Pet Passports: Who Issues Them + What’s Brexit Got To Do With It?


pet passports after brexit

Pet Passports: Who Issues Them and What’s Brexit Got To Do With It?


Every country has different entry rules for pets.

This article is to help cut the stress of having to learn what the requirements are, but does not substitute of doing your due diligence through each country’s rules. A pet passport cuts down on paperwork entering the U.K. by inches.

What does a pet passport have?

A pet passport contains your dog’s microchip number and other vital details of shots within it. Microchips are scanned during any foreign travel to ensure it is the dog on record.


Britain and Australia are both rabies-free countries. Australia may have cut their quarantine time to a 10-day minimum meant to protect humans and animals from the spread of non-native diseases, yet there’s up to six months of waiting for processing. Thanks Johnny Depp and Amber Heard for using your celebrity to show the utmost disregard for quarantine laws—how’d that work out again? Not so great for anyone. 🙁 Australia has one of the strictest and most costly processes for entry with a pet. It can cost $4000 to enter Australia, including from New Zealand.


Respect the quarantine laws. I witnessed an English woman claiming to be a frequent traveler on the Eurotrain, which takes cars, crying about not knowing the rules at the Pet Border Control Center on the French side. The French government was not amused. Travel is not as easy as it once was, so ask yourself again, although it’s possible to do, is it necessary?


I chose to travel to Scotland, which requires no paperwork traveling from England as a last adventure in the UK. Edinburgh is a four-hour train ride from London St. Pancras Station. Again, each country and the relationship the origin country has with it is different.


france passport


A pet passport is currently issued in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Enter Brexit. What does that mean for pets? There has been great concern if Brexit goes through, those EU passports won’t be valid for travel.

The government has made it clear if BREXIT goes through, UK Pet Passports in existence, are grandfathered into the process.

EU pet passports issued prior to Brexit will still be valid for travel to the UK. At the end of the day it comes down to paperwork and money, so breathe deeply darlings, it will be fine, as long as you do your research. Passports issued following the exit will have more restrictions and can take upwards three months to get approved.


As always, and is the law now in many countries: have your dog microchipped. You cannot travel internationally without it. If you don’t have one, blood samples will be sent to an EU-approved blood testing laboratory, complete with a three-month waiting period after the blood sample was taken before you can travel. If the results are not successful, vaccination and another blood test thirty days later will be the next step. Seriously, if you have the inclination, get the passport now. However if you are American, fly to the EU, then get a passport in the EU before you enter the UK.


Confused yet? If your pet is going back to the UK, they require a shot within five days of travel, otherwise you’ll need to get to a vet in the EU to re-enter the UK. 


Your pet must have one of the following documents when returning to the UK:

  • an EU pet passport (issued in the EU or in the UK prior to EU Exit)
  • the animal health certificate issued in the UK used to travel to the EU (which you can use up to 4 months after it was issued)
  • a UK pet health certificate (for travel into the UK only) 

There will be no change to the current health preparations for pets entering Great Britain from the EU after Exit.


UK nationals living in the EU

If you’re living in the EU and plan to travel with your pet using a UK-issued pet passport, you should speak to your local vet. They’ll be able to help you understand the impact of EU Exit and ensure you’re compliant with EU Pet Travel Regulations.

If you have a pet passport issued by an EU member state, you can use it to bring your pet to the UK.


Pet Travel Scheme helpline

Contact the Pet Travel Scheme helpline if you need more information.

Pet Travel Scheme helpline 0370 241 1710


The 6 Biggest Surprises Of Owning A French Bulldog


Are french bulldogs taking over?

Frenchies have become such a popular breed; I’m surprised they don’t rank in the Top 3. The American Kennel Club ranks French Bulldogs as sixth most popular in the US. 

Fun fact: I honestly had no idea what a French Bulldog was nine years ago. I wasn’t introduced til 2010 and my first thought (don’t hate me): that is the ugliest dog ever! I know. I was closed and now my eyes are open. I finally awoke from a bad dream, lol.

I guess that was my first biggest surprise! I get so many questions about Weston + Fira and about frenchies in general on Instagram and IRL. I am just now so in love with the breed. Here are the other 6 things that totally surprised me about having french bulldogs in my life.

