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Farmer’s Dog Just Launched a DIY Nutrient Mix!

homemade dog food recipe

DIY Nutrient Mix for Homemade Dog Food

Farmer’s Dog just came out with their own Nutrient Mix for your homemade dog food and I am so excited about this! If you’ve been following @WTFrenchie and my blog for awhile, you know that Weston + Fira have been eating fresh cooked dog food at home for years.

Why do I make homemade dog food?

I love knowing exactly what’s in the food Weston + Fira are eating and making sure it’s fresh and healthy. The pups can be picky and Weston even has some food allergies, so being able to customize for the pups is super important. 

If you enjoy cooking, you know the love that you put into your meals. I get so happy chopping up vegetables in teeny tiny pieces, knowing the pups are going to devour their nutritious dinner! 

The Farmer’s Dog DIY Nutrient Mix ensures that I’m adding everything the dog’s need for a complete and balanced meal. No more guessing and measuring! 


“Studies have shown 95% of home-prepared diets of well-intended owners have one or more significant nutrient deficiencies. Feeding an incomplete diet over time can result in serious health problems like immune dysfunction and degenerative muscle diseases.

The Farmer’s Dog recipes and DIY supplement are an ideal way to optimize the home-prepared plan with proper complete and balanced nutrition.”

– Dr. Joseph Wakshlag, DVM, PhD, DACVN


Here’s how you get it…



Type in your pup’s name and you’ll get a customized plan that’s perfectly measured for your dog, taking into account their age, weight, body condition, activity level + more.


Once you’re all signed up, you’ll be able to browse a variety of vet-approved recipes in your customer account. There’s everything from Turkey + Chickpeas (which is what I made!), Salmon + Veggies and Beef + Rice.

My favorite part was the way you can customize the amount you want to make. Here’s a photo of one batch vs two batches, and it automatically updates the recipe with exact measurements. You can even make up to 8 batches — almost 40 pounds of food!


farmers dog diy nutrient mix


I like to buy in bulk, batch cook and freeze. You can find good deals on bulk items, like ground meats. It’s nice knowing that the dogs are eating fresh ingredients that you are also eating yourself!

homemade dog food recipe ingredients


Time to cook! I cooked everything in a large dutch oven pot and made sure the veggies were all nice and soft.

cooking homemade dog food
cooking homemade dog food recipe

adding eggs to homemade dog food

farmers dog nutrient mix into dog food review

Just sprinkle in a packet of the Nutrient Mix, mix well and serve! I loved this process, especially knowing the Nutrient Mixes are perfectly proportioned for Weston + Fira’s needs. And they are just loving their food, of course. 🙂

french bulldog homemade dog food

Wanna get started?

Depending on your dog, these Nutrient Mix packets could last for a few weeks of meals and you can easily adjust the frequency of deliveries. 

If you want to check out these easy-to-add supplements for your dog, start here or click the button below to order (I will receive a small affiliate fee from each order). I’m really happy with The Farmer’s Dog Nutrient Mixes — it makes cooking homemade dog food that much easier!

BTW — on those days you can’t cook and need fresh meals for your dog delivered, The Farmer’s Dog has that too. You can learn more by visiting their website. 🙂

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

homemade dog food for french bulldogs

Is It Safe to Fly with a French Bulldog?

flying with french bulldog

As a mom to French bulldogs, I get it. We want to go everywhere with our pups. It’s understandable that most dog parents want to bring their fur babies whenever leaving town. Are you considering a longer trip with your Frenchie, and you might even be hoping to fly? Here is a list of things you should know before you make your final decision. 

The top concern amongst French Bulldog owners: Is It Safe to Fly with a Frenchie?


Flying with Brachycephalic Breeds

Flying with these flat-nosed breeds can be stressful, so be sure your dog is ready for the trip. French bulldogs and other brachycephalic breeds are known to have breathing issues and other health problems. Not every Frenchie does, but it is still something you need to keep in mind. There have been reports of French Bulldogs and other flat-faced dogs getting injured or even dying during flights, but this is luckily an exception rather than the norm.

