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Make Your Own Sushi The Dogs Can Eat!

sushi recipe for dog

This may be one of the craziest things I’ve ever done.

Well, actually my crazy list is long and everyone knows I’ll do anything for my pups — cook for myself? Nope, but cook 8 pounds of dog food? Hand me my veg peeler.

This is definitely just a snack and it’s not daily, weekly or even monthly. And it’s not raw. After some research, I learned you definitely should never feed your dogs raw salmon because it can contain bacteria and parasites.

BTW, did you know there is an actual sushi bar for dogs in New Zealand? They get it.

Anyways, salmon is full of good omega-3s, as we all know, and it’s actually Weston + Fira’s favorite protein! Throw in some veggies (carrots + cucumbers for this recipe or add zucchini + green beans etc), plain rice with no sugar or salt and wrap it all up in seaweed paper which is full of good dog-friendly vitamins + minerals.

Let’s start the recipe!

You’ll need:

  • cooked salmon fillets
  • 1 cup cooked rice
  • carrot, peeled + sliced
  • cucumber, peeled + sliced
  • seaweed/nori paper

1. Spread a small amount of rice evenly on the seaweed paper. Leave about an inch of empty space on one side of it (this is where we’ll apply water later to seal the roll).

2. Put a few pieces of veggies and a thin line of salmon pieces right in the center.

3. Start rolling! Yes, I bought a sushi mat especially for this occasion. If you’re going to be making sushi rolls, you need one.

Buy your own Sushi Making Kit.

4. Apply some water at the edge of the paper and seal the roll tight.

5. Slice with a verrry sharp knife!

Don’t they look so adorable and delish?

I don’t know why I had so much fun making these for the pups — like, absolutely giddy over it. Weston + Fira gobbled them up but did leave some of the rice and a few of the veggies here and there. They have been known to leave little green peas in their bowl when finishing a meal.

A thought: stirring in some coconut oil in the rice would probably make it similar to sushi rice and possibly stick better. These make cute, bite-size treats but they don’t keep in the fridge too well. The rice hardens and falls apart.

But they’re definitely human-friendly too. So, just make a handful, invite some four-legged friends over and have a sushi party!

Sushi party over here…

We invited our friend Sushi (yes, her name is Sushi!) over to show you guys how to make these rolls!


Disclaimer: use your own judgement and of course, speak to your veterinarian if you have questions/concerns.

Hotel Zelos San Francisco

wheres the frenchie hotel zelos

Hotel Zelos is a funky, modern choice located in a convenient area near Union Square. The location is prime here. Next door to Trader Joe’s and just steps away from all the shopping on Market Street (Westfield, Zara, Anthropologie etc), it also feels safe, clean and open, unlike some areas in downtown SF.

The rooms are clean and large — we had the Luxury Spa King room which had a really nice jacuzzi in the bathroom. I totally took advantage of the bath and got in bed in their fluffy robe. Also LOVED the toiletries they provided. Full size ROIL products (and some Natura Bisse too) which you can purchase from the front desk and take home. The ROIL is now one of my new fave shampoo/conditioner finds — no sulfates or parabens; yess.

For food, The Dirty Habit is located on the 5th floor of the hotel and is well-known for their creative cocktails and decadent small plates (charcuterie, fried brussels sprouts, bone marrow, crisp pork belly etc).

Unfortunately, it’s closed for lunch, as is the room service (ends after breakfast and begins again at 5pm for dinner) so it’s best to venture out and try out the multitude of restaurants in the area. We discovered one of our fave burgers of all time nearby — Popsons. Ahhh, already missing that burger SO. MUCH.

Dogs are welcomed with a cute little bag of treats! Two pets of any size are accepted; $75 per stay. Free bicycle rentals are also available to use, along with a yoga mat, picnic basket and even a Fujifilm Instax Instant Camera.

hotel zelos san francisco dog friendly

hotel zelos san francisco dog friendly

hotel zelos san francisco dog friendly

hotel zelos san francisco dog friendly

hotel zelos san francisco dog friendly


Fly Private With Your Dog For the Cost of Coach

fly private with your dog

Wanna fly your dog private?

And without the private price tag? Okay, read more…

I’m sure you’ve heard of these private jet companies popping up, like SurfAir + Wheels Up, but the only problem with them is that they are membership-only — high initiation fees, monthly costs and definitely not economical if you don’t fly every week.

So, when my friend and I decided to fly to San Francisco (from Burbank, CA) for the weekend, we looked at JetSuiteX and our flight was only $20 more than commercial (book in advance for the best deals).