1. Get used to having frenchie “glitter” all over you

I had NO idea french bulldogs shed this much. Since they have a single coat of short hair, I assumed they would be low maintenance. Their little hairs can actually be pretty coarse and stick in your clothes like needles. We’ve just gotten used to having white fur all over our clothes and gathering like dust bunnies on the floors. 

2. They’re not just couch potatoes!

With their round bodies and meaty rolls, most assume french bulldogs are lazy dogs but I’ve found that most are very active and love to run. Since Fira is so small, she does get tired eventually but Weston could run a marathon. When he was younger, I used to take him jogging with me to Runyun Canyon (stairs/hiking) and he kept right up with me. 

They love to wrestle + play and are up for a lot of activities. Although they do make great apartment dogs because of their size, it’s important to give them daily exercise.


3. Please don’t leave me

This breed is definitely known to be your shadow. Frenchies don’t like to be left alone for too many hours and prefer to be with their owners 24/7. Seriously. If we are all out and either Jon or I go into a store/bathroom, Weston + Fira will wait near the door and keep their eyes locked

If I’m holding one of my friends’ frenchies and they leave for a second, it’s the same thing. Their frenchie will not budge until their mom comes back.

They are definitely an affectionate breed and are your best (and most clingy) friend. 

4. Health 101

So, yes, I’m sure you’ve heard that frenchies have a lot of health problems. There are so many different factors to this, depending on how they were bred, their diet and genetics. It’s hard to tell what health issues your frenchie will have in the future, if any. Weston is 8.5 years old and has literally never been to the vet for anything. I think he may be the most least-seen frenchie at the vet, lol. Fira is 3 and she’s already had the nasal + throat palate surgery (to help with breathing) and has been to the vet for a few things (bacteria infection in her muzzle, bacterial pneumonia). But no back/IVDD/hip surgeries; knock on wood!

They definitely need more care than other dogs. Like, cleaning their folds and wrinkles to prevent bacteria from growing. Making sure they don’t jump off beds too often (can add strain on their backs) or even getting a shorter bed. We’re considering a flat japanese-style platform bed in the future. We’re going to risk our own backs instead, haha.

Frenchies also overheat. Make sure you don’t take them out for too long when it’s hot outside. I think they hate the summer because they don’t get to run outside as much! Consider a cooling vest, a cooling pad or bandana.

Many french bulldog owners get pet insurance for these reasons, so that may be something to look into. We personally didn’t get insurance for them.

5. Obsessed

Once you become a frenchie mom/dad, you will yell “FRENCHIE!” at every french bulldog on the street, on TV, at the park…

Other people will run towards your dog(s) screaming “frenchie!” “omg so cute” “can I touch?”

One time we were driving and Weston had his head poked out the back window. A guy in another car stuck his head out and yelled “FRENCHIeEeeEEee” as he drove by. Weston gets catcalled on the daily. 🙂

You will follow all the frenchies on instagram and become one of those people.


6. Breeders VS Adoption

I never was the type that had a specific breed in mind when wanting a dog–I just wanted a dog to love. But then when I was introduced to frenchies, with their unique looks, personality and mannerisms, it was hard not to fall in love with them. 

I just knew, I HAD to have a french bulldog.

I have this weird guilt/conflict inside about this topic. Because, I totally get it. Even with the kid topic,  we’ve talked about not having children but if we decided to to have them we would adopt.

But the thing with french bulldogs is, it’s really rare to find them up for adoption, unless you rescue which also brings a whole host of other problems. Usually, they are dropped off because people can’t afford their health bills anymore. 🙁

With purebred dogs from a reputable breeder, you pretty much know what you’re getting—even down to their unique personalities. 

It’s still a strange conflict I have and our next dog will definitely be adopted/rescued. What are your guys’ thoughts on the topic?


Photos by: Mary Carmen Haber

1. Massimo Dutti Cotton Shirt With Pockets.

2. SAINT RUE City Leash. [15% off code: rue15]

3. Pawmigo Free-Fit Harness. [10% off code: WTF10]

4. Round Rattan Bag

5. WTFrenchie Frenchie Mom Tee.

6. iRobot Roomba. 