That said, Frenchies can fly, and it comes down to finding the ideal flight route, the right airline dog carrier, and preparing properly before the trip. Let’s have a look at how you can make the flight as safe and comfortable as possible for your pup.

is it safe to fly with french bulldog

Veterinary Check-Up 

One of the first things you need to do before you book a flight for yourself and your Frenchie is to schedule a vet check-up. Your pup might be the healthiest dog around, but it is always best to consult a professional before going airborne with your pup. Also, make sure you mention your travel plans so that your veterinarian can weigh in. Most domestic flights don’t require a health certificate but if you are flying international, you’ll need a health certificate for your dog

Be Aware of Warm Weather

Whenever possible, it is a good idea to avoid flying during the summer months. Small, flat-faced dogs like Frenchies can get overheated easily, and while your pup will likely spend most of its time with you inside the air-conditioned terminal and on the plane, it’s good to be aware of the weather, especially when you get to your destination. I definitely leave the pups at home with a sitter if we are going somewhere very warm.

Flying a Frenchie in Cargo vs. Cabin

A common question is whether to take your Frenchie with you in the cabin or if your pup will be okay to fly as cargo. It’s important to know that most airlines do not allow brachycephalic breeds to fly as cargo. Which means, your French bulldog must be able to fit comfortably inside an airline carrier and be placed under the seat in front of you. 

french bulldog inside dog carrier

Sherpa Airline-Approved Dog Carrier

While thousands of dogs fly cargo every year, your Frenchie should always go in the cabin with you. Extra precaution is needed when it comes to brachycephalic dogs due to their short snouts and potential breathing problems. 

The catch is that dogs flying in-cabin need to meet certain size requirements. Every airline has its own rules, but one thing almost all airlines require is that your dog’s carrier needs to fit under the seat in front of you. Some airlines do have weight limits.

Before you buy your pet carrier or choose your airline, make sure to check the airline’s pet policy page and get the maximum measurements for pet carriers. I’ve listed the most popular domestic pet-friendly airlines below with their max carrier measurements!

travel blog for dog moms

  • UNITED – 18 inches length x 11 inches wide x 11 inches height
  • AMERICAN AIRLINES – 18″ x 11″ x 11″
  • JETBLUE – 17″ x 12.5″ x 8.5″
  • SOUTHWEST – 18.5″ x 13.5″ x 8.5″
  • DELTA 18” x 11” x 11”
  • ALASKA AIRLINES 17″ x 11″ x 9.5″

airline carriers for frenchies

Choosing the Right Dog Carrier for the Flight

For small dogs traveling in-cabin, a soft-sided carrier is usually your best option. This is because they tend to be easier to fit under the seat, but they are also more practical to store once your trip is over. Some carriers even fold down, making it super easy to stow away. 


Getting Used to the Carrier

If your French Bulldog isn’t crate trained or used to spending time in a carrier, it is important to take some time to teach this first. You can leave the carrier out in the house for a few weeks, to allow your dog to familiarize itself with it on its own terms. 

It is going to take some time and you want to make sure you start practicing well ahead of your trip. To make crating a positive experience for your dog, start by putting treats or toys into it, to encourage your fur baby to walk in on its own. Don’t forget to give plenty praise and love.

Tip: Put one of your used t-shirts inside the bag, so it smells like you. It will create the most safe and comfortable environment for your pup!

packing tee in dog carrier

Pick a Good Flight for Your French Bulldog

Another step in the process is to pick the best possible flight for your dog. Look for flights with no layovers, if possible, to make the journey short and convenient for the two of you. The longer the flight, the more likely your Frenchie will get restless.

Now, if your flight is more than 6 hours, I definitely recommend breaking up the flight. When we flew to Paris with the dogs, we went from LA to NYC, then stayed in NYC a couple nights, then flew to Paris. 

You might also want to consider traveling in the evening, so the outdoor temperature is nice and cool for your pup. 

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Notify the Airline

Make sure you double-check that the airline allows in-cabin pets during flights before you book your ticket, and once it is booked, contact the airline to let them know you will be bringing a dog. There is usually a pet fee (usually, $125 one-way) associated with taking dogs on planes, and there might be restrictions regarding how many pets are allowed on one flight. Always notify the airline of your travel plans as soon as possible.

Domestic vs. International Flights

Don’t forget to do your research if you are flying internationally. It isn’t just the airline rules you need to worry about, but you also need to double-check the pet import rules in the country where you’ll be landing, to make sure your French Bulldog has all the necessary shots, paperwork and more. This often requires months of preparation beforehand.


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FREE Domestic + International Travel Checklists


Ready to fly?

