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The Most Instagrammable Spots: Brooklyn Edition

brooklyn dog friendly places

Guide to Brooklyn for Basic Bitches

Honey, you know I got my soapbox moments. Nothing drives me crazier than seeing basic bitches pushing people on an active road to get their shot for the gram on Water Street. You know, that street is so well known, even the world’s most beautiful couple (IMHO), Liv Lo and Henry Golding, took a shot here. (*where was I? Ten minutes away avoiding this street.)

[instagram: @henrygolding]


Anne Hathaway used to live a block away. Ah, back in the day she even gave Elle a little cuddle. Guess what? No phone that day. No shot, just good old human and hound interaction.

Why a guide to Brooklyn?

Because in Brooklyn we go hard, and you also should explore how wonderful and more to life there is than Manhattan. Come on, take the adventure. You may even run into us, but don’t run us over to get your damn shots. Okay, bye soapbox.



black french bulldogs new york

Water Street has a view of the Manhattan Bridge, but if you scoot forward to where it’s legal and safe a few hundred feet, your dog and the views will reward you. You know, I write these so you will develop your own style and perspective on popular spots. So, move around, play with it. Zoom in on what’s behind the Goldings. Do you see that crowd? It is ever-present now the fickle sun has made an appearance. Zero in on the the ramp on the left side of them. Did your mind wheels begin turning? If you must insist on a shot here, try from this vantage point. Pick me up a $20 tip at the bank machine it gives you access to as well, cause you’re welcome bishes.



Now you’ve made it to the end of Water Street, walk left towards the Brooklyn Bridge. Make your way to west elm, also dog friendly and has a cafe if you need mind-fuel. Really, you are coming here for shot number two. There are rocks, there are stairs, go up a flight. Find yourself between the BK and the Manhattan Bridge with epic views. Again, you’re safe, the views are insane and your dog will thank you.



best instagram shots in brooklyn



You may recall the haunting photos of Jane’s Carousel during Hurricane Sandy. With Manhattan suffering a blackout, and water rising, the lights of the 1922 created carousel remained on as Hurricane Sandy raged.

The piece had long been sitting in storage, waiting for restoration that began in 1984 to make it’s 2010 debut in Brooklyn Bridge Park only to have the storm nearly wipe it out like it did so many parts of Brooklyn in 2012. It has been one of our favorite places, and the views are sensational.

My dog seems drawn to the music of Jane’s Carousel and always love to sit outside staring as it goes around in circles. The views of The Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Skyline are not to be missed.


1 Hotel Brooklyn

dog friendly brooklyn

Did you think you were done when you saw the Bridge? Darlings, round the tip as they say. And you’ll discover access to the water ferry, more importantly access to air conditioning, filtered water, Bocce Bakery Dog Treats and a friendly, cool wifi sustainable access cafe, Our Neighbors inside our favorite hotel.


INDUSTRY CITY: take the R to 36th Street and 4th. Walk down 36th to 3rd avenue, cross under the freeway to Industry City.

best instagram spots brooklyn

If you love food, this is a great spot that is not yet out of control and fun. Revitalized and thriving with small business and a Petco, Industry City also provides ample photo opportunities in their elevators.

I watched a female influencer dance for forty five minutes, play air guitar at the new Theresa Rivera designed flower installation. Bright neon signs, food vendors and many buildings to explore, make your way around this complex to find the different and beautiful spots.

Outdoors includes sculptures, eating areas and views of the water. This is not an off-leash area, though it is dog-friendly throughout the office spaces like @shopfbl and our recent fave, The Brooklyn Candle Company. Leave a couple of hours to really enjoy this space and discover the many murals along the way inside and out like Japan Village.


Biggie Mural

1091 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

french bulldog mural

Homeslice was almost removed a few years ago. Fans schooled those who were trying to gentrify without respect. So, for our hip hop homies, we must direct you to Bedford, with an Old Dirty Bastard mural (*several included we promise along the way) a few blocks away. Pay homage to Biggie. It’s worth seeing.


You might hear whisper of “check it out, I like this” as you make your way to take in this giant mural of Biggie. I love street art and always look at the bottom of any mural due to that being where my beloved Frenchie Elle is going to be sitting.

This is the spot for that Nasty Gal thick faux gold bling you’ve been sporting. This king also wears a crown, so make sure you match with gold accents of some kind. Bounce your head to the beats that come in your head.

This is real Brooklyn, this is where the music comes from and the locals are friendly.

murals in new york

For Frenchie parents, there is a tremendous BONUS spot across Quincy Avenue, diagonal to the Biggie Mural. Next to D’s Do or Dine — a fun dive bar — is a tribute a fawn French Bulldog, complete with crown and chain.


30 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

street art brooklyn[instagram]


You can take a walking tour, but we love meandering here on our own. You’ll see incredible art here as it is one of the most celebrated areas for street art cultivation.

