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Hello Old Hollywood Glamour…

You all know just how much I love a staycation. I recently shared our favorite date night idea (a staycation, of course!) with Chewy—check out the article for 11 date night ideas. Since I can remember, it’s always been a thrill to have that key card in hand, open the door and settle into a clean, quiet room. If I could, I think I would rather live in hotels for the rest of my life than have my own house. πŸ™‚ 

So, I scanned through some hotel lists and found a local spot I haven’t heard of before: The Prospect. Located in the charming Whitley Heights neighborhood of Hollywood, I found out it had just opened a few days before! When I saw the lush, jeweled decor, I was instantly hooked and booked (ha ha).


Designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the hotel pays homage to the literal birthplace of Hollywood and its stars, their names printed on each room. C. Grant, J. Dean, G. Garbo and more, every room is designed in its own unique flair with rich details and sumptuous glamour. There are only 24 rooms which give this hotel a secluded air with plenty of privacy.

It’s located in a residential area but still super close to all of Hollywood. Walk down a block and hit Hollywood Blvd. Speaking of walks, dogs are of course welcome here. $100 per pet.

This post was not sponsored, by the way. We really enjoyed our stay and the service was so personable (one the perks of staying at a smaller boutique hotel, in my opinion). We will be back!

Harnesses by SAINT RUE (for $5 off, use code: wtfrenchie)

How I Style My Outfits With My Dogs

french bulldog outfit

Who doesn’t love a good outfit?

The perfect look makes you feel so confident and ready to take on the day! Since I pretty much take the pups everywhere with me, that means matching is definitely in the cards.

“Dog Mom” has not only become its own members club, it’s also its own noun; a puppy cradled in an organic cotton baby sling, bookmarking organic homemade dog food recipes and making sure your pup also has your wardrobe, but in mini size—all totally normal for this generations’ dog mom.

I’m sure you already follow a few stylish dog moms! I love seeing what Maitri + Ari from Honey I Dressed The Pug will post next. They are just goals, right?!


And another frenchie mom with ultimate #styleinspo: An + Diesel (her blog is at Haute Pink Pretty). BTW, leave a comment with your fave dog mom IG accounts so I can follow!


Honestly, after all that work putting together the perfect outfit, your dogs’ accessories should complement and enhance the rest of your look. πŸ™‚ 

I actually don’t like to put Weston + Fira in too many bulky sweaters or jackets, particularly because french bulldogs are known to overheat—plus, Weston + Fira don’t love wearing clothes. 

So, what I do is focus on the accessories.

dog mom

About a year and a half ago while traveling, I started to get inspired to create my own leash. Most leashes out there just don’t seem travel-friendly or fashion-forward. The leash I designed is shorter than average, so you have more control in crowded streets, busy airports + wherever you’re going. 

It also adds a bold touch + enhances any outfit, in my opinion, especially if you’re more of a neutral-wardrobe girl (me). Add a pop of chic stripes and your look is complete.

Which is whyyy I knew when I was making this, I had to make matching bag straps for dog moms. It was the first thing I thought of! Everything matches—from the collars to leash to belt.

So even if I throw on their harness or collar, I know it will coordinate with my outfits and keep Weston + Fira close to me. OK, let’s get to the looks.

Oh and by the way, my line is called SAINT RUE. πŸ™‚

style blogger
french bulldog model
Acne Studios belted coat
Alice + Olivia wide leg pants
Maxbone sweater
Saint Rue harness + leash in "Rue Cambon"

fashion dog leash

girl with french bulldogs

Derek Lam belted blazer
APC The Sneaker
Saint Rue Harness, Leash, Strap

girl and dog on street
street fashion dog
french bulldog blog
stylish dog leash
french bulldog harness
chic dog leash
french bulldog owner
stylish dog leash french bulldog photo Gucci Leather Boot Sylvie ZARA leather snap button oversized shirt ZARA leather skirt SAINT RUE City Leash in "Rue St Honore"

Here’s What Happens During An Animal Reading

Do you guys believe in stuff like this?

For years I was very into it. I’ve done past life regressions (for myself), chakra balancing sessions, hypnosis, reiki, charged my crystals, blah blah blah. In the past year and a half, I’ve slowed down on all that—I don’t even believe in past lives anymore. But I do like to keep all possibilities open.

Before I get way too into that + off tangent, let’s get to the crux of the matter: Weston!

Why did I decide to get an animal reading?

Let’s be real. Weston has been through A LOT. 