For those flying with their Frenchies for the first time — preparation is key. Ask yourself: Is my pet too old or too young to handle the stress of traveling? Is my pet in good health? Is my pet okay in a carrier?

Once your pup has been cleared for travel by your vet, you are ready to prepare for your trip. The better you prepare, the more likely is your Frenchie to have a safe and stress-free flight. 🙂


Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about traveling with your Frenchie!

Can French Bulldogs Go Paddle Boarding?

french bulldog on paddleboard

Paddle Boarding with a Frenchie

Most people think French Bulldogs are lazy little potatoes with their compact, round bodies snoring away. It is easy to forget how small dog breeds can also make amazing partners in crime when it’s time for an outdoor adventure. There are even skateboarding French Bulldogs. Now, my Frenchie Fira can’t skateboard but she can paddle board!

Paddle boarding may not be the first activity that comes to mind with your Frenchie (your mind is immediately going to: “can French Bulldogs even swim?“) but the truth is that a properly prepared Frenchie with a great life vest is your perfect companion for a day on the water. 

french bulldog in life vest

Canada Pooch Wave Rider Dog Life Jacket

Use code: WTFRENCHIE10 for $10 off


French Bulldogs are just as capable as any other dog breed to learn how to paddle board. Fira and I will show you how.

An Introduction to Paddle Boarding With Your Dog

Stand up paddle boarding, which is also commonly known as SUP, is a water activity where you stand on a flat and steady board and use a paddle to move forward across the surface of the water. 

Going out on a paddle board is really great exercise for humans but did you know can provide essential mental stimulation for your pup? Fira loves looking for fishies and playing with the waves. It keeps her entertained for hours

It is becoming super popular for dog owners to take their pups with them on paddle board adventures, and if this is something you’ve considered doing with your own dog — keep reading this guide. Dogs can make excellent SUP partners, but you can’t just hop on the board with our pup and expect it to go well. Paddle boarding with dogs, and especially with smaller breeds like the Frenchie, takes time and proper prep.

Can All Dog Breeds Paddle Board?

In theory, any healthy dog can learn to go on a paddle board with you, but it doesn’t mean every dog is going to enjoy it. A very hyperactive dog might struggle to sit still while out paddling, and it is not going to be a pleasant experience for anyone. 

With this in mind, not every Frenchie can learn to become an ideal SUP dog, but you know your fur friend better than anyone, and it you think you are both up for the challenge — why not give it a try? Case in point: Weston does not like water sports and becomes anxious. He’ll start scratching and “booping” the board, almost falling off! Fira is must smaller than Weston but she is quite adventurous and loves paddle boarding + kayaking. 

girl and french bulldog at beach

Paddle Boarding with a French Bulldog

One thing to keep in mind if you are a Frenchie parent is that your dog might not be a swimmer. Like other Brachycephalic dogs, the shape of the French Bulldog’s skull and body make swimming difficult. Always have them in a life vest anytime you’re near water. 

Frenchies may be small, but they are highly intelligent dogs and quick learners when they’re in the right mood!


Five Tips to Get Started with Paddle Boarding

Now, it is time to have a look at what you need to get started if you are interested in paddle boarding with your Frenchie! These tips work just as well for any other dog breed too!

1. Pick Your Board

There are both inflatable and solid paddle boards. Inflatable boards are excellent options for dogs! They are sturdy enough to hold you both, and offer excellent traction for your dog’s paws. Another pro for inflatable boards: deflate, fold it up and take it with you anywhere. Some beaches don’t offer rentals, so this would come in handy!

Choose the type of board you feel more comfortable with and your Frenchie is sure to adapt. If your pup has slippery paws, you might even want to get waterproof dog booties with anti-slip soles, so your dog can’t slide off the board as easily.

I just rent a paddle board from wherever we are. The rates have been anywhere from $15 – 30/hr. Maybe one day I’ll buy my own! 

2. Teach Basic Commands

Your dog needs to know a few basic commands before you can safely head out on the water. 

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Up
  • Off


3. Introduce the Paddle Board

If it’s the first time your dog has ever seen a paddle board, it’s a good idea to introduce the board on neutral ground. If you buy a paddle board, keep it out on the floor for a few days so they can sniff and get acquainted to it. Give your pup some treats on the board.

If you rent a paddle board, do the same in the parking lot or somewhere on flat grounds. 