From the heart of true OG Brooklyn to hipster glam, we made our way from DUMBO to Bedford and end with dog-friendly AF Williamsburg.


The Hoxton Hotel

hoxton hotel dog

[the dogist]

The Hoxton Hotel is dog friendly globally. Last year, the Williamsburg location opened, much to the delight of local dogs and hipsters. Open spaces hotels are so incredibly great to dogs, it’s a wonder more businesses do not share this idea.

dog friendly hotel brooklyn


Brooklyn Brewery

Kick back, you’ve had time to roam the streets, now it’s time to enjoy yourself, dogs welcome. Sunday evenings through Wednesdays are easier to get spots and enjoy having your dog there without insane crowds. Check for events.


Dog-Friendly Road Trip to Mendocino County

We just got back from a 6 day road trip up the Central Coast of Cali! Ok, so in 6 days we really squeezed in a lot of stops and miles (1000+!). Since we had a tight schedule, we really made the most of it. 

My friend Liz was visiting from England and it was her first time in California and it was the first time for Fira and I doing this drive up north too- finally! The farthest north I had been before was San Luis Obispo (besides San Francisco), so I was super excited to venture up with the girls.

carmel by the sea dog road trip

(325 miles north of Los Angeles)

carmel by the sea

We left LA early and headed north. We got really lucky and the weather was 80+ degrees most days! We blasted the AC for Fira, went through some of Bob Dylan’s hits and picked up Del Taco (being from England, this was on the top of Liz’s list). 

Carmel was home to actress + animal activist Doris Day, who was co-owner of Cypress Inn — deemed one of the most pet friendly hotels in the country. It’s a tiny town but it packs a punch with its adorable fairy-tale style buildings and story-book homes. We took Fira for a walk to the beach and loved pointing out all the different style houses! 

carmel dog friendly

We stayed one night at Hotel Carmel (totally recommend) and what else did we do? Food and wine tastings!

Another hotel in Carmel we’ve stayed at is the Getaway which offers a welcome kit for pups with a plush bed, treats, bowl + poo bags. Read my full review here.



Forge in the Forest. Beautiful outdoor patio with fireplace and even a doggie menu. 

Casanova. European cuisine open for dinner and an outdoor patio once frequented by Van Gogh.

La Bicyclette. French-Italian made with fresh, local ingredients.

Stationæry. Yummy brunch with a doggie menu too!



Did you know you can purchase a wine passport and have tasting flights in any 10 of the 13 rooms in Carmel? From reading all the reviews online, it looks like dogs are welcomed in all!


mendocino dog road trip

(275 miles north of Carmel)

After a beautiful drive through the redwoods, we finally arrived to Mendocino for the first stop: a wine tasting at Maple Creek Winery (located in Mendocino’s famed wine country and about a 45-minute drive from the Mendocino Coast)! Very dog friendly and the Cowboy Red is a must. 

dog friendly wineries california

Maverick, Fira + Chompers

little river inn mendocino

little river inn dog

If you guys are ever in Mendocino, stay at Little River Inn. We stayed two nights and it was just what we needed. Spectacular view of the sea, delicious food and so quiet + relaxing. It’s also family-owned so you get that special, one-of-a-kind service.



Anchor Charter Boats. 

Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. $14/person. Pets free. 

Catch A Canoe. Canoes made especially for dogs! This was such a blast! We had a guided tour and about 2 hours on Big River.

Skunk Train. Historic scenic train journey through the redwoods. Tickets from $27+.

skunk train


We headed back down south, spent the day driving and then the night at a random motel in Fremont. In the morning, we drove a few more hours and arrived to Big Sur. We didn’t sleep over but we had the whole day to just lounge and stop at the beaches for sun — don’t forget the baby beach tent! It’s listed here in my What To Pack When Traveling post

Certain areas of Pfeiffer State Park + campgrounds are dog friendly and dogs are allowed on Pfeiffer State Beach. Here’s a great dog-friendly guide from a fellow traveler. 

I want to go back and next time will stay at the famed Ventana! Dogs are welcome for $150/stay and they even offer glamping. 

250 miles later, we arrived in Ojai! Ooh, was I tired and grumpy at this point, lol. I immediately got a massage for my aching back at Bamboo Creek (Chinese massage, $48/hr) and we refreshed ourselves with some wine at Ojai Valley Inn


Hip Vegan. My fave lunch spot here- every dish is so spot-on with flavor.

Boccali’s. A true Ojai family-owned classic. Huge portions of pasta + garlic bread.

Farmer + Cook. Farm-to-table Mexican/vegan food.

Oak Grill. Delicious Californian cuisine at Ojai Valley Inn.

Don’t forget to check out my Dog Friendly Ojai Getaway Guide!


Watch out for poison oak! Apparently, there’s been a huge overgrowth of poison oak in the Central Coast area and somewhere/somehow I got into some. I’m now itching like crazy and waiting for these rashes to go away!

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