I got him 9 years ago. I was single at the time and going through a recent breakup. Just 8 months after Weston came into my life, I left solo to South America for 5 months to ~find myself.~

This puppy was less than a year old and his new mom leaves him with various friends + random dogs and he gets shuffled between houses like an orphan.

He has been with me through some of the highest highs + lowest lows—deep depression, alcohol, meltdowns, social anxiety, instability. It actually might be a miracle Weston isn’t a deranged feral thing (or me).

So, what are Weston’s “issues”?

  • He has high high anxiety. He’s always in “protect” mode, which must be exhausting. New surroundings, new dogs + unfamiliar situations really get him triggered. He reacts by antagonizing and trying to control. He can be a real “Wes-hole.”
  • The second the seatbelts in the car unclick, he CRIES and panics. Don’t leave me!
  • If we bring him with us to a restaurant, he sits on a lap. If he’s on the ground, he’ll go after the waiter’s feet and try to BITE their shoes (waiter’s tip just went up to 30%!).
  • He really goes after people’s shoes he doesn’t know, or like, or whatever the reason that day. 
  • He does not like little kids. We keep him away. 

Other than that, I swear he’s a sweetheart lol! I know he has residual issues from his past. But no matter how “perfect” a life we’ve tried to create for him, these have become on-going patterns.

Finding the Animal Communicator…

I wasn’t actively looking but a random post popped up in a Facebook group discussing their dog’s behavior and someone posted this woman’s card. Since she was based in LA, I quickly booked an appointment and asked if it could be in person.

Well, it turns out she couldn’t do it in person because of her schedule that day.


But her reviews were good and I figured, let’s just do this. We did it over Skype/video chat.

The philosophy of “energy” is that you don’t even need to be in the same room as someone to feel them—just like clairvoyants, etc. So, it just depends on how much you can stretch your belief on this. Trust me, I’m in the middle and I hover back and forth.

The healer and I spoke about the issues and his past. Nothing she said surprised me because I know that our animals are basically our mirrors.

She twiddled and wiggled her fingers and said she was releasing energy in many different areas of Weston’s body and chakras. She told me he was very confused. She also said he was stuck in certain memories and triggered by his past, which is obvious—hello! 

Mind you, Weston had left the room earlier for a little nap in the bedroom.  

I did some tapping on my heart (I’ve actually tried EFT tapping on Weston + Fira a few times in the past—exploring YouTube can be quite the adventure). Together, we visualized him in a violet sphere,  then imagined his bad memories in a bubble and blew it away, dispersing all angsty thoughts. She said to closely observe his behavior over the next 4 days and to let it all really sink in.

Our Skype hour was finished. I closed my laptop and went to snuggle with Weston. He looked so peaceful, with his sleepy eyes in his imaginary violet bubble.

I told him, I won’t ever leave you.

I took him out for a walk. He marked his territory on every bush, warily checked out every sound and distrustfully eyed every passing car—just trying to do his job. 

We’ll see how the next 4 days go. Inner peace takes time. After all, after 32 years I’m still trying to find my way.

NYC + Fave Fall Outfits

What a week! We flew to NYC, stayed at TWA hotel for one night, then I traveled to Paris by myself for 4 days (the pups stayed in NYC) and finally, back to NYC at 1 Hotel for the weekend. 

I felt great flying back to NYC and then the next morning, bam– woke up sick. Why must these things happennnn. I got really down on myself—felt truly disappointed in myself for not being able to do most things other people can do. From my point of view, it looks like people can plan social activities, lunches, dinners with friends and still be full of energy. For me, I become SO drained. I have to be really conscious of my energy and space things out. 

But even the most carefully planned schedule can still be too much. I admit this week was definitely overboard—I knew it would be with all the flying and time zones. But still, I had preparations. Immune system pills, CBD oil, calming sprays, turmeric, probiotics, lots of rest + naps.

ANYWAYS, although I napped most of NYC away, I put together these Fall outfits and photos around town. The weather was bipolar, per usual, but there is nooo other city like NYC. By the way, here’s my Dog Friendly NYC Getaway Guide and Where To Eat With Your Dog in NYC. I posted them a couple years ago but there are some good gems in there. 


Jeans: Frame
Boots: vintage
Leashes + Collars: SAINT RUE

How cute is this little wispy top from Zara?? I also want to wear it with a black silk midi skirt and slides. You can really dress this up or down- it’s so chic and simple.

Next stop: Duane Reade…

This look definitely needed some sheer black tights to finish it off for Fall. πŸ™‚ I bought some cheapies for $3.99 and quickly changed behind a product sign. The surveillance cameras got an eyeful, for sure. 