4. Practice Sitting ON the Board

Next, teach your dog to get up on the board and sit down — do this on land first. There is going to be a lot going on once you get in the water, and you want to make sure your dog has the basics down before you get started. When you’re eventually on the water, make sure you are positioned in the middle of your board and your dog is in front of you. 

5. Practice Falling OFF the Board

This part is kind of tricky to practice without being in the water, but what you want is for your Frenchie to know what to do if you fall off. No matter how great your balance is, chances are you and your pup will eventually end up in the water. Don’t make a big deal over your dog falling off. Help your dog see the fun in this inevitable incident by using calming, encouraging words. 

Once, I lost my balance on my paddle board and it completely flipped Fira and I upside down. I grabbed her so fast and practically threw her back on the board. I never yelled or stressed out. I made sure she knew everything was okay and she actually did help calm me down, as I was focused on her the entire time. 

What to Bring?

Getting ready for a paddle boarding trip means packing the right things for you and your dog. Your Frenchie should wear a lifejacket at all times. Make sure you try a few options before your trip and that it is properly fitted and secure. 

french bulldogs in padded life vests

Buy Canada Pooch Wave Rider Dog Life Jacket

Use code: WTFRENCHIE10 for $10 off

Buy Shark Life Vest for Dogs

Fresh water and a portable water bottle for you and your dog are essential, and your pup might even need to wear sunscreen! Being on the water makes the sun and UV rays so much stronger, so don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your pup’s nose and even ears. Since French Bulldogs have ears that point up, the inner exposed area definitely needs some sunscreen.

When I’m out on the water for hours, I make sure I double up my sunscreen. I wear my usual face sunscreen and then apply an SPF 50 mineral stick across my face, especially on the nose, under eyes and forehead. It might leave a little white cast but it’s 100% worth it!


Bring a Dry Bag to stash all your stuff, including a t-shirt or button-up shirt. UV rays can get strong out there on the water, so it’s good to cover up your shoulders from time to time. If I don’t cover up my shoulders halfway through the paddle boarding, I end up with a sun burn. 

This waterproof Dry Bag keeps all your things safe and dry (it even comes with a waterproof bag for your phone!).

Ta da! Time to Paddle Board with Your Frenchie

That’s it! Taking a Frenchie paddle boarding is an amazing activity that gives the two of you more time to bond. What’s better than spending a day out on the water with your BFF? You can also get a little ab workout while you’re stand up paddling. I’ve found it to be one of the most relaxing activities to do with my dog and for my own mental health and joy.  🙂 

Summer Must-Haves For Every Frenchie Owner

french bulldogs summer what they need

What Your French Bulldog Needs This Summer

Summer is here! Can you believe it? I definitely want to do some dog-friendly outdoor activities like paddle boarding and boat rides with the pups. I have to be extra careful that Weston + Fira don’t overheat during the summer, so we make sure they stay extra hydrated and are prepared with everything they might need like a beach tent, sunscreen and cooling bandanas. During peak sun hours, we are indoors and the pups stay active at home. 

When you’re out, make sure your dog is doing okay with water and breaks, especially if you have a French Bulldog or other flat-nosed breeds. In a pinch, you can soak a towel or napkin with cold water, lay it on the ground and have them lie their belly on it. I also pour a little water on the tops of their heads and ears to help cool them off. 

I put together a list of my favorite things for you and your dog this summer — check them out below!


french bulldogs in padded life vests

Canada Pooch Wave Rider Life Jacket. These padded life vests are sooo cute and well-made. Love the bright colors and they are super functional with a padded chin float for extra support and velcro-buckled straps. Fira’s wearing size Small and Weston is in the Medium. Use code: WTFRENCHIE10 for $10 off.

Hello Summer Splash Pad. This is so adorable! You fill it with water and it has a shallow level of water so your pup can safely splash, play and cool down. Fira’s gonna love this!


Furminator De-Shedding Tool. This brush is honestly the BEST de-shedding comb I’ve tried. It really seems to grip and brush hair away from the base. During the summer, dogs shed their winter coat and lighten up for the summer. Frenchie owners know just how much their little French bulldogs shed — it’s almost shocking how much fur comes out. I brush Weston + Fira for 30 minutes sometimes. This brush is a must!

water bottle for french bulldog

I take this portable water bottle for the dogs with me everywhere. Add some ice cubes before you leave the house.