JetSuiteX currently services the West Coast and East Coast. On the West Coast, you can fly to-and-from Burbank, San Jose, Oakland, Vegas, Phoenix, Denver and Dallas. On the East Coast, you can fly to-and-from Dallas, New York, Destin FL and Miami.

These jets have 30 seats and are located in hangars where you literally show up 15 minutes before your flight and hop on. No security lines — or lines in general — and you’re at one city to the next in less than an hour and a half, in most cases. 

How much did my ticket cost?

Round trip: $156.

That includes a $20 referral discount (use my referral code for $20 off! GPMOJX). Can you believe it? Yep, never flying commercial again if I don’t have to — especially after all the horror stories about dogs being mistreated or DYING on airlines and the overall stress of airports.

That was the beauty of this experience: no waiting, no dealing with lines and no fee for the dogs OR weight limits (pets do need to be in carrier bags).

dogs fly privateWeston + Pippa

You just show up at their private hangar, show ID and hand them your check-in bag — that’s it! You can show up 10 minutes before the flight departs and you’re totally fine.

Our flight was less than half-full and the attendant was so cool about the dogs. They sat on our laps and even wandered around the plane. We finished our (free) cocktails and before we knew it, we were already descending!


This is totally the way of the future and makes flying so much more enjoyable and stress-free. With more and more jet companies coming out and upgrading the flying experience, I’m excited to check them out and fly with the pups even more — and comfortably!


Don’t forget to use my referral code for $20 off your first flight: GPMOJX


[ I was not paid for this post. This is my honest review. ]

3 Dog-Friendly Hotels You Need On Your Bucket List

Does your bucket list include your dog?

Well, now it can… with these unbelievable spots! You won’t believe some of these unique places in the world that are dog-friendly.

There are just some places in the world you need to see with your own eyes to believe. I still haven’t even reached the top of my list but these three dog-friendly hotels are definitely in my top 3 experiences with the pups.

dog bark park inn

1. Dog Bark Park Inn

It’s a giant Beagle! This adorable bed + breakfast was built by 2 artists in Idaho and has become a famous landmark affectionally called Sweet Willy.

It’s set on spacious acres with other interesting knick-knacks built on it like a giant coffee pot and fire hydrant. A sweet spot to literally get away (no phone or TV) and relax. A night will only set you back $130 plus $15 for a pet.

Read my full review here.

2. Amangiri

From the legendary Aman hotels, Amangiri is set in Utah (a four hour drive from Las Vegas) and it is literally my dream hotel. It’s probably one of my favorite stays ever — the vibe (chill), the decor (desert zen) and food (all-inclusive).

Set in the famous Utah landscapes, it feels like you’re in the middle of Mars — no cell phone service and eerily silent. The hotel is carved into the rocks and is just magnificent. Rooms start at $1800.

Read my full review here.

3. Faena

This was a unique experience in Miami. I did not expect this kind of glamour from this hotel. It feels very international with an Art Deco twist. Service is top notch with butlers and a South American-inspired spa with one of the largest hammams on the East Coast + treatments developed by shamans. 

And you know what all of it reminded me of? That jet-setting but hippie auntie wrapped in a floor-grazing bohemian skirt made of Indian Silk, of course, with a sage smudge stick in her straw purse and orange leather Hermes slides on her feet (I’m hoping that’s me one day, obvi). Rooms start at $1500.

Read my full review here.

The Most Instagrammable Spots: London Pink Edition

The Most Instagrammable Spots For Basic Bitches: London Edition

By Coco Quill

You want to upgrade your Instagram game. No need to play, we see you commenting, liking and joining telegram pods but the quality of your posts don’t match. Brands don’t bat an eye at your account. It’s time to head to West London where Spring is always blooming.

Basic Essentials: Doortraits

When in doubt, pink it out. Use a pink color accent, wall, chair, restaurant or piece of clothing. Nothing says lifestyle blogger like pink.

Here are some of our favorite pink doors to get into your feed.

pink door london[ Pink Rose Collar by Barc London, Elle @grrlgenius_ ]

14 Trevor Square: Knightsbridge

Located two blocks from the basic heaven, Harrod’s. Locals say Harrod’s photos are only okay if you are not from England. If you are a local, the famed store has all the cache of taking a photo with a model at Abercrombie & Fitch at the mall. One word of advice if you do go into Harrod’s: avoid the loo with the perfume unless you like choking on it.

[  Harris Tweed Harness by @grumbleandgrumble, Lead by @barclondon ]

26 Montepelier Walk aka The Pink House, SW7

Get yourself to The Pink House. There’s a little plaque to let you know you’ve made it to the right spot. Pink Parfait Perfection.