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HOME TOUR: Jeni + Laffy from @ParisAndPups

Paris and Pups…

If you saw that instagram handle, wouldn’t you be intrigued and quickly follow too? And a frenchie, no less! I met Jeni @parisandpups in person last year (or it could have been 2017; Jeni? lol) in Paris and we immediately bonded over our love of kimchi (she’s half korean!), design, travel and of course, frenchies. 
She is just as lovely in person as she is online. Her writing style and stories just drift you away into a little corner brasserie in Paris or tinkering away at home in your own quaint Parisian pied-à-terre.
Jeni, her husband and their french bulldog Lafayette moved to their beautiful Parisian apartment from California five years ago. Naturally, I was curious what differences there are between the two cultures. Jeni says she’s always redesigning and moving things around–I guess that’s the plight of a creative! Never truly satisfied and always more to be done. 🙂
So, let’s get on with the questions and dreamy photos!

How has living in Paris influenced your design choices?

Living in Paris hasn’t really influenced my design choices but its because I live in Paris that I’ve learned to adore the typical Haussmannien exteriors and interiors my former modern-self never appreciated before. The perfectly lined rows of buildings designed with chevron parquet floors, marble fireplaces under baroque mirrors and all that bright white cornice and molding! Oh la la! 
french apartment tour


Have you given your apartment “french accents?”

We have one antique French mirror we found while in the south of France that apparently dates back to the early 19th cicle. We plan on a couple additions such adding cornicing on our ceilings and rectangle wall paneling which is typical of the quintessential Parisian apartment we’ve all seen. 

Our building dates back to 1910 and we were told that our doors and brass hardware are original to that time. I don’t have the heart to change them even though the doors don’t close all the way or hardware no longer works. So by keeping those original features, I feel that the original “French accents” remain in place. We also selected antique gold elements such as the kitchen/bathroom sink which is sort-of Parisienne and fits in with the time period of this apartment.

What characteristics of Parisian apartments differ from American?

Oh where do I start! I think the most notable difference is the compartmented floor plans. Although the open-concept living is becoming increasingly popular, compartmentalized layouts are the norm. Each room is dedicated or closed off as it’s own separate and privately functioning room. I don’t know what I’d do if I had to go back to living in a space where my toilet was in the same room as my bath/shower. 


How would you describe your interior style?

I’m still trying to figure that out for myself but I think it’s fair to say that my interior style is very much eclectic. In our space, you’ll find Scandinavian pieces, bohemian touches and modern elements scattered throughout. Living in France has taught me that “Less is more,” so I try to stay as minimal as possible. That also explains why I’m always changing things around. Trying to give it a fresh new look. You’ve seen my IG account. Our home is ever evolving…


What’s your favorite room and why?

The bedroom! I love lounging on the bed and taking in the bright and warming glow of sunlight. Our flat is located on a corner of two streets and the bedroom brings in the most light. Oui, I’m there oftentimes than any other room. 


What’s the most personal piece of furniture or decor in your apartment?

That would have to be the mirrors I designed and crafted in both our bedroom and living area. Those hand cracked marble stones adhered to mirrors adds such a personal and sculptural statement for me. Their display always reminds me to continue creating art and really adds a touch of originality space for me. No one in the world will ever have the same and I love that idea.
marble stone mirror

What’s Laffy’s favorite room? 

Laffy loves whatever room I’m in but if I had to really say, Laffy really enjoys the bedroom the most. In the mornings just after his by-the-bedside stretches or when I’m laying on the bed, he’s always wanting to get on too. Its such a luxury for him when he’s allowed morning snuggle time or those few times during the month when we permit him to sleep with us at night. He’s loves to burrow himself deep in the blankets and sleep sideways. Thankfully we recently got a bigger bed and now it’s been more comfortable to have him up there with us. Who knows, he may get to sleep with us more often which also makes it more challenging when we don’t allow him up.

french bulldog white bed

What would you add/change to your apartment if price wasn’t an object? 

There are so many things I’d like to change but on top of my list is completing our next project; installing a custom built partition between the living and dining area. I have two particular designs I have saved. One with wood archways and the second would be black/grey metal with tri-folding glass doors. I feel that either look would add an interesting architectural perspective that would not only help break up the rooms but also offer a second bedroom if needed. 

You can find Jeni at @parisandpups and her one-of-a-kind mirrors in her Etsy store

DIY: Bar Cart For Your Dog’s Storage

closet storage at home

Perfect storage idea for your dog…

So, as I was browsing Amazon (did you know they have some really amazing home brands now? I’ll link some of my fave finds below), I ran across this adorable Art Deco-ish bar cart and an idea came to me. How cute would it be for dog storage?!