PetKin Sun Stick SPF 15. Apply on your pup’s nose to protect from sun damage.

Julep Beauty No Excuses SPF 40. I am suuuuper picky with sunscreen. They always feel sticky on my skin or like it’s clogging my pores. I just discovered this one and I am obsessed. It’s clear, lightweight and literally feels like nothing on. I can’t believe it’s actually SPF 40! I give it 10+ stars.

french bulldog on cooling mat

Canada Pooch Chill Out Cooling Mat. Weston + Fira definitely need this during the summer. You can pour water on it and it makes a great cooling pad for the pups! Use code: WTFRENCHIE10 for $10 off.

paw soother balm for dogs

Natural Dog Company Paw Soother Balm. Massage onto your pup’s paws to soothe them after all the walking on hot sidewalks, etc. Use code: WTFRENCHIE for 15% off!

Frenchie Beach Towel. Need I say more? 🙂 


Mini Handheld Fan. Cute little fan that will keep you and your pup cool.


Public Goods Wide Mesh Bag. Perfect bag for the beach, farmers market + errands.

things your dog needs in the summer

Built Insulated Lunch Tote Bag. Such a cute bag to take your lunch, an icy cold water bottle + treats to the beach! 


Dog Treat Molds. Use these trays to make special ice cube treats for your pup! Try coconut water with diced strawberries or blueberries.

Happy Summer!

frenchie in pool


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Short Stories Hotel Los Angeles

french bulldog at los angeles hotel

Newly Opened Los Angeles Hotel…

Honestly, this area near the Grove in Los Angeles needed to usher in some new, updated spots! Short Stories Hotel just opened up right across the street from the outdoor shopping mall the Grove and it is really a breath of fresh air. 

With only 66 rooms, it is truly boutique and masters that old-fashioned hotel hospitality, welcoming you in with a delicious drink (mine was fresh-squeezed grapefruit, orange) at check-in and an adorable Short Stories little black notebook inviting you to “write your own short story.”

short stories hotel notebook

french bulldog in hotel lobby

Stepping into the lobby really takes you back to an era of old-fashioned Hollywood but with its own modern twist, of course. A bright blue curved couch sits on gorgeous black and white marbled checkered floors with a variety of terrazzo planters. 

You’ll find yourself facing a ground-floor pool with a greenery-filled wall and suddenly, a gorgeous urban oasis in a chic courtyard. It’s super quiet and perfect for lounging and dining. 

My favorite part of my stay was the restaurant and just sitting on my laptop working underneath the trees. 

short stories hotel lobby

short stories restaurant dining


The menu offers simple, flavorful dishes from Peruvian-American chef Ricardo Zarate and feature ingredients sourced at the Farmer’s Market right across the street. The food is fresh, healthy, colorful and just really good. My fave dish is the “Create Your Bowl” with salmon, green rice + market veggies. 

The Rooms…

The rooms have such a peaceful palette, a nice curated selection of alcohol spirits and complimentary filtered water that’s refilled everyday. No more $10 waters, thank you! Btw, if you forget reading material, every room is filled with Taschen and Phaidon books.

Up to two pets are welcome. $150 per pet, per stay. Pet amenities: dog bed, dog bowls, dog treats. 

reading hotel french bulldogs

french bulldog dog friendly hotel los angeles

wtfrenchie hotel

short stories hotel rooms

Saint Rue Le Luxe Leash

dog friendly hotels los angeles
white french bulldogs los angeles


The Best Airline Dog Carriers for Your Travels


Which airline dog carrier is best for your dog?

One of the questions I get most often on Instagram is what airline carrier I use when I travel with Weston and Fira. I know a lot of owners of larger dogs are worried about getting their pup through check-in because of the weight restrictions some airlines adhere to. Especially for French Bulldogs because they can hover between 18-25 pounds on average, and French Bulldogs are not allowed in cargo (underneath the plane) due to their flat noses.

Traveling with your dog is such a joy but make sure your pup is ready for it. It can be stressful and anxiety-inducing for your pup and sometimes not worth it. Ask yourself: Is my pet too old or too young to handle the stress of traveling? Is my pet in good health? Is my pet okay in a carrier?

It might also depend on how long your flight is. Is it a nonstop journey, or do you have several layovers? A lot of these factors go into my decision-making when deciding to travel with Weston and Fira. Plus, traveling with two dogs can be extra tricky so you’ll want to be sure you have all the essentials packed with you while your pups stay comfortable.

