Here’s What Happens During An Animal Reading

Do you guys believe in stuff like this?

For years I was very into it. I’ve done past life regressions (for myself), chakra balancing sessions, hypnosis, reiki, charged my crystals, blah blah blah. In the past year and a half, I’ve slowed down on all that—I don’t even believe in past lives anymore. But I do like to keep all possibilities open.

Before I get way too into that + off tangent, let’s get to the crux of the matter: Weston!

Why did I decide to get an animal reading?

Let’s be real. Weston has been through A LOT. 

I got him 9 years ago. I was single at the time and going through a recent breakup. Just 8 months after Weston came into my life, I left solo to South America for 5 months to ~find myself.~

This puppy was less than a year old and his new mom leaves him with various friends + random dogs and he gets shuffled between houses like an orphan.

He has been with me through some of the highest highs + lowest lows—deep depression, alcohol, meltdowns, social anxiety, instability. It actually might be a miracle Weston isn’t a deranged feral thing (or me).

So, what are Weston’s “issues”?

  • He has high high anxiety. He’s always in “protect” mode, which must be exhausting. New surroundings, new dogs + unfamiliar situations really get him triggered. He reacts by antagonizing and trying to control. He can be a real “Wes-hole.”
  • The second the seatbelts in the car unclick, he CRIES and panics. Don’t leave me!
  • If we bring him with us to a restaurant, he sits on a lap. If he’s on the ground, he’ll go after the waiter’s feet and try to BITE their shoes (waiter’s tip just went up to 30%!).
  • He really goes after people’s shoes he doesn’t know, or like, or whatever the reason that day. 
  • He does not like little kids. We keep him away. 

Other than that, I swear he’s a sweetheart lol! I know he has residual issues from his past. But no matter how “perfect” a life we’ve tried to create for him, these have become on-going patterns.

Finding the Animal Communicator…

I wasn’t actively looking but a random post popped up in a Facebook group discussing their dog’s behavior and someone posted this woman’s card. Since she was based in LA, I quickly booked an appointment and asked if it could be in person.

Well, it turns out she couldn’t do it in person because of her schedule that day.


But her reviews were good and I figured, let’s just do this. We did it over Skype/video chat.

The philosophy of “energy” is that you don’t even need to be in the same room as someone to feel them—just like clairvoyants, etc. So, it just depends on how much you can stretch your belief on this. Trust me, I’m in the middle and I hover back and forth.

The healer and I spoke about the issues and his past. Nothing she said surprised me because I know that our animals are basically our mirrors.

She twiddled and wiggled her fingers and said she was releasing energy in many different areas of Weston’s body and chakras. She told me he was very confused. She also said he was stuck in certain memories and triggered by his past, which is obvious—hello! 

Mind you, Weston had left the room earlier for a little nap in the bedroom.  

I did some tapping on my heart (I’ve actually tried EFT tapping on Weston + Fira a few times in the past—exploring YouTube can be quite the adventure). Together, we visualized him in a violet sphere,  then imagined his bad memories in a bubble and blew it away, dispersing all angsty thoughts. She said to closely observe his behavior over the next 4 days and to let it all really sink in.

Our Skype hour was finished. I closed my laptop and went to snuggle with Weston. He looked so peaceful, with his sleepy eyes in his imaginary violet bubble.

I told him, I won’t ever leave you.

I took him out for a walk. He marked his territory on every bush, warily checked out every sound and distrustfully eyed every passing car—just trying to do his job. 

We’ll see how the next 4 days go. Inner peace takes time. After all, after 32 years I’m still trying to find my way.

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  1. I love this post! Looking at your amazing travel photos with your pups, I couldn’t tell that Weston would be a reactive dog.

    My Georgie has the same issue as he came from the LA Dog Cafe where he was shuffled around from different homes and people, and now it has been frustrating (sometimes scary) when he gets reactive during normal walks. I’ve put him into reactivity classes but havent had much results and actually thought about animal reading for awhile.

    I’m curious if Weston will make progress after a few days!

    • Aww, now that must be so hard for rescue dogs who’ve had multiple homes. I can’t imagine. George is so lucky he has you! And you him.

      Sometimes I think Weston will just always be reactive and that’s OK. We try to create environments for him that are positive and won’t cause him extra unnecessary stress. And that’s all we can do.

      He’s doing great today 🙂

  2. “I told him, I won’t ever leave you.“ My heart was bursting after that! I had no idea how much you and Weston have been threw together.

    Let us know if you do acupuncture on him. I get it done myself but I have no idea how meaty would react if I took him.

    Beautiful post! Beautiful Weston! Beautiful Nikki!

    • Hi Angel! I think that will be next for him- acupuncture. Honestly for me, I feel relaxed afterward but don’t feel TOO much of a difference, so I stopped going. It’s also not cheap!

      Thank you for reading 🙂

  3. This made me SO sad. Blaming yourself and your past situation for his behavior puts such a weight on your shoulders I don’t believe deserves to be there. While I agree, dogs do mirror our emotions and feel our energy, I can honestly say my dog (also a male cream frenchie) does 99% of those same things and he doesn’t have any “trauma”. He lives the cushiest life a dog could live and yet he is also always in protection mode, new dogs have him on edge, and he LOVES to bite strange men’s shoes/feet (why, ugh!). So while I don’t know you, or what Weston has been through (looks like he lives the best life though) I wanted to share and suggest considering these as potential frenchie ”quirks” and not signs of a rough upbringing. Much love!

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