18 Outfits Your Dog Needs In Their Wardrobe!

Shopping spree, anyone?

amazon top dog clothing

I was going through my photo album and found that Weston + Fira have a buuunch of cute tops and outfits that I haven’t even got around to posting yet. I do get a lot of messages on Instagram from people wondering where they can buy so-and-so. I put together a round-up of my faves and direct links to purchase. Every piece is under $15 and can be purchased from Amazon, which is honestly the easiest because Prime, duh.

Have fun! Let me know if you have any other faves in the comments too!

1. Cozy ducky and dinosaur pajamas! The dinosaur ones are actually beyond soft and feel like a velour fabric.

2. This denim vest *heart eyes* size L fits Fira perfectly. They also have sz XL + XXL!

3. Little pink bunny ears.

4. Weston + Fira have worn this leather fringe collar soo many times. It is truly a classic + makes everything look good. Comes in black too.

5. Adorable striped tee. If you like smaller stripes, this one’s extra cute too.

6. Keeps the head cozy– how cute does Fira look?!

7. Classic cable-knit sweater comes in 12 different colors!

8. Little yellow raincoat is durable, made of “raincoat” material (whatever that is) and even has a little back pocket with velcro. I put the poo bags in it.

9. Weston’s signature! His fluffy white robe.

10. Super soft sweater that will keep them warm. I couldn’t find this exact design but here’s one that’s almost the same thing, just a slightly different print.

11. ADIDOG track suit 🙂 also comes in 9 other colors like pink, black/white + neon green.

12. Army Camo hoodies—#twinning!


13. Nautical vibessss.

14. Don’t forget the matching sea captain hat.

15. NEED I SAY MORE? July 4th outfit done.

16. Fancy little Burberry-like sweater.

17. This little floral number. Adorableee.

cute clothing for dog

18. You guys, this jumper. It’s FUZZY!! Need asap.

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  1. Fira in the jean vest is the cutest thing ever. I never thought to look on Amazon for Meatys winter sweaters. Thanks for the post!

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