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Hi guys. Welcome to all the people who signed up for my blog the past week! I feel like I need to formally introduce myself… so, I’m Nikki. I’m mom to 2 frenchies @WTFrenchie—most of you know me from there.

And most of you know I like to travel and I love art, fashion and frenchies. It’s weird to think I have a blog and put myself out there but honestly it all started with the frenchies. Back story: I used to be depressed and suicidal most of my life and shy AF. When I say shy, like SHYYYY. I never said anything in school (too scared to raise my hand so I peed my pants shy) and adding depression on top of that, I was a pretty miserable, lonely kid. My family and I also moved around a lot—I was born in New Orleans, grew up in Arkansas, Texas (from the sticks) and California.

Anyway, my constant in life was/is BOOKS. I love reading and even thought I was going to be a writer of fiction novels one day (my fave books off the top of my head btw are History of Love, East of Eden, House of Sand & Fog, anything by Paulo Coehlo). From my early teens, I really got into spirituality, self improvement, the subconscious mind. So I read everything I could from Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, etc etc to the classics Think And Grow Rich, The Magic of Thinking Big. My 20s were spent trying out therapists, holistic teachers, shamans, hypnosis, meditation retreats, vision boards, moon circles, ayahuasca—I’ve literally tried everything.

In my mid 20s, things finally started shifting for me, I think… after a 5-month “eat pray love” trip to South America, I came back to LA, met my now-husband, (I got Weston before my trip) started to gain confidence and realize my worth and value and I also quit makeup (I was a makeup artist for most of my 20s) which I wasn’t truly happy doing. I’m 30 now and feeling more myself than ever and THANK GOD because the 20s were highs and low lows for me.

frenchies in bed

And the frenchies. When I got Weston, I was terrible around people—so much social anxiety. Only alcohol helped. Or flat out avoiding people #antisocialclub. But with a frenchie comes the inevitable comments and questions from delighted strangers so you’re forced to chat and after awhile it becomes easier and easier… so that’s what happened. And then I started his instagram. It was an escape for a bit—something fun and I guess, innocent. Sometimes it’s nice to just forget about how serious life can be and what I’m suppose to be doing here as a human, my journey (I can literally think about the human existence for HOURS, no prob). Then Fira came into the mix! Jon and I have never wanted human children so these pups are what we consider our babies. One day we will have a toooon of dogs—no limit.

So, this is me. Someone who lives by “find a way to make beauty necessary; find a way to make necessity beautiful”, someone who believes in making the most out of your life—from the inside. Figure out what hurts you inside, nurture that, feel your worth (no one gets to tell you–we get to decide on our own) and let it inspire you on the outside. Whether that’s travel, beautiful things that make you wonder, books, whatever it is—all of it is giving. All of it is inspiration. I think that’s what the dogs and travel have given to me.


I would love to hear a little about yourselves in the comments… what is your favorite book? Do you get anxiety too? Where is your dream travel destination?

frenchie white sofa

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  1. Do you ever want to say no when people come up to pet your dog? Sometimes I get annoyed when I’m busy ordering food or working at a cafe and get bothered from people petting my bulldog..lol maybe thats when im just in a bitchy mood 😉

    • Oh bitchy moods are very familar for me.. lol. I don’t mind but sometimes I really really don’t want to talk and engage. So, sometimes I just smile and laugh awkwardly or something. But usually, people are just so happy so it’s really sweet.

  2. I loved reading your post! In fact I’ve been following you through my beauty Instagram for so long!

    I’m going through a self improvement/self love stage in my life (post breakup!) and it’s so scary/exciting/hard all the same time. I just really respect how you put yourself out there!

    I’m such a big fan of your puppers too!! #pupperlover

    Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. You’re amazing! I get anxiety from perfectionism. I used to struggle with feeling good enough and (still) overthink a lot. I spent a lot of years in verbally abusive environments so the rule was to either be quiet or fight loudly. No in between. Speaking up for myself and pursuing passions that are my own without second guessing is conscious effort. But it gets better everyday and I surround myself with amazing people that inspire me to keep taking chances and showing my true colors. My dream destination: the Maldives or Mauritius. My favorite book: so many but I particularly love “Cutting for Stone”.

  4. I quit photography because it never made me happy and complete. I am 41 now and i feel like i’m just about to find my niche. Didn’t expect i’d find true happiness wrenching old little mini coopers. After quitting photography i tee listed and joined the US Army. I deployed many times and came back with issues of depression, anxiety and being overvigilant that i only sleep 3-4 hours everyday including weekends. I cannot help it then my doctor prescribed me high blood pressure pills that helped me fall asleep earlier. But so much for that. I do hate taking medicine though.

    My dream destination is London… I want to fly there with my ’64 Morris mini cooper and attend the annual London to Brighton mini run.. Second is drive the mini to Monte Carlo and relieve the 1965 Monte Carlo Rallye.

    Thank you for giving me a good read tonight. The pills are working and i’m getting sleepy. I don’t really read much by the way. Good night and thank you.

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