identification Kit is only for finding out your dog’s breed mix. You can always upgrade later to get their health and traits reports ($99). 


We swabbed the inside of their cheeks and inserted the special Q-tips back into their tube and popped ’em in the mail! Less than 4 weeks later, we got the results.


What are Weston + Fira?

100% French Bulldog!

Not that we were surprised, but the especially fun part was seeing how much “wolf” is in their DNA. Tiny Fira’s percentage is higher than Weston’s!!! Weston is so ashamed (lol).

how much wolf in your dog test

dog dna testing

It also shows predicted adult weight, although Weston + Fira’s actual weight is lower than the number they predicted. I guess because they were the runts of the litter! Genetic Age results are their current ages.

We also found out they did not test positive for any genetic diseases Embark scans for or common diseases in the breed including hereditary cataracts, kidney + bladder stones, degenerative disorder of the spinal cord and more. Yay!

embark dna test results


French Bulldog Ancestry

Another cool feature is seeing where their mom and dad came from in the world. You can see the type of haplogroups and haplotypes your dog has which can explain how your dog’s ancestors migrated across the globe. You could also use this information to confirm their origins or verify their pedigree. You’ll also see a section that shows other dogs’ profiles who have done the test who share certain DNA (relatives?!).

embark dna dog testing


Interesting stuff! We were so giddy opening their test results—it’s like finding out who their birth parents are or something, haha. Overall, I think this test is totally worth it to find out what breed(s) your furry loves are and more importantly, what potential diseases they could carry. 

wtfrenchie blog


embark dna kit


Congrats Laura Nelson!


Order your own kit now!

[ Disclaimer: Where's The Frenchie is not affiliated with Embark. We were sent these DNA kits for our honest review and experience. However, if you order through the button above, we will receive an affiliate comission which helps keep this blog running smoothly. We only recommend products we fully believe in! ]

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