Photo by @margarita_karenko

59 Portland Road: Notting Hill

The googley-eyed house is epic for the kid in all of us. Try incorporating a color twist and a genuine smile, like @honeyidressedthepug aka Ari & M.

Make it your own by checking it out with a friend like Ari & M. Look how M’s jumper matches the house on the left — playing with the non-obvious color is a skill. Pure joy and love is never basic. The bond of these two evokes a smile from the viewer.


Be warned, this pink door is the gateway drug to colourful doors in Notting Hill!

Make your way further east to colorful Portobello Road.

No. 8 Portobello Road

While some residents have been known to huff and puff, most embrace the delight of visitors. Be respectful, if a gate isn’t open, don’t open it to stand in front of a door. If a resident comes in or out and requests you move along, please don’t give them a hard time. It’s not cute, bish. Keep it moving instead for an action shot like Nikki and Elle.

[ Photo by Rachel Oates, Lead + Bowtie by Teddy Maximus ]

59 A Portobello Road: Farm Girl Café

Intermediate: Café Slay

The queue goes quickly but get there early or do during the week if you have that luxury. What are we saying? You are a go-getter-grammer so you will make the time to get the shot. Food gone cold? That’s the ‘gram.

Alright, I’ll stop teasing you and tell you the food is fresh and delicious at Farm Girl. The tables outside are a beautiful pink — all the better to showcase the best latte art. If you are a Frenchie parent, you must order either the chai tea or turmeric lattes, which come with French Bulldog coffee art. Hashtag dog-friendly! No need to leave your precious babe behind in London.

Now that you’ve filled your belly with pancakes, make a left down Portobello, but don’t stop for the main crowded streets — you’re on an IG mission. Head a few blocks south and you will be rewarded with St. Stephen’s Mews. The mews were historically where the royal hawks were kept, not horse stables, while they moulted.  I have to have learned a few random tidbits while living in London for three years.

Photography Hint: if you have a dark colored dog, that pop of pink will actually identify that little nugget. Easy up on the shadows and add more exposure in Light Room to get more details on a dark dog.


9 Conduit Street, Mayfair: Sketch London

Advanced Intermediate

I saw Sketch London three years ago on designer Christian Siriano’s Instagram feed — hey, you basics can’t skip this one. The pink perfection that is the Gallery is reserved for VIP Pooches like @dolly_pawton.

Small, well behaved dogs are allowed in the front Parlour from 7 am (for the Advanced Level) to 4 pm during the week. Enjoy hella sweets and feel like a VIP by the staff. No matter where you get seated, you will slay at Sketch. Be sure to ring ahead to double check as the dog policy has changed twice since I’ve been going there.

Bathroom Selfie at Sketch is Instagold.

[ Photo by @jezzisdead ]

59 Connaught Street, Saint Aymes Chocolate Cafe: The 24K Gold Love

How dare you think Unicorn Lattes were too basic! Slow that roll, you’re getting a little cocky there, basic bishes. London’s newest twist on the unicorn latte gives you an excuse to have another pink drink we know you are secretly addicted to and we are here to enable.

[ Photo by @thepixiecut ]

Head to Marble Arch, home of the self-proclaimed “most Instagrammable café” in London: Saint Aymes Chocolate. Inside-out, this café was designed with you in mind. Take a fresh memory card and your credit card because those pink drinks sprinkled in gold are upwards of seven pounds.

Marshmallows in the drinks, unicorn cookies and rose-covered interior walls next to green velvet seating, confirm it’s worth a visit. Get yourself a bar of Marie Antoinette perfect pink confection as another prop. Take it to go, because your pink pop will be handy and you don’t want to go into sugar shock.

Get your outfits picked out in advanced because the dusty rose princess dog bed, is one your sweet furbabe will shine in, which is a massive bonus if you are unable to decorate your home to an IG worthy level.

While Elan, the flower wall gold medal winner in South Ken has a queue down the street, it’s not dog-friendly. Who needs them? If your pup can’t go, why bother? Leave that for the super basic humanoids.

Instead enjoy Saint Aymes who even provide that perfect dusty dog bed to make your pooch feel like a star and that unicorn latte.

We think we’ve given you enough of the basics to get your feed to a pink glow.

Now fly little pooches, the advanced level isn’t for beginners. Swish swish, bish.

Give A Flying F***

Dog Dies in Overhead Bin…

If you haven’t heard the story yet, a French Bulldog died on a United Airlines flight from Houston to LaGuardia NYC Monday night. The passenger, also traveling with her daughter and infant, was forced by the flight attendant to put her airline-approved carrier in the overhead bin.