Top, skort + boots: ZARA
Box bag: Topshop
Leashes + collars: SAINT RUE
Dog sweaters: Spotted by Humphrey

Onto a casual look…

Especially for a city like NYC, you need a t-shirt + sneaker look for all that walking. These houndstooth plaid (what is the proper name for this print??) pants are actually thick leggings with a button and zipper. They are SO comfortable and I even wore them on the flight home.

You can pair these with sooo many looks. Throw on a cute puffer jacket or blazer! I ended up wearing a vintage robe I found in Paris.


Tee + pants: ZARA
Shoes: Chanel
Leash + poo bag holder: SAINT RUE

My Nighttime Skincare + Fira’s Routine

We’re setting off for some quick travel again! This time we’re in NYC with Weston + Fira and I head to Paris for less than a week. As I was doing Fira’s nighttime regime, I thought it would be such a cute video to share my skincare routine while traveling, along with Fira’s.

Fira is definitely more sensitive than Weston and has a few products that stays on rotation which include wipes and balms. When I travel, I like to pack as lightly as possible—especially toiletries. I take one skincare bag and stuff it with trial sizes and samples. It’s the best time to use up all those travel size tubes, right?!

DHC Face Wash Powder

Perrrrfect for traveling—it’s a powder. Since it’s not considered a liquid, you don’t have to worry about the 100mL rule and fitting it in a clear ziplock bag for international travel; woohoo! It’s really gentle and makes your skin feel really clean.

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50

A cult favorite. My friend is an esthetician and first introduced me to this exfoliating lotion. I’ve been obsessed with it and even got lucky with a facial appointment at their headquarters on Champs-Γ‰lysΓ©es (usually you have to book at least a month in advance). The toner is not cheap but it is honestly one of those holy grail products that works

Biologique Recherche Dermapore

This one minimizes the pores and helps with blemishes and problem areas. I use it just over the areas that I’m breaking out or feeling clogged. It sinks right in and doesn’t leave a film.

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

I discovered The Ordinary randomly on a skincare obsession forum and a lot of people had these products in their routine. When I found out most products are around 6 bucks, I immediately ordered like 10 of their bestsellers. I use this one a lot for blemish areas (cheeks, around mouth, chin). It’s super light and sinks in, so it’s perfect for those multi-step regimes.

Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment

I notice a lot of those overnight sleep masks feel really slippery and add a “layer” on top of the skin. This one feels a lot better and seems to sink in. I actually didn’t know this was a mask because I have the little sample size so I applied it before my night cream. Maybe that’s why it feels like it sinks in. Either way, I really like this stuff!

SK-II RNA Power Radical Cream

Suuuuper nourishing and rich. I always slather my skin at night so I can wake up with dewy supple skin! 

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Been using the same jar for a couple years now! It is the BEST. I am so picky with lip balms but this one is so thick, moisturizing and stays on your lips. It also smells delishhh (strawberry)!

SmartLash Eyelash Enhancer

I haven’t really seen a big difference but since I have eyelash extensions, I figure it doesn’t hurt to use this on my lashline to keep my lashes strong.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

My favorite part! I love misting my face all day long—but especially while traveling, on flights, etc. 


Pet MD Chlorhexidine

We noticed Fira got some little bumps on her muzzle a few times and found out from our vet that it could be irritations from the material of her bowl or just food sitting on her muzzle (creating bacteria). So, after she eats, we make sure to wipe around her mouth area with these wipes. Now we don’t do it every single time but at least every few days or so.

We also use these wipes on her paws, especially if she has been in grass. I think she may have some environmental allergies. Her back paws were red and swollen and after using these wipes, they went away. 

Maxbone Facial & Tear Stain Wipes

Nice + gentle wipes for whatever general uses!

Natural Dog Company Snout Soother

This stuff is so good. Fira’s nose can get pretty dry so I have to remember to apply this every night or every other night. It sinks right in and keeps her nose sooo soft. It does come in a tin size but I actually prefer buying it in the lip balm size tube so I can just dab it on her nose quickly before she turns her face away, lol. 

Natural Dog Company Wrinkle Balm

This one’s good for those folds and crevices. It prevents any bacterial buildup, crusties and the like. Great for the squishy-faced breeds! I don’t really use this for Fira but I have it on hand, just incase. 

BTW, 10% off code for Natural Dog Company: wtfrenchie

Pet Potion Calm Spray

A relaxing Calm spray just for pups! It’s basically a waterless spray bath with only 5 ingredients (like coconut oil, vanilla essential oil) but the mist nozzle is soo nice and fine. A great last step! πŸ™‚ 

Now Fira and I are ready for bed! 