If you’re looking for the best airline dog carriers, you’ve come to the right place. But first, a few general tips:

Introduce your dog to their new airline carrier.

Be sure to purchase your airline carrier a few weeks before your trip so your dog has time to familiarize himself with his new dog carrier. Your pup will probably be inside this bag for hours at a time, so you want to make sure he’s super happy and comfortable inside it. 

I like to air it out inside the house for a few days, so the new plastic smell comes off of it and smells more like you. Put one of your pup’s toys and a few treats inside and let your dog enter it willingly. Lots of treats and praise! You can even start out with short car rides with your dog in their new carrier. This trick really worked for me in the beginning while Weston and Fira got used to it.

Tip: Put one of your used t-shirts inside the bag, so it smells like you. It will create the most safe and comfortable environment for your pup!

packing tee in dog carrier

Book a pet airline ticket for your dog.

Most airlines are pet-friendly and will allow you to bring one pet in an airline-approved dog carrier. They must fit comfortably inside and be able to stand up and lay down in the bag. 

Usually, it is an extra $125 fee one-way to bring a pet in-cabin and no, they don’t get their own seat. 🙂 You must place them in their carrier underneath the seat in front of you and you’re typically not allowed to take them out of their carrier for the duration of the flight. 

Before you buy your pet carrier or choose your airline, make sure to check the airline’s pet policy page and get the maximum measurements for pet carriers. I’ve listed the most popular domestic pet-friendly airlines below with their max carrier measurements!

  • UNITED – 18 inches length x 11 inches wide x 11 inches height
  • AMERICAN AIRLINES – 18″ x 11″ x 11″
  • JETBLUE – 17″ x 12.5″ x 8.5″
  • SOUTHWEST – 18.5″ x 13.5″ x 8.5″
  • DELTA 18” x 11” x 11”
  • ALASKA AIRLINES 17″ x 11″ x 9.5″

Some airlines have a weight limit (ie: Jetblue is 20 lbs), including the carrier, so be sure to check your airlines pet policy page and/or call their customer service line before you book. Weston is around 24 lbs and Fira is 14 lbs, so I always need to take into account which airline will work for them. And sometimes if you’re lucky, the airline won’t actually weigh your dog when you check in, BUT I’ve definitely had a few occasions where the flight agent did weigh pups before flying or had some extra questions. Be sure you don’t exceed the limit!

Tip: American Airlines, Delta, Alaska Air and United have no weight restrictions!


Now, which are the best dog airline carriers?

I reviewed 8 of the best dog carriers out there.

I go simple and practical with the trusty Sherpa brand. They are the go-to travel dog carrier and very affordable. Definitely one of the best airline dog carriers out there.

I have the size Medium for Fira and size Large for Weston. Fira is around 14 pounds and Weston fluctuates between 22-24 pounds. The carrier is nothing fancy, but it is well-constructed and gets the job done! It also has a fleece lining inside and zip pockets.

best airline carrier for french bulldogs

best airline carrier for french bulldogs

This is another Sherpa carrier I got at Petco recently — I wanted an updated one! Love the camel-colored straps and it’s very sturdy. He’s been pretty comfortable with this airline-approved dog carrier.

Another option I found is an Amazon Basics Airline Pet Carrier. It looks practically the same and has great reviews. From looking at the measurements, it looks like the Amazon carrier is 2 inches smaller in width than the Sherpa. Space is definitely something to keep in mind when flying with your dog.

Prefer wheels for your dog’s airline carrier?


Ta da! Sherpa also makes the same airline-approved dog carrier with wheels. I haven’t used this one yet or even seen it in person but I’ve heard great things about it from friends of mine who travel with their dogs.


dog airline carrier on wheels

DBest Pet Carrier on Wheels Large

This rolling carrier on wheels is one of the largest bags you can find on the market that is still airline approved, so if you have a medium dog on the larger side (hi, French Bulldogs!), try this! 21″ length x 12″ width x 12″ height. From reading the reviews, it looks like if you book a middle seat on Southwest, this carrier will fit perfectly under the seat. The general consensus is “no” to the aisle seat and “sometimes” for the window seat. Middle seat it is! 