I am shocked and outraged that this was even an option in this horrendous flight attendant’s mind. The 10-month old French Bulldog was in an airline-approved carrier and had his TSA-approved pet ticket, in compliance with the airlines rules. A live creature in the overhead bin is illegal.

This incident should have NEVER happened and could have been completely avoided with a little bit of common sense.

  • Why did the flight attendant demand that a living creature be stored in an overhead bin with obviously no air and ventilation?
  • WHY did the owner agree? It looks like she refused at first but then eventually complied as she did not want to get thrown off the flight — trust me, I would’ve stormed out of that plane with my dogs and called some lawyers ASAP.
  • Why didn’t anyone else say anything or check on the dog during the 3 hour flight?? Especially after the dog was heard crying for help??

A passenger named Maggie Gremminger publicly spoke out about what happened. Here are her words of exactly what happened:

“I was in seat 24A, the woman (mother) was 23C, with her young teenage daughter in seat 23B. The mother had a young daughter and a newborn.

I was sitting in the row behind the woman with the dog, and the gentleman next to me witnessed it all as well. We both overheard/saw the interaction between the flight attendant and the passenger.

I witnessed a United flight attendant instruct a woman to put her dog carrier with live dog in an overhead bin. The passenger adamantly pushed back, sharing verbally that her dog was in the bag. The flight attendant continued to ask the passenger to do it, and she eventually complied. By the end of the flight, the dog was dead. The woman was crying in the airplane aisle on the floor. A fellow passenger offered to hold the newborn while the mother was crying on the floor aisle with the dog. it was this out of body experience of grief.

But holy **** I don’t know how the hell this happened. The flight attendant wouldn’t even NEED to hear there was a dog in the carrier. She was right there looking at the TSA approved bag. (The dog carrier is the black on the ground in the photo. It is clearly a carrier with mesh, which makes me question how the flight attendant could say she didn’t know there was a dog)

I feel angry and powerless and regretful. I know clearly this was not an intent of anyone and yet that flight attendant is responsible for this. How were we to know that maybe there wasn’t a new ventilation system in those bins? It’s not our job to know this information.

I understand emotional distress in a different way right now. I can’t get the image out of my head of the woman on the floor of the airplane aisle, crying and holding that sweet dog.

Immediately after the flight landed, myself and another witness stayed to speak with various United employees. The flight attendant denied knowing it was a dog, but the man seated next to me said he heard the flight attendant respond to the passenger “you need to put your dog up here” – therefore admitting that she knew an animal was in there. Additionally, I’ve been in touch with United via private message on Twitter.

They publicly replied asking me to message them – once private messaging them I shared my confirmation # and flight info. They replied:

“We appreciate you reaching out with more information. Please know that we are in contact with the passenger and thank you for bringing this to our attention.”

I also was offered $75 in credit (along with the gentleman witness) for staying and working with them to share our recollection of events. We both refused the credit.”


We have a right to be angry. I’ve been upset about it all day.

But we should also, as a whole, get smarter and braver to ensure that something like this NEVER happens.

Remember, making the choice of being a dog owner means having a voice for your dog as well!

Next time you fly with your animal, make sure of the following:

  1. Be proactive before your flight and follow the TSA guidelines. Get the correct health certificates, pet fees and anything else to ensure you have a smooth check-in process.
  2. Question authority if you’re in the right and make sure you never place your dog in danger! Step 1 comes in handy when you’ve done your due diligence and know you’re in the right. C’mon; if someone tells you (even the pilot!) to put your dog in a small airless overhead bin, say NO and/or LEAVE!
  3. If you see something like this happening to somebody else, stand up, speak up and alert the correct people. Their dog’s life may depend on it.
  4. Remember, flying is not always the best option. If you know you and/or your dog will be uncomfortable, find another way.


Miami Dog Friendly Guide

dog friendly miami

[ Last updated January 14, 2020 ]


OMG. I could not wait for this trip. LA weather dropped to the lowssss — 58, 59, 60 degrees (sorry, NYC). Plus I was sick with a sinus infection so it was just the right time to soak in some sun and that infamous Florida humidity. Within 24 hours, my sinuses cleared up and my skin was glowing.

Obviously, some months are just too hot to bring the pups (July/August = 100% humidity!) but February/March are the best months to go to Miami. The days are hot but mornings and end of day are nice and breezy, especially on the beachfront.

So, what are some fun Miami dog-friendly activities you can plan?