It makes a really neat little area for the pups’ things and fits shampoos and bottles perfectly. I’m so pleased with how it came out! 

See that vent there? We call this Fira’s corner because she sits right in front of the heater vent at all times. She literally turns into a hot potato lying there for hours. 

They have their own closet area but this corner is perfect for quick grabs like treats, poo bags (I put them in a treat jar), sprays, etc. 

Super easy and fun to organize! It also already comes assembled (woo!). Hope you like!

My AMAZON Faves:


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The Most Instagrammable Spots: Nolita/Soho New York Edition

french bulldog and girl

The Most Instagrammable Spots For Basic Bitches: Nolita/Soho New York Edition

Stateside for this edition of Instagram Tips in New York’s favorite area of the fashion set–calm down West Village, we love you too, but with over 13 million people in New York, covering the city in a short amount of time to maximize your feed, can take laser planning. It also helps you enjoy your time with your dog versus spending hours traveling between spots.


By now, you’ve been able to navigate color (London pink edition) and content (Edinburgh edition), as well as themes (dogs and flowers.) New York combines all, with the added bonus of now being a helluva lot more dog friendly than it was pre-Instagram.

“For the gram” hangs in the air as you see influencers lined down Crosby Street’s cobblestone near NOMO Hotel. All winter we witnessed humans during the Polar Vortex in atheleisure wear and sleeveless gowns, from Chicago in swimsuits to holding aloft a giant bottles of rose on Water Street in Brooklyn, after pushing a tourist “accidentally” to get their shots for the gram.


As always, what’s in style is your dog’s safety and your own.

Please don’t step onto active streets near Flat Iron to get a shot. New York traffic gives zero fluffs about your perfect city shot. Now our disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get into our tips…


For those of you who don’t know, Soho stands for South of Houston. Houston is pronounced HOUSE-ton. If you call is Houston, like the Texan city, you’ll be marked by a local with a “T” for tourist and you won’t get into any of those fashion shows you were able to blackmail an invitation to, no matter what your follower count. And you can forget about rubbing it off because a black light, standard at NY hot spots and fashion shows, will reveal it, as trained and approved by Fashion’s first son, Derek Blasberg.


Don’t be one of those people who has a yapping dog who bites, clutching a note that your pooch is an emotional service animal from a therapist who wrote it to get away from your whining. Service Animals are being cracked down for fraud in 19 states. Airlines including Delta, United and American Airlines are changing their rules to include more documentation. Does that stop the flight of the modern day furbabe? Hardly.

The flight we took from LAX to JFK had six dogs and one cat on it.

A crew member told me he was deathly afraid of the large mutt at the back in his own seat. He wasn’t aware of most dog policies but relieved to hear if an EMS dog is seen eating off the train table, the passenger will be fined and won’t be allowed to bring that dog again. Ask yourself, in any situation: although I can bring my dog, should I?

Alright, you didn’t come for a lecture, you came to get down with where to take photos. The rules are murky, and depend upon each venue. For instance at NY dog cafe, Boris & Horton, there is a doored hallway which separates the cafe where the human food is made, while other restaurants welcome dogs to sit inside.

Down a few blocks from there, the always dive bar dba, rejects participants from Santacon (aka Halloween Part Two; think Mean Girls’ Santa outfits), but welcomes dogs. You won’t get great photos here, not the kind we know you want to grow your IG following, yet your stories will become STORIES and laughter and good times roll out back a plenty. This is a place to celebrate with your friends and stop worrying about main feed perfection.


New York is a town you walk around,

So break out those sustainble VEJA’s you bought after seeing Meghan Markle in a pair in Australia and get comfortable. NY is also one dirty ass city so be prepared with a stain remover kit, knee pads (like The Dogist), wipes, water, a portable bowl and hand sanitizer.




But first, a coffee.
373 Broome Street (larger!) + 327 Lafayette Street


CHA CHA MATCHA. I love you so matcha. Our enduring favorites @honeyidressedthepug glammed up this fabulous pink vegan cafe. It’s dog-friendly and I’m obsessed. When I was working in Soho it gave me life in a dreary winter. The Matcha Latte is fabulous, and beware the queue for the loo—it means an influencer is getting changed inside. Made famous for their sold out collaboration with fashion darling, Virgil Abloh (Off-White’s founder and Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director for Mens Wear), this spot is for all of you who would #travelforpink. Plus mmm, matcha was the drink of choice for Japanese Empresses.