Just attach the wheels underneath your carrier and you can freely walk around the terminal with ease. This is a lifesaver as carrying the pup(s) on my SHOULDER running through the terminals inevitably late to my gate with my luggage is not exactly pleasant. I literally feel lopsided because one side of my body is just dragged down by their weight. Frenchies are heavy.

When you’re on the plane, just remove the wheels and place the dog carrier underneath the seat in front of you.

best airline carrier for french bulldogs

Mr Peanuts Expandable Pet Carrier. A nice option for an airline-approved dog carrier that is well-ventilated with mesh sides and top. One side expands so your dog can have room to stretch out and play while you’re waiting at the gate. It’s also fully collapsible, so when you’re not using it, you can store it under your bed or in your closet with minimal space. A great feature for a dog carrier. 18″ L x 10.4″ W x 11″ H


airline carrier for dogs

The Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Carrier is a new find that fits the bill. The length of the bag is 22 inches so it’s nice and roomy. If the airline’s under-seat requirements are less than 22 inches, the sides of the dog carrier can also fold up to 18 or 16 inches! Read full review here

best airline carrier for french bulldogs

Suppets Mesh Pet Carrier. This airline-approved dog carrier with the quilted design is my new favorite! It’s pretty petite at 15″L x 10″W x 10″H, so it’s perfect for Fira and very lightweight – an important feature when flying with your dog. It also comes in a variety of patterns like the adorable floral design. This one is best for pets under 17 lbs. 

dog carrier reviews

airline carrier for dogs


french bulldog in dog carrier

SturdiBag Extra Large Pet Carrier. This one is a lot different than the others, as the top is rounded (instead of square). It has a flexible height, so you’re able to “smoosh” down once you’re on your flight with your dog. The measurements are a bit larger than most airlines’ max but from the reviews it seems like it’s able to fit due to its smushy-ness! If you read the Amazon reviews, it’s really great for larger small dogs like French bulldogs, corgis, etc (up to 50 lbs). Weston felt right at home in this little bat cave while we were flying.

Love Thy Beast Tote bags are not airline approved nor a carrier but I always bring mine when I travel because it’s so handy while we’re out and about in a new place. It’s perfect for cab rides, subway, etc. You can easily fold it and tuck it away in your luggage.

What If Your Dog Is Over The Weight Limit?

If your dog is over 20-25 pounds, it can be frustrating to travel with them since most airlines and even hotels have weight restrictions. JetSuiteX is a great option if you’re close any of their departure airports — most are located in large cities like Burbank, Dallas and Miami. It’s semi-private and sometimes not that much more than an economy flight!

All pets are allowed. If your dog fits in a carrier, there is NO charge! If you have a medium-large dog, just give them a call and pay for the space (not sure how much it costs). They will be allowed to lay on the floor directly in front of your seat.

JSX currently services the West Coast and East Coast. On the West Coast, you can fly to-and-from Burbank, San Jose, Oakland, Vegas, Phoenix, Denver and Dallas. On the East Coast, you can fly to-and-from Dallas, New York, Destin FL and Miami.

These jets have 30 seats and are located in hangars where you literally show up 15 minutes before your flight and hop on. No security lines — or lines in general — and you’re at one city to the next in less than an hour and a half, in most cases. 

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Do You Know What Breed Your Dog Really Is?

find our your dog's breed

Embark Vet: The Best DNA Testing Kit for Dogs?

Mixed breed dogs and purebred dogs provide the exact same love and affection, and when it comes down to it, dog owners love their dogs regardless of breed. However, for the owners of mixed breeds, and especially for the owners of rescues with uncertain backgrounds, curiosity is always there. What is your dog mixed with?

Canine DNA tests have grown so much in popularity in recent years, as science has made it possible to find out a dog’s (supposedly) exact breed mix. The process is similar to human DNA testing.

When I recently had the chance to find out Weston and Fira’s DNA, I jumped at it! Embark is a kit that tests for over 210 genetic health conditions and over 350 breeds, even wolf. 

Being a French Bulldog owner, I thought how helpful this is especially if you’re curious what kind of genetic future your dog could have. If your dog is predisposed to a health risk, you and your vet could tackle it sooner than later. The custom test results can also be sent to your vet.

french bulldog siblings in bed

What breed is my dog?

To better understand and justify the financial aspect of purchasing a DNA test for your dog, let’s look at a few of the benefits. A dog DNA test isn’t a priority investment for everyone, but it does offer a unique opportunity to know and comprehend your fur friend on a deeper level.