[ img credit: Wynwood Walls ]

[ img credit: Galerie ]

The Wynwood Walls are a total unique experience — it’s basically like an outdoor museum with life-size murals from graffiti artists around the world. Especially popular during Art Basel, you can check it out year-around and since it’s outdoors, the pup can come and have a walk.

We’ve been a couple times and didn’t know they don’t allow dogs inside the Walls! But the actual Wynwood Walls area is only a few blocks — you can explore the surrounding streets instead. Get your camera out — you’ll find lots of graffiti-filled walls + instagrammable murals.

There are really cool restaurants and bars in the neighborhood too. Try Wynwood Kitchen + Bar, Coyo Taco for authentic mexican street tacos, Bakan for even more mexican and a huge mezcal list. They even have a “Los Insectos” section on their menu: fried grasshoppers + agave worms. I didn’t give those a try. Dukunoo for jamaican food, Le Chick for rotisserie chicken + burgers, and Panther Coffee.

You’ll also find trendy shopping like Warby Parker, Illesteva and Scotch & Soda. It’s a great area to spend the whole afternoon.


For another walk and for art/history buffs, the Art Deco Tours are everyday–90 minutes for $25–which is a great Miami activity. We didn’t get to check out the Botanical Gardens but will next time–it’s rare that a Botanical Garden is dog-friendly!

dog friendly miami

Beaches, Parks + Watersports

Bark Beach at North Shore Open Space Park is a fenced off-leash dog park across the beach. You also have the option of going on the beach with your dog on-leash for a $25 entry fee. 20 minutes from South Beach. 8328 Collins Ave.

Haulover Beach Park is located between Lifeguard Towers #2 and #3 where you’ll find a 3.3-acre dog park. Dogs and their owners can enjoy the beach from 8am – 3pm. 30 minutes from South Beach. 10800 Collins Ave.

Beaches in general seem to be dog-friendly. We’ve never been kicked out!

One of my favorite activities to do with Fira is paddleboarding and kayaking. Even though Fira hates baths and being in water, she loooves being on top of the water. I go to South Beach Kayak for the rentals which is in Biscayne Bay. The area is really chill + relaxed, with views of beautiful homes. Right down the block is a great italian restaurant called Sardinia (with outdoor seating).


cuban sandwich dog

Matador Room: this Latin/Spanish restaurant is located at the Edition and good. Beautiful outdoor seating above the pool but can I mention the Cuban sandwich was probably one of the best I’ve ever had?

french bulldog tacos

Bodega Taqueria y Tequila: Authentic “taco truck” feel and taste. Get the ceviche! Only $9 and comes with plenty of chips. At night, this spot turns into a bar open til 5am with a secret entrance through the porta potty door — speakeasy style. 1220 16th St.

nikki star

Byblos: Mediterranean/Middle Eastern dishes that are creative, jeweled and bright — just like its Art Deco decor. 🙂 It can be a little overpriced and touristy, but it is just beautiful inside. 

Mandolin: gorgeous Greek food with a spectacular outdoor patio — converted from a 1930s bungalow. It really takes you away like you are actually in Greece.

La Mar: high-end Peruvian restaurant by Chef Gaston Acurio serves amazing ceviches, tiraditos + pisco sours at the Mandarin Oriental. Large outdoor patio overlooking the Biscayne Bay.

Habitat: located at the 1 Hotel, this spot offers fresh farm-to-table fare (and some seriously vocal tropical birds chirping from the trees above the tables).

design district dog

MIA Market: upscale, elegant dining hall in the Design District, right next to Louis Vuitton, Dior, etc. But not to worry, the food is not designer-priced! One of our favorite places to eat, there’s a variety of options from authentic Italian, Israeli, Japanese and even vegan cupcakes.

outdoor restaurants miami[ Vista ]

Vista: gorgeous ambiance + italian food.

Jaya: just for the scenery alone — have lunch at the gorgeous Setai hotel and feel whisked away. Upscale asian cuisine. 

Bird & Bone: craving southern comfort food like fried chicken + biscuits? Located in the Confidante Hotel, enjoy Nashville hot chicken at this chic eatery.

Amara at Paraiso: upscale Latin cuisine on an outdoor deck overlooking Biscayne Bay.


Cielito Artisan Pops: handcrafted daily, including vegan options and pupsicles!

Lulu in the Grove: trendy neighborhood spot with solid food with plenty that favors the bacon (bacon-wrapped dates, bacon in the Bloody Mary’s, bacon in the burgers, etc).

Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill: from the owners of SushiSamba, come here for varied small plates, a stylish outdoor patio and tasty cocktails.

12 Miami Beach Dog-Friendly Hotels

Drawing by Valeria Krasavina



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