35 Spring St, New York, NY 10012

salmon toast

Blue Stone Lane serves up thick sourdough toast with toppings like salmon, poached eggs, avocado and bananas on thick sourdough bread that make you forsake the need to give up carbs forever. The coffee is damn good though and they have partnered with Bark to produce a very cute coffee cup toy. Pop in for a wam up as we transition to spring for that blue and white cup.




3 Crosby Street

new york flowers dog

MAX BONE. A must for any dog, as if you needed an excuse to go in there. They do sell candles for the humans. Aside from the gorgeously designed poop bag holders (bring back the elephant, darlings), the Max Bone has a dog house they cover in flowers.




9 Crosby Street

NOMO HOTEL. Slide down a few steps from Max Bone for bonus shots at NOMO. This hotel has a cool wall with street art, a covered trellis to the entrance and outdoor seating with heat lamps. The influencer watching is amazing from high school students to women in gowns. Not. To. Be. Missed.




123 Lafayette St

glossier dog friendly

GLOSSIER. Yes, the pink palace of Millennial success. The staff love dogs; they even have their own instagram @dogsofglossier. Inside their HQ, while Byredo candles burn, wander to the back mirrored room. There are massive ‘boy brow’ props that filled me with delight. This is my favorite Glossier product until they gave me a sample of their face wash and I was blown away by how soft my skin felt. But not an ad; it’s fun, things are pink, you can buy make-up and dog-friendly.




42 Crosby St

GREATS. Not to make you do all your shopping but if you forgot those aforementioned VEJA’s, pop into my fave sneaker makers: GREATS. I met with the co-founder, Ryan Babazien, when they were a staff of four. He’s a disrupter, dog lover and got so much energy. I’m really inspired by him so again, not an ad. The store is great if you don’t have an IG perfect set-up at home.




106 Kenmare Street


THE CORNER/LA ESQUINA. The neon “CORNER” in bright pink is an institution of Soho. A doggy window if all the walking around is giving you some hanger. Pop to the shop, grab some food and then people watch while you refuel in the park across the street from it. This colorful food joint reminds me of old school New York. Pop-by and you won’t regret it. For a date night (minus your pup, La Esquina, the formal restaurant inside is a sexy night. MMM.)




174 Elizabeth St


PIETRO NOLITA. All pink everything. The owner, Pietro, is Italian and loves dogs. What he doesn’t love is people who are not self aware enough and take 10-15 minutes of photos without contributing to his charity fund for the Susan G. Komen foundation, thus the stickers that say “Pink As Fuck.” So please, go inside (yes, he will allow your furbaby) and give a contribution when taking photos here. It’s one of the most photographed spots, so you may have to wait but it’s worth it for the love.


Little Italy Bonus: head into Little Italy. The Audrey Hepburn street art is worthy of getting that perfect snap together. We know you dressed to twin and this is the perfect spot.

What are other spots in NYC are we missing?


Review: Organic Pet Care Line from Zogics Pet

Hi guys! Sooo, how often do you bathe your dog?

This might sound gross but Weston + Fira only end up getting baths once every 6-8 weeks. Of course, if they have been at the beach getting muddy or have dog drool on them from the dog park, they’ll get one or at least a wipe-down. But otherwise, I don’t really find them getting stinky or dirty.

I find their natural scent smells soooo gooood–it smells just like doll hair.

When it’s time for b-a-t-h—by the way, I can’t say the word around Weston or he’ll run away. He literally knows that word and skiddles sideways to another room. To make it easier on everyone, I usually just wash them myself

I get in the tub with them too. I think it makes them feel safer. Or they could be quietly seething and wondering if they can chew my fingers off.

Well, I just discovered this new, all-organic line Zogics Pet. I actually met the founder last year when we visited 33 Main in Lenox Massachusetts! Zogics is also based in Lenox–the cutest little town ever.

All natural, organic ingredients

These products are so clean. Free of parabens, pH balanced and organic. I don’t use products that have parabens or harsh SLS and your dog(s) shouldn’t either. Harsh soaps/SLS can really dry out their skin.