[ If you purchase from any links on this page, I will receive a small Amazon affiliate commission! ]

1 Hotel Central Park

Sustainable + stylish

1 Hotels does just that with a conscious attitude towards our environment and keeping their footprint small—as much as an upscale hotel possibly can.

Beyond the ivy-covered exterior, enter through the doors of 1 Hotel Central Park, which by the way are composed of 16,000 twigs, and walk into a live terranium. Beautiful hanging plants and even more greenery on the reclaimed wood walls beckon you in. 

Rooms are rustic and modern with LEED certification, reclaimed wood walls and accents, hangers made of 100% post consumer recycled materials and even the room keys are made from recycled woods. You’ll find a reclaimed chalkboard for your notes and doodles too!

In front of the elevators, an adorable farm table with fresh market fruits is available to grab on-the-go (free). Such a cute detail!

Location, location, location.

Only a few minutes walk and you’re at Central Park! Perfect for the pups. Weston + Fira couldn’t wait to explore and chased quite a few squirrels. It’s definitely a busy location, as it’s smack in Midtown, but great if you’re looking to do some tourist activities in the city. Our favorite part was being so close to the Park. Did you know Central Park allows dogs off-leash before 9AM and after 9PM? Check out my NYC Dog Friendly Getaway Guide for things to do with your dog. 

1 Hotels loooves pets and charges no pet fee! They also provide a cushy dog bed, bowls and toys. 

TWA Hotel

We just had a 1-night stay at the new TWA Hotel at JFK and I’m already writing this post so I don’t forget anything! I flew the next day to Paris so it was the perfect opportunity to stay right at JFK (the only hotel at the airport) to save time and stress. It was suuuch a relief that the airport was literally just across the way.

I honestly don’t want to stay at any other hotel in NY- lol!

We disembarked from Jetblue Terminal 5, so we didn’t need to take the Airtran (score) and a short walk later, we were strolling through the red-carpeted wings of TWA. Reimagined from famed architect Eero Saarinen’s 1962 TWA flight center, this hotel was made for aviation and design fans. 

Ah, 1962—when air travel was glamorous!

Leashes + Bag Strap by SAINT RUE
Top + Skirt by ZARA

Have a layover?

The best feature of this hotel, in my opinion, is that you can book late checkout for only $25 per hour. Check out is at 12pm so we were able to check out at 4pm for $100 more! Sooo helpful when you’re traveling and need the extra time, especially with dogs.

If you have a layover at JFK, you can also book just for the afternoon (4 hour minimum)! Book a room to take a nap, shower, freshen up. I wish every airport had a hotel like this. We asked about the rates but it varies, depending on time and occupancy. 


For the rates (starting at just $179), TWA hotel exceeded my expectations. It feels first class, from the brand new mid-century Knoll furniture in the rooms, the gleaming “Mad Men” style accents, TWA red branding everywhere, and the expansive size of the hotel itself. 

512 sound-proof rooms with either views of the runways or the Flight Center. Every room features floor-to-ceiling windows with power-controlled shades for extra privacy and blacked-out sleep. Pet fee is only $25 per pet but they don’t have any amenities. Right outside the lobby are plenty of grassy areas.

Oh, the gym…

At 10,000 square feet, this is the world’s biggest hotel gym. It boasts a Peloton studio with 20 bikes, TRX machines and tons of training equipment. We made sure to take advantage of it and sweated off the jetlag! If you’re not a guest, day passes at the gym go for $25.

And a rooftop pool, of course.

It was a bit chilly so we didn’t get to use the pool but we had lunch at the Pool Bar. The views were so unique. Watching planes take off right in front of you? So. freaking. cool. 

Food options at the hotel were very good and varied. Paris Cafe, by famous chef Jean Georges (one of our faves!) was very tasty and so was the aforementioned Pool Bar. The “Departures Hall” presents a casual food hall with eateries like Halal Guys, empanadas, oat/fruit/acai bowls + more. 

Whew! I feel like there’s so much to talk about here. Reading Room filled with Herman Miller iconic furniture, TWA branded gift shop, bars/lounges, lots of photo ops and even a free photobooth.

The Connie

Right behind the hotel is an original L-1649A plane that has been transformed into the cutest cocktail lounge! It’s even fitted with the original pilot cockpit and airplane seats. It’s like going back in time. πŸ™‚ I cannot wait to stay again. I just have to say, this post was not sponsored. I even checked the FAQ before booking and they specifically have a line “NO influencer/special media stay requests” lol!

Would you stay at this hotel?? I already want to go back!

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