Airlines Flying to London England That Allow Dogs

how to fly to england with dog

Wondering how to bring a dog into England?

Because England is technically an island, this country has strict laws and no dog can enter the country IN-CABIN, unfortunately. Pets can only enter the country via cargo, which means underneath the plane.

Well, that’s tricky if you have Frenchies like me, because French bulldogs are also banned from being in cargo. If you have a snub-nosed breed you need to fly into a country in the EU (France, for example) and travel to England on the channel/ferry.

But for those dogs who are not brachycephalic (flat-nose) breeds and can go in cargo, you can fly directly from US to England on United + British Airways.

If you have the means, another option is Jet Pets (based in Los Angeles).  They can help you with travel arrangements for your pet to almost any international destination, customs and take care of overnight accommodations, if needed, for your pet.

Once you have the airline chosen and tickets booked, make sure you have all your forms. Head to the official USDA page to find out the requirements and print out your forms.

For England, your pup needs an ISO compliant microchip (15 digits), rabies vaccination, health certificate from an accredited vet, stamped by USDA office and finally, a tapeworm treatment within 5 days of traveling.

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  1. […] I suggest booking a flight with a U.S. owned airline when traveling to or from London. They are used to having dogs. Do the leg work. No matter how many articles you read, it is up to you to research their pet policy. Confused? Pick up the phone. Most U.S. operated carriers allow you to bring a dog up to 20 pounds. List of airlines that allow dogs in-cargo to London here.  […]

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