After their baths, Weston + Fira are SO SOFT! Even strangers have been commenting. After shampooing and washing, I sprayed the Conditioner all over then wiped them down with a towel. When they were all dried, I spritzed a few more times. The scent is so nice and mild—vanilla almond with Moroccan argan oil. 

grooming french bulldogs

My new fave is actually this Waterless Shampoo. It’s a foam and you just apply + wipe it down. A must for travel. If you follow and watch our IG stories, last night Fira got into the fireplace chasing her ball and when she turned her head around, we DIED. She had black soot around her eye like a huge eyebrow. It was seriously adorable.

Water didn’t wipe it off so I used the foam and it worked like a charm! It also leaves such a clean, almost-dry feeling.


If anyone is interesting in trying them out, the prices are really good, especially the 4-pc set ($55.80)! And you can get 20% off with code: WTF20

What To Pack When Traveling With Dogs

wheres the frenchie

What To Pack For Your Dog?

Most people I know overpack and bring half their closet on trips, but I definitely have the opposite problem. I have been known to pack so little, I forget my toothbrush and shoes and end up having to buy an outfit or two while I’m traveling. But I truly prefer it that way. I don’t like the added weight and mess, plus I like to shop and bring home all the good finds.

It’s the same way for the dogs. I bring the essentials and try to pack as light as possible. For example, I don’t bring food/water bowls (just a collapsible water bowl) because you can always find bowls wherever you are staying. In a pinch, you can even ask for a takeout container from a restaurant. 

what to pack when traveling with dogs

Your Carry-on Bag

So, the pups in their carrier become your carry-on bag and you have to check-in your luggage. Weston, 23 pounds, fits inside a Sherpa (sz L) bag comfortably and Fira, 14 pounds, is in the Vanderpump Graphite Carrier (for smaller size dogs).  Here’s my list of favorite airline carriers for dogs. They sleep right through the flight! Most people don’t notice the dogs when we settle into our seats but when we land, I can’t count how many times people have said, “OMG there was a dog on here??

Make sure to utilize the pockets when you’re traveling! It’s easy to forget about those but it’s a good idea to put your stuff in there so it’s right there at your feet when you’re in your seat. 

As for packing…

So, I always have a neck pillow. I only started using one the past year and I honestly don’t know what took me so long. Sleeping on my fist and waking up numb was the norm. Fantastic.

travel french bulldog

what to pack for dogs

I love these clear plastic zip bags for organizing my clothes and the dogs’ clothes. These bigger ones are great for sweaters and bulkier clothes. I honestly love these–they’re cheap, clear and make organization much easier. 

I love planning a few outfits I know I’m definitely going to wear (whether we’re going out, more formal wear or outdoor activities) and pack around those outfits. I wear mostly neutrals so that makes it easy knowing everything almost always will match. I also roll up most of my clothes for maximum space.

Black leather pants, frayed denim jeans, an oversized white v-neck tee, an olive tank, a classic LBD and nude heels are my staples! Always pack a bikini, even if your destination isn’t always warm, for spontaneous spa days or for a random hot spring that could be nearby?!


how to pack lightly
travel with your dog


It’s always a good idea to pack a small pouch (WTFrenchie Spirit Animal Bag $15) with dog treats, extra poo bags, wet wipes and a lint roller (frenchies are shedders). I pack their food in a resealable bag and forego the bowls. Every dog-friendly hotel these days offer bowls or you can always call for an extra bowl or cup.

Make sure to get a health certificate from your vet before you travel on a plane and withhold your pup’s water intake so they can fly with an empty, comfy bladder. Read more on my next post: Step by Step Guide to Flying With Your Dog.

Safe travels!

  1. Samsonite Freeform Hardside Spinner. Perfect carry-on suitcase that’s scratch-resistant and uber chic.
  2. Zogics Pet Waterless Shampoo. Organic formula cleans quickly for on-the-go! (PS: 20% off with code: WTF20)
  3. Jetset Toiletry Bags. Handy bags for organizing!
  4. GAP High Waist Skinny Jeans Pink. I just got these on a whim walking past the GAP store because I liked the soft pink color. They actually fit amazing and are such a great deal (GAP always has 50% off sales). I bought them in white too!


Where's The Frenchie is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and incorporates affiliate links.

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