The more you know about your best fur friend, the easier it will be to understand him or her, and it can also simplify the process of providing appropriate food, toys, activities, and health screenings. Finding out a few things about your dog’s heritage can make you feel closer to your pooch — it’s not a surprise that dog DNA testing has become so popular!

When you opt for getting a purebred dog, you can often learn things about the breed that helps you understand why your dog behaves a certain way. When having a mixed breed dog with an unknown genetic background, however, differentiating a learned behavior from the behavior the dog is genetically predisposed to can be hard. 

Although we already know what breed Weston + Fira are since they were from a breeder, this is such a cool feature for all the mixed mutts out there. How cool to know what characteristics your dog could have because of their breed. It’s always tricky finding the right breeder, so I could see this helping considerably for future dog owners

With the growing popularity of French Bulldogs, this would be great for breeders or even pup parents to know if their dog is mixed with anything else and check for health issues.

The sooner you catch a health problem in dogs, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to treat it or slow down its progress. Many dog owners try DNA testing for their dogs mainly for the health portion of the report, which makes sense.

Is Embark The Best Dog DNA Test?

One thing that has Embark tests standing out on the dog DNA test market is the fact that they test more genetic markers than any other dog DNA testing company. This means that another testing company could have the same number of breeds in their breed database, or even more, but they will be less likely to properly detect these breeds due to testing fewer genetic markers.

Ok, time to test…

While the science behind dog DNA testing is complex, the tests themselves are surprisingly easy to use. No blood tests or vet visits are required and all can be carried out at home by collecting a saliva sample from the dog.

We swabbed the inside of their cheeks and inserted the special Q-tips back into their tube with its  stabilizing liquid and popped ’em in the mail! Took less than a minute.

The final step is to send it off to the lab. Shipping is free within the United States and pre-paid packaging is included, but if you are sending the swab back from somewhere outside the United States – you will have to pay for and arrange shipment yourself.

Less than 4 weeks later, we got the results.

What are Weston + Fira?




100% French Bulldog!

Not that we were surprised, but the especially fun part was seeing how much “wolf” is in their DNA. Little sis Fira’s percentage is higher than Weston’s! Weston is quite embarrassed (lol).

how much wolf in your dog test

dog dna testing

It also shows predicted adult weight, although Weston + Fira’s actual weight is lower than the number they predicted. I guess because they were the runts of the litter! Genetic Age results are their current ages.

We also found out they did not test positive for any genetic diseases Embark scans for or common diseases in the French Bulldog breed including hereditary cataracts, kidney + bladder stones, degenerative disorder of the spinal cord and more. Yay!

embark dna test results


The Embark health testing is also superior to the health tests offered by many other brands, and when you choose to purchase the Embark Breed + Health Kit, your dog will be screened for over 200 genetic health conditions!

If you purchase the Embark Breed Kit only, you can always upgrade with health testing later on without having to swab your dog again. You basically just pay to unlock the health portion of the test results.

French Bulldog Ancestry

Another cool feature is seeing where their mom and dad came from in the world. You can see the type of haplogroups and haplotypes your dog has which can explain how your dog’s ancestors migrated across the globe. You could also use this information to confirm their origins or verify their pedigree. You’ll also see a section that shows other dogs’ profiles who have done the test who share certain DNA (relatives?!).

An interesting fact is that a dog may showcase behaviors inherited from ancestors far back in its family tree, and it doesn’t have to look like a breed in order to behave like it.

embark dna dog testing

Finding Your Dog’s Relatives

Another unique feature about Embark and their dog DNA test is that it could lead you to your dog’s long-lost relatives! That’s right – Embark lets you know if any of your dog’s relatives have been tested, and they offer the option for you to get in touch with his or her owner.

I get notification emails and even Instagram messages once in awhile: “My dog is 52% related to Weston!” 

Imagine finding your dog’s mom, dad or littermates?

Interesting stuff. We were so giddy opening their test results — it’s like finding out who their birth parents are! Overall, I think this dog DNA test is totally worth it to find out what breed(s) your furry loves are and more importantly, what potential diseases they could carry. You could end up uncovering medical information that could save your dog’s life.


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[ Disclaimer: I was sent these DNA kits for my honest review and experience. However, if you order through the button above, I will receive an affiliate commission which helps keep this blog running smoothly. I only recommend products I fully believe in! ]

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